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I understand

The only words Tala wished to hear since she was eight years old.


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"Alright. The orientation is done. Please read through the files and go to your designated rooms."

Tala glanced at her room assignment. She couldn't read through all the lines because her eyes were filled with tears. Her hands were shaking. 

Room 104

She staggered on the hallway, and couldn't keep up. She went to the wash room first. 

The hell with this volunteering shit! They really want to drive me crazy. Room 104? Huh!

Tala washed her face with cool water. At least it calmed her down for a while, but

"Shit! My files are all wet. What a lucky day."

I'm at the farthest wing. I have to walk for another 30 minutes to ask for assistance.

Okay, I can just go. 

She knocked gently on the wooden door. No one answered so she just walked in.


She saw a man sitting at the farthest table on the right side of the room. He was wearing a plain white shirt.

"Hello. I'm Tala from Harmony Corportaion. I'll be your partner for today."

Why is he not answering? He is just staring.

"We...Well, let's start."



What's wrong with you?

She saw the shock on the man's face, but still no response.

"Uhm, sorry. I saw a mos...quito."

"I know I have been blubbering here for a while. Sorry, I lost your file so I don't really know much about you."

He's smiling now.

"But you know, you have to cooperate as well. It's been thirty minutes already. The only thing I know is that this place is for people who need extra help. Soooo... I want to know your story. Okay?

"Hmm... Still not responding?

"Why are you just smiling there? Don't do that,"she waved her hand to the man and he suddenly got serious.

"Alright, then. I'll share first so that you'll be comfortable.

"My part... My friend died in a car accident. I was with him but I lived. Everyone thinks it was my fault..." her hands started shaking.

"It was just like with Dad's"

Tala's voice started to break. She placed both her hands over her face and she couldn't speak until only her sobs echoed all over the room.

The sound shortly stopped when she heard the man walked towards Tala. She looked up and saw the man's left hand reaching to her right breast side. Surprised, she stood and


The man got the pen on Tala's breast pocket. He scribbled on his right hand. Tala stared with tears on her cheeks as she waited before the man flashed his open palm to her. 

Can you sign?


I can't hear. 

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

She fell on her knees and cried some more, but she felt a warm tap on her shoulders. It slowly turned to a hug.

I must have gone mad. She continued to cry. It was familiar.

I could hear his heart beating, telling me

"It's okay. I still understand you."

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