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Its a play which fits all the general category for it contains finction,non fiction and commic genra.

Is of beliefs in the community which people hold on to, passed from one generation to another andthat people are forbidden to go against. People are supposed to abide by them whether they feel comfortable with them or no because failure to do so will lead to dare consequences. Those who go against them are regarded as out cast's who are always seen as bad women in the community. They are always seen as theblame of thecatastrophe which occurs inthecommunity and this makes everyone pull the blame on them.

There reaches a point where some people feel frustrated by some of the customs but they are ready, willing and committed to abide by others which they feel favors them. They want to abide with the beliefs which they feel comfortable with but they want to go against those they feel uncomfortable with. Hence the title of the play Abide or go against. They are geared to go against those which they feel do not suit them but the dared Consequences demotivates them, at the same time they are willing to abide by those they feel comfortable with but they feel somehow disadvantaged if they do not turn the tables for the best of themselves, community As a whole and the future generation that is to come. This lead's into a state of confusion such that they feel torn between two eitherto abide orgo against and it leaves them in a state of dilemma.


SIR FODE: Main character who is a father of three and a respected member in the community. He is described as an easily high tempered man who is always curious to know.

MADAM FODE: Wife to sir fode, who is a very hardworking woman, polite, obedient and a good wife to sir fode.

FODE: Son to sir fode. He is described as defensive and playerful.

OBI: Brother to fode who is younger than the rest and is a bit shy to strangers and cunning.

LEVI: A neighborhood friend to obi his classmate and fode.

LEED: Sir fode only daughter who is as tall as a giraffe, with a long hair that is well kept an attractive figure and one who is ease to love at a glance. She is also described as welcoming to all includingStanger’s.

ELMESH: A friend to the family.

ABSTRUCT: A close friend to thequeen of the house. Who is described as brave, ready to speak her mind no matter what and she is as well a peace mist.

LIBBERTY: A friend to the whole family.

ACT 1.


(The house is well decorated on the outside with precious stones. The

decoration makes it appealing to view it bythe naked eye.It looks like an ancient

decoration purely original and this helps to illustrate that the decorator must have

been an expert who lived in between 16th and 18th century AD. The roof is of clay

stones decorated With a reddish colour which is as reddish as blood. While it’s

raining cats and dogs its impossible to hear the rain Drop’s while you are inside the

house for the roof top hinders you from hearing the rain dropsand you feel secure

And well protected as well. The house door's, window's and even the outside

floor are decorated each with its own colour. The doors are as black as coal, The

window as green as grass, and the floor seems somehow coffee berry brown.

Viewing from the open window in the back of the house madam fode can be seen

in the Kitchen busy trying to fix some meal. She looks a bit in a state of confusion

for how she scratches her head continuously express or like someone who is

running out of time, out of time to put everything in place before the arrival of

theguest's. Viewing from the open dooron the front side of the house Abstruct a

beautiful lady who Is as short as a dwarf, with a smooth skin as smooth as floor

and a well figured body can be seen in the sitting room which is a well furnished

room sitting on the small couch will a glass in her hand as clear as crystal sipping a

drink slowly. Three of madam kid's can as well be seen in the sitting room sited on

the large couch in order of age starting from right to left, beginning from the

oldest and ending with the youngest. They can be seen playing a sirry game

alternating their sitting position's throwing someround objects as round as a

circle to each other and this make's the well furnished room to look a bit untidy.

Abstruct can be seen standing standing trying to control them, at first they appear

to be a bit out of control but the loud voice of their mother from the kitchen,

launder enough to a waken the dead brings them back to their sitting position's.

After the hard to move mountain is moved, Abstruct can be seen trying to

rearrange the untidy room back in order. She tells them to stand from their sit's for

a while, replaces the sit's cover with clean ones and warn themwith a finger which

represent a warning'' watch your table's manners or your manner's will watch you".

After a while the kid's are well settled and the room is quiet and as silent as a

grave, it even appears smarter and more tidy than it was ever before. From a

distance it look's appealing to the eye such that a stranger would wish to be invited

as a guest, a honorable guest. The three kind's after the warningappear to be well

settled and their behavior appear to be as well in order and an observer who had

seen them previously if he or she show them nowwould not believe it's them.

After a while madam fode who is as busy as a bee in the kitchen call's out

Abstruct, Abstruct. Abstruct obeythe command stand's up firm without tilting and

first majestically walks towards the open door leading to the sitting room and shut

the entry before she can report to madam fode. As she finally reaches’ the sitting

room she utters " at your service madam". Madam fode stare's at her without

blinking and out of curiosity , curiosity which Killed a cat for curiosity killed a cat

ask her bitterly, What took you so long?. I was, I was, I was just busy trying

to rearrange the sitting room she respond's. Is that what took you so long?, Well

then help me carry this food to the table room madam fode respond's. No problem,

Abstruct respond lifting up the dish and madam fode holding the other one

following her straightto the table room. As soon as they arrive in the table rooma

knock is hardSounding like kooo,kooo,kooo in the front door leading to the sitting

room and then to the table room. Do you expect someone?, Abstruct asks. Is that a

question? Madam fode respond sending one of her kid to open the door.)

FODE: ( Rush to open the door, before he open's) Who is it?

MADAM FODE: ( There is some silence and it's like the knock has died, madam

fode come's swiftly towards theSitting room) Don't be a hyena just open the door

will you? (He finally utters pointing his son with anguish)

FODE: ( Cough's for a little while hutchie, hutchie and then opens the door)

Father is it you?, Welcome, welcome and feel at home ( Fode welcomes his father

warm get's inside drugging himself and lookingas if he's dizzy and full of fatigue)

MADAM FODE: ( She rush towards her husband trying to embrace him looking as if she is in a state of disbelief)

My husband, the only breath of my life is it really you?

SIR FODE: ( Meets her to embrace her on his way to the sitting room, looking as

if someone who feels as if she has come in an hour list expected) Did you expect

someone?, Did you expect someone else? (She asks holding her tightly)

MADAM FODE: (She respond's trying to tune the subject) My breath, East or

west home is the best, make yourself comfortable and feel at home ( She walk's as

if returning back to the kitchen)

SIR FODE: Hold your horses right there, you have not answered my question or

have you? (He asks curiously demanding for an immediate answer).

MADAM FODE: But, butmy breath, abstruct is waiting for me in the table

room please excuse me for a minute will you? (She asks tring to bend a little bit

down words to beg the head of the house to approve his request)

SIR FODE: You either let us do it the hard way or the easy way. First answer

my question, my question which is to you is simple and clear. It is aseasy as easy

A,b,c,d winking and after that you can join your friend in the table room as long as

you like darling.

MADAM FODE:( Trying to somehow ignore the subject) No, i am not

expecting anyone.( She tries to walk towards the table room again, but before she can make a move .....)

SIR FODE: ( Take's off his long black woolen sweater meaning now things are serious)Hold your horses right there sweet heart. Do you that pretender'sare worse

than murder's? ( He wakes up from the placehe was sited and goes towards her

saying) You either talk or i will make you talk.

FODE: ( Talk's tring to defend his mother out of sympathy) father mother is

telling the gospel truth, She is bringing the truth to light to separate it from darkness.

SIR FODE: (Goes towards his son catches him by his shoulders lifting him up

in the air and slapping him continuously his mother watcher’s this from a distance

weeping for his son bitterly without knowing what to do but she keep's a distance

to avoid landing in trouble herself) Have i not always told you that this big mouth

of yours will land you in trouble? ( He put's him down after the hostile punishment

saying) Go and sit in the couch like your brother and sister and be as silent as a

grave will you? or else you will be in hot soup for this is nothing,

nothingcompared to what i will do to you "hooligan".( They boy rushes crying

bitterly as he takes his position on the cauch).

MADAM FODE: ( Still cannot beable to control her tears after seeing the

punishment the boy received because of her) Why did you hit you son like that?,

Was all that necessary?

SIR FODE: Tell me some where our custom's forbids us from disciplining our

kid's?, It even always encourage us to discipline our women as often as possible.

Do youknow that when we usmendiscipline our wife’s we earn respect in the

community?, This is what make's women tohonor us, honor us such thatthey can't

interrupt us when we arespeaking, but will instead wait for us to finish speaking so

that they can have their turn to speak you see?

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ABSTRUCT: (Comes out of the table room and head straight to the sitting room after hearing their conversation)

No, no, no but that is demwrong. Why discipline a woman while she has done

nothing wrong?,And if she does everybody makes mistakes, makes a mistake and

the best thing to do is sit down and talk. Remember that nobody is perfect and

practice practice makes perfect so give her some time.

MADAM FODE: (Tries to raise her shoulders a little bit in order to have some

comfort and a good posture) Very good, Very good of you my dear friend. Your

are absolutely right.

SIR FODE: (Gaze at them without glancing as they grate each other hey five and

he seems angered by this for he looks like a person who thinks they are making fun

of him and he somewhere feels taken like a fool) Can you stop that nonsense right now?

ABSTRUCT: (Asks madam fode in amusement) which nonsense is he talking

about? (They once again grate each other a big hey five in the air such that a sound

is produced twaaa, This angers the king of the house who is always an easily high

tempered man but he tries to control his temper because of her fiancé friend).

SIR FODE: Who are you to advice me about marriage or family life? Are you the

clergy man who conducted our matrimony when we were tying the knot? (He asks

pointing abstruct with the thumb of his finger), Do you know how many decades

we have lived together ever since the day we tied the knot? It has been as long as

since generations first came to existence.

Madam fode: (Tries to defend her friend) But… (Pause), But abstruct is only trying

to be a peace mist.

SIR FODE: (Responds angrily) A peace mist, who told her we are in a conflict?.

Or did you?.No wander you are always together in the table room gossiping I

should have known. Is that why you were asking me for permission to join her in

the table room? Now you gossipers you did not know that your days are numbered

like the days of a thief now tell me the new gossip that is currently trending on the


ABSTRUCT: (Responds angrily for she is deeply hart by sir fode remarks) what a

man speaketh he is you know? Because what he speak comes from the heart and

like begets like just as iron sharpen iron.(She laughs and after a while madam fode

joins her in the laughter haaa, haaa, haaa).

SIR FODE: (Full of anguish) Stop testing the water will you?

ABSTRUCT: (Responds bravely and this symbolizes that she’s full of confidence)

we will if only you agree to come to a compromise with us.

SIR FODE: What do you mean with us? (He asks out of curiosity).

MADAM FODE: (Tries to elaborate her friends statement to make it crystal clear)

She means that we will if only you agree to come to compromise with what we are


SIR FODE: (Begins to act vindictive in order to repay them for all the fun they

made of him and made him look like a full) Haaa,haaa, haaa don’t tell me you have

become her spokesman or can we say woman?

ABSTRUCT: (Tries to ignore the laugher and the fun sir fode is making to avoid

flying of the handle) Two wrongs cannot make a right or can they? In marriage

unity is always strength and when you are joined together you become one. If

either of the party makes a mistake you need to relax sit down and talk like noble

people and this will help both of you to come to a compromise. I don’t see any

need of fighting or yelling at each other for in a fight there is always a winner and

a looser and this will bring more harm than good for there will be hurting and

divisions which will be caused by the quarrels. Compromise will mature your love

and cause it to flurries it will even bring unity and keep in mind that unity is

strength and united we stand but divided we fall apart like a building without a

good foundation or structure.

MADAM FODE: (Honors abstruct for her good remarks) Bravo, bravo my friend,

Kudos, Kudos my pearl.

SIR FODE: (Responds to abstruct) I can see that you know more about marriage

than me. Remember that the wise say it’s not too late to do good, you can still go

back to school and study more about marriage and counseling. I tell you that you

will be the best marriage adviser both in and out of town. I can see people coming

from all walks of life to gain more insight about marriage from you, I can also see

a huge drop in the rate of divorce and as well as a drop in the rate of teenage

pregnancy for people will take heed of your advice and abstain by saying no to sex

until marriage. I can see people flocking like a flock of sheep’s in your offices to

hear your life transforming advice. ( Haaa, haaa, haaa he continues to cackle


MADAM FODE: Do you always have to take everything you are told as a bluff (She asks trying to tell him with body language to behave)

ABSTRUCT: Where is this conversation taking us?

SIR FODE: (Responds ironically) you tell us Mrs. adviser or are you out of words

to say? I f you want I can give you some.

ABSTRUCT: No, but thanks any way for your generosity and kindness. You are

always good, very good and that’s why they call you my breathe meaning the best

husband in the entire universe (Abstruct and mrs fode breaks into a big laughter at

ones grating each other hey five continuously)

SIR FODE: (Responds full of anguish) If you don’t want to test the waters this

nonsense must come to a stop immediately.

MADAM FODE: (With irony) talking of water can you bring me a glass I feel as if

am about to die due to thirst.

ABSTRUCT: Me too, my throat is as dry as Kalahari desert bring me a glass as

well to cure my thirst, For a glass of water to my throat is always the best medicine (They proceed with their laughter).

SIR FODE: If you want some water you know the way to the kitchen or don’t

you?. If you don’t don’t worry for you still know the way to the river and there you

can have as much water as you want and bring me some to cure my thirst too will


ABSTRUCT: (Tries to tune the subject after realizing that the conversation is

heading in the wrong direction) Where were we fellows?

SIR FODE: Abstruct, Abstruct you are always absent minded isn’t it? that’s why

you always came, came number one from the last in your class from the first to the

eighth grade.

MADAM FODE: That is not funny.

SIR FODE:I never said it is or did you?

ABSTRUCT: (Tries to bring some understanding among them) Stop arguing

again( This time she manages to get the attention of both parties just like she

wanted and she does not want this chance to slip bye before she laments what she

wanted in order to bring full understanding) What were you arguing about while I

was in the table room?

SIR FODE: (Responds politely) I just asked her if she was expecting someone else.


MADAM FODE: I responded by saying no.


SIR FODE: I was not fully convinced with her response.


SIR FODE: (Responds by describing his wife’s character) Because when you are

telling the truth you are always firm, confident, you do not blink your eyes instead

you stare without glancing and you are always quick to respond without scratching

your head as if someone who is trying to ngesh something.

MADAM FODE: What if I am telling a lie?

SIR FODE: You are always too quick to change the subject, pretending you are

somehow busy, you always make up stories and excuses, You do not stare but

glance more than, more than a million times and your are always not too quick, not

in a haste to respond for you have to scratch your head trying to think of


ABSTRUCT: (Responds with a jovial face) ha, ha, ha so you know each other very well?

SIR AND MADAM FODE: (Responds together) living for almost two decades

together is not joke.It has always been a tough and a rough road you know?. But

thanks be to God for we have always overcome challenges. Despite the strong

wave it has not been able to carry us and despite the wide mouth of troubles

surrounding us they not been able to swallow us for we have always been more

than, more than conquerors.

ABSTRUCT: A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I know marriage is not an easy road.

SIR AND MADAM FODE: (Responds jokingly) Now we understand why you are not married.

ABSTRUCT: Hurry hurry has no blessings you know? I don’t want to rush for it

and end up with the wrong partner and this means a broken heart. I believe that my

time has not yet come Tell me what else I can do other than wait? And I will

continue to be patient knowing that patience always pays.

SIR AND MADAM FODE: (As they hold each other on their shoulders) that’s true

our sister.(She joins them as they embrace each other)

ABSTRUCT: Now I know you absolutely know how to read each other’s character

(looks at the queen of the house and asks her) what is the hidden agenda? Do you

know I was also curious to know?

SIR FODE: (Trying to back up abstruct statement) By the way tell us the truth, the

naked truth and a shame the devil will you?

MADAM FODE: You want to hear the truth do you? And nothing else but the

gospel truth? My parents called me yesterday and told me they will be coming

today. (After this the kids come rushing with jovial faces embracing their parents

and abstruct and a company them to the table room where they all go to wait for

the guest)


( It is in the middle of the afternoon. Outside the wind is blowing heavily from east to west and the trees outside can be seen shaking due to the strong current of the wind which makes the tree leaves to fall hence making the compound look a bit untidy. The kids can be seen playing outside with the leaves together with levi one of their neighborhood friend. The trees height is high as a mountain or a huge tower such that for a single leaf to reach the ground it takes a decade if not a century. Soon the kids hear the voice of their mother who is calling them from the table room repeatedly in order of their name Fode, Obi, Leed where are you? Instead of responding directly they pretend as if trying to make the environment clean by picking the leaves on a long brown sisal suck holding the suck each on one each of it, such that the four edges match the four kids who are holding each on one edge. They go to and fro picking the leaves and throwing the t the dust bin. Madam fode comes out of the house and from a distance she can be seen smiling as she observes her kids who are as busy as bees working tirelessly as ants to make the untidy surrounding tidy. She can be seen clapping her hands and shouting hurray, hurray as a sign of congratulating them and telling the m well done. Abstruct who have been alarmed by the sound of the clapping comes out too and after observing what the kids are doing joins madam fode in congratulating them and utters bravo, bravo keep it up and continue with the same spirit. Madam fode utters now that’s more than enough come to the table room please there is something that anti and I have fixed for you. The kid looks as if they like to be outside more than inside for they do not want to let go of what they are doing. But before they can decide leed asks curiously What is it ma? What is it anti? The rest repeat after her together and at once what is it ma? What is it anti?. After these they all stare at each other in amazement because that came unintentional and to them it seems to be a big surprise which can be best described as a puzzle. There is a little moment of silence but after a while madam and abstruct break the silence by responding at once it’s a surprise. After this they as well stare at in amazement for that was not intentional either. After this they kids are fully convinced and they drop the suck and rush toward madam and abstruct who ushers them into the table room.

The table rooms looks tidy with two tables a longer and a shorter one respectively. The longer one almost covers the whole room only leaving a small amount of space. From an observers point of view he or she could suggest that it is impossible for one to stretch him or herself properly while in the room and thus makes it uncomfortable for a person to feel well relaxed but that’s not the case. This room is one of the most comfortable place with a good atmosphere which give one some comfort and everyone who wish to have some comfort would wish to be there. On the large table sits are arranged in order such that while all sits are occupied people tend to face each other face to face or eye t o eye. On the small table are food dishes on top of it with all varieties of food stuffs.

At the edge of the four corners of the table are candles held by candle holders which when lit makes the whole place looks glamorous. The corner of the house is well decorated with an ancient painting which rhymes with that of the roof. Also there is a circular object on the wall which when it revolves makes a person who was about to faint feel alive and kicking for it makes the air fresh.

On the floor is a carpet which is well spread from one edge of the room to the other. In general the whole room looks well vacuumed. Sir fode can be seen sitting on the big chair trying to count something with his fingers, Madam fode occupies a sit near him and abstruct sits next to to her. Kids sit on the smaller sits. Abstruct looks like someone who is trying to recall something or full of deep thoughts for how she supports her head with her hand expresses. Soon the queen of the house tries to bring up a conversation which brings everybody including my breathe into full attention. Her tact is to make the kids forget what she promised them and this tact seems futile such that no one even dare ask what the big surprise is. They can be seen conversing and talks can be hard from a distance. As the conversation continues a knock can be hard from the front knock door. I think that is them madam speaks loudly as she stands from her sitting position rushing as fast as her legs can carry her to open the door. Before she can open she tries to look herself in the mirror in order to see if there is something wrong and correct the error but the second knock is so loud such that she drops the mirror and immediately stops what she is doing and rush to open the door assuming that everything is alright)

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MADAM FODE: (Opens the door with a lot of expectations) Hallo ma

and pa?( Holds her mouth as a sign she is completely puzzled by what she

has seen)

ELMESH: Youalways think that the only guest allowed to come here is only your ma and pa

isn't it? (Responds furiously his appearance trying not to express)

MADAM FODE: El is it really you, come in and make yourself at home ( utters trying to make the guest feel welcomed)

ELMESH: In the school I was they taught me that honesty is the best policy you know?

MADAM FODE:( Out of curiosity) And which is that school? And which is that school you

were that I don't know of? (with irony) Maybe I can join and be studding part time you know?

ELMESH:( Laughs for a while and then say's) of, of experience.

MADAM FODE: What do you mean by " Of experience''?

ELMESH: Would you really like to know?

MADAM FODE: Is that a question?

ELMESH: The school of experience, of my own experience.

MADAM FODE: That is very funny of you, you should have selected acting as a career it

suits you with your comic jokes you know? ( They both laugh for a

while and el who is standing on the door post is fully welcomed in the

house as he enters)

ELMESH: Is this the same place or am I dreaming? This place has changed it has become

more vanished and even looks well vacuumed or Have you recently moved to a new

apartment? Dem! it's appealing, appealing to the eye just by a glance.

MADAM FODE: Don't judge a book by it's cover my friend. Remember how the saying

goes get the lead out. It may look as beautiful as the blue skies you see there but if it has no

peace even a forest is a better place to be as long as you are safe for the danger of wild

animals than been in a house full of strife you know?

ELMESH: (Ask curiously) What do you mean?

MADAM FODE: Never mind ( She respond's trying to cut the curious elmesh short)

ELMESH: ( Tunes the subject after noting that his curiosity is not

hitting the nail on the head)

Don't tell me you designed and decorated this table cover all by your self? ( He peaks one

of the cover and stare at it without blinking as a sign of disbelief) Where did you learn to

design and decorate this? Maybe you can teach the queen of my heart to do such a task

can you? Remembercharity always begins at home, It always begins with those around you

including those you claim to be your friend's. If you cannot give charity to a friend how can

you be charitable to a community that's like preaching water and taking wine.

MADAM FODE: ( Responds with excitement for she is excited to hear that EL appreciate her

decoration) Experience is the best teacher you know?

ELMESH: I understand your point crystal clear my sister but will you mind elaborating?

MADAM FODE: What I mean my friend is that you learn from your surroundings, Do you know

What is your surrounding? It is mostly comprised of those who surround you especially in a


ELMESH: (As he walks around the sitting room to and fro continuously) Where do you want to

tell me you learnt all of this from?, (pause and begins to respond ironically) Or did you learn

from the trees outside the house or form stones or maybe it is from your large hectorcoffee

plantation is it?

MADAM FODE: ( She responds her face expressing a sign of rejecting el opinion adamantly)

Can we change the topic before I fly of the handle and do something that am going to look

back and regret in future for it will be too late to turn back time and un do it?

ELMESH: ( Continues) Maybe I will tell the surrounding to teach my wife to make such a gown.

I know trees will respond and say to me congratulation for choosing the best teacher who does

not only talk but walk the talk for he believes in actions, action's which always speak louder

than words. I will always be as happy as a queen to see my queen design my suits and her

gowns for our festive season. Or what do suggest?

MADAM FODE: Nothing, nothing at all other than wish you all the best with that. Dream's do

come true if you believe.

ELMESH: ( Starts to get serious for his stone face is a good expression) Just tell me where

you learnt to do such a good work will you? or is it from what I have just mentioned?

MADAM FODE: No, it is really from non of the above my brother. I learned from my grand

mother who I was named after you know what they say you always follow the footstep of the

one you are named after.

ELMESH: Then she must have taught you very often, she must imparted you with a lot of skills

to have the knowledge you have to become the expert you are today isn't it?

MADAM FODE: No, this is because my grand mother used to live in the

hilly part of albinia. To walk there from our home was very tiresome for foot

was the only means of transport and my parent's always restricted me as a

girl child to walk on my own. Sometimes I would be lucky and

we would meet one's in a blue moon but I always treasured the little time we met for I felt as if

it were a decade, a whole decade because of the thing's I would learn from her. She would

narrate to me stories, teach me traditional song's including warrior song's and how to prepare

traditional food and store it using traditional means which made is lust for decades without

going bad. She even foretold me the type of man I wouldget engaged even before I met my

husband by saying she will be an able bodied man with big muscles, with a smooth skin which

neither too dark like coal nor too brown as a coffee berry, He will be as short as a dwarf and a

man who is easily highly tempered. She gave me a ring to wear in my wedding saying this ring

Symbolizes love, blessing and to ropes tied together which can never be untied and that means

Your marriage. I know you and your husband may have challenges butyou will overcome them

and never go separate ways for neither will be perfect without the other. They may set trap with

the intention of wanting you to part ways but their traps will trap them for you will always triumph in

challenging challenge's.

ELMESH: OH! What a fascinating story to listen too?, You must have learnt a lot from your

grandmother about design.

MADAM FODE: As I have said earlier I never learnt a lot about design from her. Although I have

to admit that she was the one who introduced me to design and thanks' to her for making me who

I am today.

ELMESH: (Looking amazed for the way he acts expresses) Then did you attend art school?

MADAM FODE: You know me very well that I never attended any art school or don't you?

ELMESH: Then where did you learn all this if you never learnt it from art school?

MADAM FODE: From my school, my own school.

ELMESH: (Asks with dare need to know) Which is?

MADAM FODE: (Responds confidently) of practice, practice makes perfect.

ELMESH: I know that practice always makes perfect, but would you mind elaborating further?

MADAM FODE: ( Tries to usher him to thetable room where the rest are on their way) My grand

mother taught me only one design including how to decorate it using only one type fabric. If I can

Remember well I was knowing half a loaf is better than none helped me a

lot. This brought Motivation in my life to always practice designing. At first I

only used to practice designingusing only one type of fabric that I had

learned from my grand mother but as days turned to weeks, weeks turned

to months and month to years I started practicing using different kinds of

fabrics. At first it did not appear to be successful and people started

discouraging me saying that I was only wasting variable resources like

fabrics for by then fabric was like a needle in a hay stack for it was rare as

gold and very much expensive. I hard a heart to continue and I was

determined to challenge challenges rather than let challenges challenge

me and I did not throw the towel as many expected in fact this became a

motivator for the wise say that when the journey get tough get tougher with

the going. What augured well for my future was that a bad beginning

makes a good ending every time I could remember this I became more and

more motivated and this became like a consolation. It was like a scenario

when everybody including those who never want to see you succeed think

you are falling and yet you are rising all over a sudden they will be in

surprise to see you make it isn’t that it interesting? It is known as fooling

your enemies and they are going to be foolish as a hyena. When

everybody thought I had completely fallen including myself I was rising,

rising beyond measure or anyone expectations. It was not until I designed a

wedding gown of a certain lady who had come with her husband john as

tourists in this native land of ours. They had come in search of a venue for

their upcoming wedding and I directed them to upper beach where the

famous alba and Barbra had their wedding. After designing their attires I

did not have much expectation that they would even be appreciated, I

thought to my self meee, now those who hate me will get the best of me for

they will now have something to gossip about but I di not want to throw the

towel after remembering the struggle I had gone through. This was like my

biggest chance, my biggest chance to either make it and reveal my

smartness or fail to make it hence revealing by this that I was the coward

they used to call me What could I have done my brother?. But you never

know the future until it unfold what happened came to me as a surprise, a

big surprise I even remember closing my eyes and opening them trying to

wash my face to make sure that I was not dreaming for what was

happening was unbelievable to me. It was like a person known as a failure

in school emerge number one do you think it would be easier for that

person to believe?, He or she will be left in a dilemma without knowing

whether to rejoice in a amazement or try for a split of a second to believe

you see?. This is the same situation I was in after designing their attires it

came as a surprise when everybody who attended the wedding

appreciated the work made for fun as a tusk well done. I could see and

hear even those who hated me making positive comments about the

attires. The ceremony had been attended by many people and it was a

surprise to me how i had become popular among them. I was even more

popular than the bride and gloom who were the main characters of the

ceremony. Everybody could see the bride and gloom walk down the ail and

all kudos were on me until I was left asking myself am I the master of the

ceremony here?. Others could glance at each other a sign of appreciation

to me me for a tusk well done, while others could shout hurray, hurray in

appreciation as well. After the ceremony the bride and gloom had both

good news and bad news to tell me and so they called me. At your service

sir and madam I respondent as I approached them with a lot of respect.

They said we have both good and bad news for you which one do you want

us to tell you first? They asked and I responded bad news for I thought that

the good news which would fall would help me absorb the bad news. And

they went a head and told me the bad news is that people a little bit

misbehaved in front of guest trying to congratulate you and that was very

much annoying especially to those who had come miles away. But don’t

worry for even the guest appreciated your good work it’s not you who they

were against but the hooligan who could not stop misbehaving do you get

the point?. After this I had a sign of relief and so I responded thank you. But

they added that’s not all they are even interested in working with you in

their overseas design company if you are ready start making preparation

from now for next month you could be on your way. After this I was as

happy as a queen but I had to turn down the offer just to be around my

family watching my kid’s grow until they are mature enough to be

responsible people in society and I believe I made the right decision did i?.

ELMESH: (Seemed shocked) That is very unselfish of you, even I have

lucked word to say.

MADAM FODE: ( They reach at the table room and grating starts before

they can end their grating of embracing to el) Have a sit and make yourself

comfortable will you?

ELMESH: Thank you, thank you very much my sister.

SIR FODE: It has been a long time ever since I last show you, what have

you been upto? ( Sir asks elmesh who is now bending downwards)

ABSTRUCT: (To el) Don’t be shy my friend, like you am also a guest in

this house.

MADAM FODE: (Trying to defend el) Who said he is shy? When a lion is

sleeping that does not mean its dead you know? My friend here may

pretend to be shy but he is opposite of what you think he is. Don’t you know

that he is sometimes as cunning as a hare?

LEED: (In defense of abstruct) Abstruct is absolutely right. The teacher

always tells us that if a person bends his or her head know that that person

is shy or ashamed of something awful he or she did and we all know that

the teacher is always right or don’t we? So el don’t be a hypocrite open up

and tell us something will you?

LEVI: (In defense of el) Give him a break please will you?

ELMESH: (Smiles As he thanks levi) Thanks a lot young man that is very

noble of you.

LEVI: Welcome but that does not mean that you will not open up like my

sister leed suggested. Just breath in, in again and out before you can open

up and put the cards on the table now.

ABSTRUCT: ( To madam fode who is pointing on levi) Talk about

cunning, he has jump from flying pan directly to fire.( They both laugh and

the rest join in the laughter too even without knowing it’s root cause)

ELMESH: (Break his silence) Curiosity killed the cat you know? And

where the river is silent that’s the place where it’s deepest. I have a lot

disturbing my mind.

SIR FODE: And what is that all about. We can all see you are a young

man, energetic and who only recently got married. What about when that

time comes when you have a dozen kid’s, let me try to imagine you will

burst with tears and shout wooo, wooo due to challenges you will

encounter will you?

MADAM FODE: (To elmesh with sympathy and putting herself in his shoe)

Tell us what is distinguishing you will you?, maybe we can help you in one

way or the other you never know or do you?. Take an example of me, I had

a serious problem when I was pregnant with leed and I kept it to myself.

But the more I kept it to myself the more it became a problem to me. So I

decided that enough was enough by opening up the matter to my husband

and my close friend abstruct who help me all the step of the way until the

problem became solved completely. I pray and one thing I never forget is to

mention them in the word of prayer.

Imagine if I decided to keep the problem to myself it would have grown to

be worse. Or who knows? I would have gone to the land of no return long a

go. Remember this no man is an island and always consult others instead

of caring the heavy burden all by yourself.

ELMESH:I don’t want to become a burden to you and your family with my

problems you see?

SIR FODE: Who told you you will be a burden?, Look at us all here do you

see anyone who seem to have no problem?. Friends are there to help each

other and catch one before he or she falls for a friend in need is a friend

indeed. The only time you will know your real friends is when you have a

problem, if you don’t have a problem you will eat, drink and cheer together

but afterwards when all fall a parts you will say better a devil you know than

an angel you have never met.

ABSTRUCT:(Tries to make sir fode point clear by her continuation) Good

friends ( I beg your pardon) True friend will always be there to pick you up

when you fall. They will even be together with you during hardship more

than ever to help you get up.

MADAM FODE: ( Make a continuation of abstruct statement) And false

friends will only always be with you when life to you seems to be smooth

and everything seems to be falling in place. They will even honor you

pretending to be holy like angels while they are completely worse than the

devil. But by then you will be blinded and you will try to open your eyes

wide but can’t see. You will try to wax your eyes but you won’t and you will

ask yourself oh! What a life?

LEED: ( Continues her mum statement) But when troubles comes to you

suddenly they will run as fast as their legs can carry them all you will see is

durst, They will run fast such that they will leave a deer one kilometer

behind. You will search for friends but you won’t find, you wont find even a

person to deceive others that he or she is your friend. You will be left all

alone to die with your problems. Do you want that to happen to you?, If you

don’t then take the advantage for you now have the chance, agood chance

to do that. Also count yourself lucky for having true friends who care about

you even if you don’t care about yourself.

OBI:( Summarizes the whole statement to make the point sound clear)

This is how you will know true friends by their true colors , true colors for

their motto is always “ A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

ELMESH: (After this word consolation he appear to be a bit jovial and

suggests) My problem is that of dowry. My wife’s parents know that am a

man who is always struggling to make ends meet. Sometime am lucky and

I manage to hit the nail on the head but that is not very often. But they are

pressuring me by demanding me for a very huge dowry, what’s worse is

that even if we all managed to hit the nail on the head every until a century

is over and bring that money together believe me or not there is no way we

could reach such target. Tell me what I will do? Or what you would do if you

were in my shoes. Furthermore they are intimidating me by suggesting that

if I don’t pay that dowry within a blue moon my marriage to their daughter

will be over for good and they will come and pick her and I will never see

her again. We love each other despite of poorverty for our love is based on

true love and not material thing’s and I don’t want to end my marriage for I

know I couldn’t find another queen in this world who I love like my wife.

Also they say that if I don’t manage to pay the dowry within the specified

time it will not be accepted latter even if I pay twice or four times the

amount. They also say that failure to take heed to their suggestion will lead

to dare consequences to me giving me example of people who did not take

heed like gambo who married the girl from kuche village. He became mud

due to failure of paying dowry in the specified period he was given. Walk

around the town and you will see him walking around motemo market

picking up plastic bags. You will be surprised to see that dust bin is the

main source of his food.

MADAM FODE: (With sympathy) But that, but that is very unfair isn’t it?,

Why does life always have to be like that?

LEED:This life is always full of problem, problems after problems you


ABSTRUCT: Do they know how many girls luck men to marry them and

how many parent’s wish for their daughter to get married. I wish they could

just look at the other side and see the good part of this which is love, true

love instead of selfishly caring about their stomach. Thing’s must change

and change must come from us because this is the reason which make

most men fear to propose to women like us it even make most men

disappear in the middle of the relationship. For I hear most of them always

say if those are the challenges let us die single.

LEVI, OBI AND FODE: ( says together) We must demonstrate,

demonstrate to stop this in humane act once and for all.

Sir fode: (Respond pointing to the three boys) Can you keep quiet and

stop talking about demonstration. Do you know what that word means in

the first place?

MADAM FODE:( Rubs her hand on the shoulders of his husband as a way

of cooling his temper) Come down my breath they are just kids saying

something that they don’t mean. Come down for ones and give as a

solution to the problem.

LEED: Yes papa, give us a solution to solve this problem once and for all.

We may go down to history and become famous for when such a problem

will occur in future people will be told of how it is solved.

LEVI, OBI AND FODE: ( Says together) Solution, solution we want solution

and not demonstration.

ABSTRUCT: Talk about nepotism, this is more compared to nepotism,

tribalism or racism fellows.

ELMESH: ( To sir fode who seems to be disturbed searching for a solution

to the problem) What am I going to do? What is the next step for me to

take? Is there really a flicker of hope?

MADAM FODE: Never say die, just be optimistic and you will find out that

there is light at the end of tunnel, Will you Mr. brave?

ABSTRUCT: Be as brave as a lion and you will move the heavy load.

LEED: And always keep in mind that the last minute can save a man for a

believe it’s not too late to do good. It’s not too late to turn tables and

change the situation.

ELMESH: ( He is now weeping) But, but I don’t want to say I wish I knew

which comes after when it’s too late.

SIR FODE: ( Speaks confidently) And I don’t want to tell you to abide or

go against for I don’t want you to pull me the blame that I led you astray

when all doesn’t go as expected. Just be a man and listen to what your

heart tells you.

ELMESH:Even if it tells me to kill my self?, Incase it tells me that do you

want me to still follow it?

ABSTRUCT: ( To el who look a bit emotional) See light at the end of the

tunnel will you? Try to think about positive outcomes and stop being

unoptimistic. Why do you always have to be unrealistic and hopeless?

SIR FODE: My friend do not count your chicks before they hatch. Just

reason and try to fathom what am telling you like an intellect person. After

you are set be ready to follow what your heart tell you is morally right and I

assure you that you will no longer see this as a problem but a solution to

future problems.


(There is a lot of conversation going on in the table room. The voices of

those involved in the conversation can be hard by passer bye’s passing

across the road for it is loud enough to a woken the dead in the nearby

commentary. It’s like they are arguing about something with two parties

involved that of proposers and proposers. From hearing at their speech it is

crystal clear to make a suggestion that that the two involved cannot come

to good terms or mix like water and paraffin. One who do not know about

them could think they are in a battle from just hearing their conversation.

The oposers seem to be more dominant, more dominant than proposers

and this leads to a state of conflict from an observers point of view. But as

they say something you are unaware of is like a night in darkness, for this

people are best of friends who may have disagreements, ups and downs

but despite all they will pick themselves up, dust themselves and continue

with their journey after they have made up. Soon the voice of the queen of

the house can be hard clearly for it is loud enough to pierce once ear drum

like a sharp needle and in fact it sound crystal clear. She is telling every

one to accompany her to the sitting room, and they all respond at once “ At

your service” some calling her mum, some queen of the house, some aunt

while some just calling her by her usual name madam fode but this is what

they say from the tribe I come from “gutiri ritwaa ritakulagia mwana” which

when translated means that there is no name which cannot make grow a

child. She ushers them to the sitting room and on arrival gives them a warm

welcome such that they completely forget that they were in a state of

conflict. She pull’s each and every persons sits each at a time in a polite

manner and tells him or her to sit down bending down wards a little as a

sign of showing respect and appreciation to all especially the guests.

Everybody now seem welcomed and at home for even their dull faces

seems to be overwhelmed with a smile. After everyone is fully settled she

goes pulls her sit for she is the only person left standing and bend down

ward before she can sit. After everyone including her is well settled she

orders everyone to bend his or her head and this is a sign that she wants to

lead the congregation in a word of prayer. The rest are as silent as a grave

but the voice of the queen of the house can be heard as she leads them in

the word prayer. After a bout ten minutes, the voice of the rest can be hard

as they shout Amen and this means that the prayer is over while others just

nod their head upside down to represent the word amen which means let it

be done. Others can be seen stretching their hands and this means that the

prayer was long such that it make most feel tired leaving them in a state of

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fatigue. Others can be seen yawning including abstruct and El. After a

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MADAM FODE: ( With irony) It’s better that person you are talking about

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MADAM FODE: (To the kids as they posture themselves well on their sits

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