Trust Truth: From Accountant To Spiritual Teacher


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“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


Where Have We Come From?

Journal Entry 23/03/15

The state of the world that we currently live in is far from ideal or perfect. Contemporary self - help gurus and New Age spiritual fragilista’s would have you believe that a Utopia is possible. I’m here to say that this is not the case. A utopia-based world implies that there is good with out evil, happiness with out sadness and joy without suffering. This type of world is clearly not possible. Black cannot exist with out white or left with out right. How could we know that anything was good if there was no bad to compare it to. We can’t live in a utopia because we live in a world of comparisons. 

What if we didn’t use comparisons to describe things though? What if we lived in a world of acceptance of what is and with an understanding that the world is merely change, in the same way the seasons change. Nature doesn’t complain it changes; it simply accepts and embraces what is, and sees the beauty in it all. We can’t live in a Utopia because we don’t accept. We are always comparing ourselves to others or our past and future self’s.  

To not accept is to create tension in the moment, as there is not full awareness of the now. The irony is that when people stop looking to be happy, and stop thinking that this emotion is a distant goal to be attained in the future, they begin to accept what is in front of them. It is our cultures greatest sin to constantly remind people to seek happiness, seek wealth, seek love, and seek health. Seeking implies that you don’t have it already, but happiness isn’t something you pursue, it is something you ensue. 

So the real truth for our discordance in humanity is not that there aren’t enough people looking for happiness, looking for health, looking for love or looking for wealth, rather that we have people looking at all. When people get to know their true selves, their deep inner being, they begin to live a life that brings them happiness, because they are doing what they are meant to do in terms of, finding a partner, health or a source of income. Things become effortless.

The greatest challenge we are faced with when we live a life of acceptance, is acceptance itself, when others are not supporting you or discouraging you from ensuing your own life. Remember though anyone who discourages your life is only unhappy with theirs. A truly connected individual, who is ensuing their life’s purpose, and accepting the now for what it is, will not discourage some one else from doing the same, even if their purposes are opposites. Both individuals know that their purpose cannot exist if someone wasn’t living the opposite. Black cannot exist with out white. 

The world we live in at the moment is a socially conditioned printing press of individuals. We are told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, and even why we’re doing it. We’re told what jobs are right, which suburbs are appropriate to live in, what to wear if we want to be considered cool, who to be with if we want to consider being a success, and what phone to carry if we don’t want to be ostracised. No one really has an opinion for himself or herself, as we are all products of our social conditioning. Social conditioning by its very nature is the opposite of self-awareness. 

To become aware of yourself you first have to stop and turn yourself off autopilot. You have to become aware of the fact you are walking around in a walking daze with no real sense of identity. You are a clone among many other clones whose behaviour is programmed by mass media. To wake up to this reality is a shock and one, which will cause a great deal of inner tension at first.

Yet, you’ll begin to walk around outside and see things for what they really are. You’ll begin to notice the beauty in nature. The angst in an employees eyes, as you talk to them. You’ll begin to realise that life has more to offer than what the mass media has lead to you believe. Working 9 - 5 each day for 50 years, plus 20 years of retirement isn’t as glamorous as it once sounded.

You’ll realise that it isn’t actually your fault or even the fault of those who run mass media. No you’ll come to an understanding that it’s just the way things are and they are this way because they are meant to be. If they weren’t this way what would all this self-awareness be about? What are we waking up from?

There is nothing overly wrong with the socially conditioned world we live in. People are living longer, we have higher standards of education, more technology, greater access to nutritious food and water, and more housing to enjoy. However if you look at it in another light, we have the highest levels of stress on record, rising inequality gap, rising rates of homelessness, higher rates of depression, obesity, divorce, etc. Just because the economic metrics indicate that we are having a higher standard of living, do we really? 

It has now come the time to end this way of life and reconnect to our true selves and begin trusting that part of you that should be trusted. If you can’t trust yourself, whom can you trust? Deep down you know what makes you happy, what foods make you feel good, and makes you feel and give love. We all have these capabilities and experiences inside of us. It’s just about remembering them and connecting to your true nature.

Meditation was the key for me. It taught me to be present and in the moment. To accept what is in front of me and if I don’t agree with what is in front, change it. Meditation taught me to still my mind. Watch my thoughts instead of latching onto them. Know that they are only change and that they’re appearance doesn’t affect my reality unless I add feeling from the heart to them. It taught me to concentrate, to listen to my body through my breath, and the sensations of energy throughout my body. It taught me to connect to my inner self. It guided me to my life’s purpose. It reassured me to live it. It taught me that true bliss comes from acceptance. Acceptance isn’t an emotion it’s a state of being. It is consciousness. It is no - thing.  


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How This Book Was Written

The Final Connection

Transcribed - 31/03/15

The following text is not a fictional piece of writing. It is the direct transcription of a life that was lived by an Australian young man, named John Hungerford.

The book was channeled to him in his own unique way of writing directly from what he hears in his mind from his connection with his inner self, his True Self. Therefore this book is not the channeling of an outside entity, as the days for that are now gone. It is a book that has been brought to this earth plane from a place of pure truth. The book was written over the period of one week in late March 2015. As this book is written from a pure connection between John and his True Self, this book has used real names of people that shaped its very existence. All those appearing in the book have given their written consent for allowing John to use their names and experiences. 

This is a book that explores the truth. It explores the one truth. That one truth is that there is only your truth. In the same way this book is John’s truth, your Truth is out there. Your Truth wants to be lived. Your Truth wants to connect. 

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The Aim Of This Book

The First Connection

Transcribed - 24/03/15

The aim in writing your book is to communicate the truth to all.

It doesn’t matter what level of understanding you are at, the truth is the same; that being there is only your truth. Through your book you will explain and let people discover for themselves that the purpose of life is to live moment to moment. You will explain and let them discover that to live moment to moment can only really be achieved when we know ourselves on what ever level that may be.

There is no black and white with this book. You are not trying to teach them anything. You are merely expressing your truth in written from because that is what you like to do. If people learn from reading about your experiences and journey, so be it. If not, that’s fine to. The key to remember in writing this book is that you are not here to help anyone; you are here to live your life in a true and connected manner. In doing so you help others, but only as far as you inspire them. 

This book’s aim is to inspire you only. It is not a self-development book, although that was John’s initial intention. It is a book based on the belief that the purpose in life is to know your True Self moment to moment. It is founded on the belief that you don’t need self-development you only need self-awareness. You only need to remember who you truly are. This is not a religious book. It is not a self-help book. It is a book only to inspire. To inspire a new generation of connected individuals who are living their purpose, living their dreams and doing the will of their True Self. 



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