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    There it was, right in front of me. A large black wolf with electric blue eyes that had me  in a trance. Should I run away? Should I stay still? I didn’t know what to do, fear and curiosity washed over me like a wave to the shore. The more braver side of me wanted to run over to the magnificent creature and feel its thick velvet like fur under my fingers, but my feet wouldn’t move an inch.

    Not a second after the thought it started inching closer to me. Fear had run my blood cold as I stood there, helpless. Knowing what would happen if i turn and ran, I stayed still, waiting for it to pounce and end me right then and there . But  it just walked, making the pain in my chest ache more.

What was this animal’s intentions? If it wanted to eat me it would’ve done it by now. A small whimper made it’s way up my throat and out of my mouth before i could stop it. It was less than six feet away now, and i heard a voice in my head.

    “Don’t be scared,” The wolf’s thick ears went flat against its head. “I am Onyx.” And with that it ran right passed me, knocking me to the ground with the wind force. I sat there looking at the ground while I  heard its paws beating off of the forest floor. Then the thunder and lightning came.




    I awoke with a jolt from hearing the loud crash, looking around at my surroundings so I know where I am. My room, good. My breathing was heavy and uneven so I tried to calm it.

    “It was just a dream.” I said to myself, reassuringly. Once I got my heart rate down to a normal level, I laid back down, knowing I won’t be going back to sleep any time soon. My mind started to wonder  and I started thinking about the wolf from my dream. It’s dark shaggy fur, its broad shoulders, its snout that i don’t recall has ever bared its teeth, and those damned blue  eyes. I feel like I know them from somewhere, somewhere more than my silly dream . And that name, Onyx, what kind of wonderful yet beautiful name is that? The voice was deep and rough, very manly, yet it was also soft and sweet at the same time. It brought chills down my spine. I’m starting to wonder if this was really just a dream or something more.

    Just then there was a distant howl from the forest behind my house, and a voice in my head saying, “Soon.” Little did I know that wasn’t the last time I would be seeing that strange wolf or hearing that alluring voice


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