Even When The Night Changes, It Will Only Change Me and You [L.T. and 1D fanfic]


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Adele has been kicked out of her parents' house ever since she was 5 years old. Her mother was the one who had put her into an orphanage home when her alcoholic and drug abuse father suddenly left without sayin' goodbye. Her father, on the other hand, was not only abused with drugs, but he was also abusive to his wife and his daughter like attempting to kill the 2 of them so they won't talk anymore. But one day changes everything around, Adele makes a resolution that she wants a new family when she gets out of the orphanage and hoping this family won't threaten her like her abusive father did to her and her mother. She finally gets the resolution to come true, but will happen when One Direction comes to take Adele in even though she is a massive Directioner that someday wants to marry Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out...

Enjoy! :) x

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Adele, a not-so-normal now 15-year old who was kicked out of her parents' house by her drug and alcohol abused father is now living in an orphanage. She just lies in her orphanage bed, and tries not to dream of her life back at her former home.

"No. No. No" Adele says to herself thinking she's having a nightmare.


"HEY BITCH! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Adele's abusive father says ready to beat her again.

He starts hitting her face, and trying to make out when she doesn't wanna make out. Then, he tries to take off all her clothes and have sex with her. When he's done, he goes over to her mother; who is watching the whole thing unfold from the living room. Adele's father tries the same thing on her as well, but this time, grabs Adele abusively and beats her to the ground, but suddenly she gets back up and tries to fight back defending her mother.

It was then, when Adele had enough. She got up and started to call 911 on her phone. Before you knew it, Adele's father swiped the phone out of her hand so it would fall down to the floor and told her to grab the gun in the drawer.

"YOU BITCH! YOU WILL..." Adele's father started to say just as her mother came into the room ready to beat Adele's father down with a piece from the TV.

Adele grabbed the gun just like her father said, and her father took the gun and shot directly at the window when he was trying to shoot Adele herself. He finally noticed after Adele's mother missed her shot on Adele's father that he pointed the gun straight at Adele's mother's forehead just waiting for his best aim ready to see his wife die.

"I FUCKING HATE YOU!!! YOU FUCKING BITCHES!!!" Adele's father said as he aimed the gun at her mother ready to fire.

"BE READY TO DIE, BITCH! WE'RE DONE TOGETHER! IF YOU DON'T GO, YOU WON'T REGRET IT UNTIL I SEE YOU FUCKING DIE!" Adele's father continued having his hand 1/2 way on the trigger.

Adele's mother refused to go, and suddenly after a few seconds; she was found lying on the floor.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" Adele shouted watching her mother fall to the floor and blood dripping everywhere.

Adele was next in line, when her father pulled the gun at her brain; she completely grabbed her phone off of the floor and ran out of the house, then started to call 911 on her drug and alcohol abused father who had already killed her mother.


Adele awakes from her nap, and sees the clock. It is now 5:55pm. Adele makes a new years resolution that she will hopefully get a new family in the morning, if not, then she will decide to remain in the orphanage until who knows when.

She starts walking to the dining hall in the orphanage, and puts food on her plate, then walks to a table and begins eating.

"Fuckin' just what I wanted. I'vent had a home cooked meal in .... 15 years" Adele says to herself gobbling down her mashed potatoes then everything else.

"Don't .... eat those yet Adele" Isaiah Thompsen, the orphanage leader, reminds her as she slowly puts the fried worms back on the tray.

"Why not? Imma really hungry. I'vent had a home cooked meal since I was 5" Adele replies being worried.

"They're for a contest later" Isaiah reminds Adele once again as he backs away from her table.

Isaiah then walks up to the front of the dining hall and grabs the mic. He stop everyone from eatin' their dinners and takes a cup of fried worms from someone's table then hold the cup up in the air.

"Ya see these cups on each of your tables" Isaiah asks the group still holdin' up the cup.

Everyone (esp. Adele) looks @ their trays and keeps their eye on the cup of fried worms then looks back @ Isaiah who just now put the cup back on the person's table.

"What I want all of you to do is .... take that cup and try and eat every fried worm in there as fast as you can in 1:50 mins. On your marks .... get set .... GO!!!!" Isaiah announces as he starts his timer on his phone while everyone in the room eats the fried worms.


diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing


The timer finally stops when Adele only ate 5 of the worms and was about to eat 6. She puts the cup back on her tray and listens carefully to Isaiah w. his next instruction.

"Finally, the moment we've all been waitin' for. The moment where we all .... GO TO BED!!!!" Isaiah reminds everyone as they all (includin' Adele) race to their rooms and drink lots of water to clean out their system before the teeth brushing.

As soon as 15-yr-old Adele finishes a 2 min teeth brush and rinse, she heads straight for bed time and then she tries not to dream about her flashback again. When she finally shuts her eyes, Adele is in a dream that has her future w. Louis Tomlinson in it: he was obivously w. 1D askin' to adopt her in the mornin' and then askin' her to be his wife.



A/N - kk , ik tis 1st chptr iz so horrible bt juts tel meh if u li it or not !! hope ull enjoy the rst of the book !! :) x #musicismedicine


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