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Chapter 1

Register your dog TODAY and feel better that the information and photo of your dog is ready to go whenever an emergency arrives.  Don't wait until the last minute.

You will find some services that you won't find on other pet recovery websites that you have to pay for.  Some of these services include:

Personal URL:  Your dog's URL is generated automatically from the information you enter. You can use Google to find more information.
Photo Upload:  Upload a photo of your dog so that people can quickly identify him or her.
Automatic Emails:  When you issue a Lost Dog Alert, an email will be sent out to thousands automatically that will include your dog's URL so that you can get the information out quickly.
Privacy:  You have the option to keep your information private until you have issued a Lost Dog Alert.  If you do have your privacy option set, if someone finds your dog, they will be directed to an email address at so that we may pass on the information to you.
Add Dogs:  Don't worry if you have several dogs.  You can add as many dogs as you like all FREE.  Your same contact information is shared with all dogs.
Avid/Home Again:  You can register your dog's implanted ID chip code with your dog.  If your dog is found, all that they need to do is enter the Avid or Home Again ID and they can get in touch directly with you. (Unless you have your privacy option set).
Unique ID:  Each registered dog has a unique ID number that will remain with your dog for life (Google).

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