What Life Lessons Modern Youth Can Learn from Into the Wild


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What Life Lessons Modern Youth Can Learn from Into the Wild

Back in college, I once had to write an ‘into the wild essay’ based on the character Christopher and his journey. By then, I hadn’t read the novel. Now that I have read the book, I now know why it is important for students to read this story and learn the life lessons that come with it.

If you are not a fan of books, you can now watch the movie based on the story. You can also access free essays and literary analysis of this particular Jon Krakauer's book. However, I found the actual ‘Into the Wild’ novel more interesting than the movie and essay papers that I came across online while doing my research.

Important Lessons “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer can Teach Students

‘Into the Wild’ is one of the few novels that every student should purpose to read. The story tells the tales of a defiant, hard-headed young person who chooses to see life from a whole new dimension. This into the wild analysis article will highlight some of the crucial life lessons drawn from the novel.

1.     True happiness is only complete when shared

Christopher, who is the main character in the novel, learns this the hard way when trapped in an abandoned bus dying of starvation. Being all alone and dying slowly, Chris realizes that true happiness is being around other people and sharing moments.

All alone in the abandoned bus, he has no one to turn to and ask for help. He is helpless and alone with nothing but Mother Nature. He soon realizes that nature can also be cruel and uncaring. People are better.

2.     Never pass an opportunity to learn new skills

While on his journey, Chris meets with an old man called Franz, who takes him in. When living with Franz, he learns how to about leather and ends up making incredible things. Chris is always learning new survival techniques throughout his journey.

As a student, this story teaches you never to pass along a chance to learn a new skill. This might not only be fun but also helpful in the future.

3.     Strangers can become family

From childhood, most people have been taught to fear and stay away from strangers. However, the story suggests that strangers could even end up being closer to you than family. Chris meets up with several strangers who open their homes to him and help him more than his family would.

One of the strangers he comes across even offers to adopt him as his son. This shows that good people still exist in the world and not everyone has evil intentions.

4.     Bravery

Chris teaches us the importance of courage and bravery throughout his journey. His zeal and determination to achieve his dream of being free and exploring nature are fascinating. You can write an entire into the wild essay on Christopher’s bravery throughout his entire journey.  

When in pursuit of your dreams, you need determination and courage.  

5.     The importance of listening

From the beginning to the end of the story, we are made to believe that Christopher is hard-headed and wouldn’t listen to anyone trying to talk sense into him. He has already made up his mind to follow his dream of exploring the beauty of nature. All pleads from his family and people he meets along with the journey fall on deaf ears.

Eventually, he ends up dying all alone in an abandoned bus from starvation because he failed to listen to anyone. Regardless of who you are, there are always consequences if you fail to heed the advice.

6.     Over-obsession can lead to destruction

Chris eventually perishes due to his extreme obsession to explore nature all over America. This obsession eventually clouds his judgment, making it hard for him to reason and make sound decisions.  

As a student, it is important that you control your obsessions and never let them cloud your judgment. You must never let these obsessions get to you.


Christopher’s story is a great example for young students struggling with identity. It teaches young people the importance of moderation and making the right choices in life. There are other life lessons drawn from the story that you can find in ‘into the wild’ free essays available online. Check them out and adopt lessons learnt.

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