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Chapter 1

Turkey might share its name with a traditional holiday bird, but that’s not the only interesting thing a bout the country. If you’re thinking about paying a visit to this Eastern European locale, here a resix awesome things you have to checkout. Students like us this site to order research paper on

1. Shopat The Grand Bazaar
After arriving to Istanbulvia Turkish Airlines, you can easily satisfy your shop a holicurgesat the Grand Bazaar. Thiscoveredmarketisoneoftheoldestofitskindintheworldanddrawsamassiveamountoftouristseveryday. Use your haggling skills to buy jewelry, clothes, books, spices, and snacks, just like the local Turks do. Just make sure your shopping haul can fit in your luggage.

2. Visit Hagia Sophia
You can’t leave Istanbul without visiting one of its most famous landmarks. Though Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya to the locals) now servesa sa museum of Turkish history, the building originally served asa Catholicchurch, then a Mosque. Whether you have a passingin terestin theology, consideryourselfdevout, or have just recently read DanBrown’s Inferno, Hagia Sophiai soneof the cool estplace stosee.

3. Watch Whirling Dervishes
AnotherperfectattractionforthereligioussortistheWhirlingDervishesofKonya. Youmayhaveheardoftheseasceticsbutneverreallyfiguredoutwhytheyspin. ThepracticeofSufiwhirlingisanIslāmicceremonymeanttohonorthepoetRumiandtoachieveasortofspiritualecstasy. YoucanlearnthesymbolismoftheDervishuniformandtheirwhirlingceremonywhileenjoyingaglimpseintoTurkishculture.

4. Experience Cappadocia
When you’re tire do fthe bustle of the city, take adetourto Cappadocia. This an cientcity is complete lycarve douto frock and is full of surreal shapes you have to see to believe. Youcaneventakeahotairballoonrideoverthelandscapeandmarvelinthebeautyofit. While you’re in theair, keep an eye out for the scene ryuse dinsome of the Star Warsfilms.

5. Explore the Trojan Horse
You might have thought that the story of the Trojan Warwasjusta Greekmyth, but the ancient city of Troyisareal place you can visit while you’re in Turkey. Although the giant wood enhorse on display is not the same contraption the Greek hero esuse dtogetin to the city, it’s agrea tattractio nfor anyone who might have read  some Greek my thsin school. You can even climb up into the horset of eellike an ancient warrior.

6. Eat Kebabs
Nointernationaltripwouldbecompletewithoutsamplingsomeofthelocalcuisine. Turkey is famous for its food, from the classicke babto the delectable baklava. Turkish food is sode licious you can find variations of it allover the world, but you won’t have a better Donermealany where other than Turkey.

It is n’t the most popular Europe and estination, but there’s som anya wesom ethi gsto seeanddoin Turkey. It’s in your best interest to check the mout for yourself.

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