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      Civilization on Earth began around 6,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens evolved around 200,000 years ago. Around 50% of plants and animals died out around 65 million years ago. The Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago. The Milky Way Galaxy was formed around 13.21 billion years ago. The first galaxies formed about 13.5 billion years ago. The universe was formed about 13.7 billion years ago.

What do these numbers tell you? Although we feel like we know that they are a long time, we actually cannot even begin to imagine the true scale of how long things have existed for. There's a pretty big gap in between the time the first galaxies formed and when the Earth formed (around 9 billion years). 9 billion. A very long time. In a universe of our size today that grows at an accelerating speed, how could it not be that life exists elsewhere. Somewhere during all that time with all these billions of stars and galaxies, life must have evolved somewhere else as well. Simply put, we are probably not alone.

So what about it? Well, considering we're not at the center of the universe anymore and that there's probably life elsewhere as well, we aren't that special in the grand scheme of things. There are probably hundreds of thousands of other civilizations more and less advanced than ours in this portion of the universe alone. These fights we have amongst ourselves, brothers and sisters against one another, are utterly pointless. We spill blood over our precious Earth as she watches her children kill one another over land, resources, and radical ideas like racial, religious, or ideological superiority. 

It is likely that the tendency of our species to fight against one another is not singular and unique, but instead a trait shared by most other sentient life forms. The rise from having animal instincts and a survival-focused living to a world of civilization and invention is a tough one indeed. With many of our savage and barbaric traits still intact within us, it is difficult to imagine a world without them, one of peace and without carnage. Although it can be used as an excuse as to why we still fight, it should not. We can no longer afford to make excuses for why we fight and kill one another, especially not when planetary annihilation and destruction is a very real possibility. With the development of nuclear weapons, mankind now posses the power to end all life on Earth, a power we many not yet be mature enough to have. Even after two terrible wars that claimed millions of lives in "relatively" recent years, mankind has not yet realized what it must do. 

We fight over borders, lines in the ground that aren't really there. We fight over rescources that are being harvested and consumed at an exponential rate. We fight over radical ideas that mean nothing when looking at it in the grand scheme of things. We fight over religions that still have not found a way to coexist with one another, even though they preach unity, neighborly love, and respect. Why do we still fight over such utterly ridiculous arguments. Fighting wars should be a thing of the past, a relic of our long march to planetary unity. We should be able to look back in our history textbooks and see the errors of man, before reaching the last few chapters talking about how we settled our differences and became one nation, the nation of Earth. 

I am not so hopeful that we will see that day. Especially not when so many radical ideas and disputes still take ground today. We created the United Nations and the European Union after the two terrible wars that ravaged the 20th century. But where have they gotten us. They call themselves "united" when most of the time, they just bicker. Like a far-fetched dream, they never materialize the principles they are built upon. And when people begin to no longer believe in that dream, they give up, and further divide the world apart.

It is time for the nations of the Earth to stop their incessant fighting and bickering and unite once and for all. It is time for each nation to represent not an independant France, Russia, China, or Saudi Arabia, but instead a state of the United Nations of Earth. It is time for people to stop calling themselves Chilean or Swedish, but instead, human. It is time we see ourselves as not a populace divided by regions, states, provinces, borders, and nations but united as a species. It is time we stop labeling certain groups of people as superior or inferior, but instead as fellow members of a global triumph! We are the humans of Earth!

This change in identity begins with you, the reader. You can spread this wonderful idea of a planetary utopia by acknowledging all those around you as your fellow neighbors in this big world. The change starts with you. Get involved in your community, share this identity of not belonging to a certain nation but instead to a global community that fosters acceptance and respect to all. Judge people not by their color, religion, or ethnicity, but by the content of their character. 

With people like you spreading this idea of a united humanity, we can all begin to hope and work towards that planetary utopia. We can devote rescources and time towards curing diseases, ending poverty, and building a better world. It all starts with you and how you behave towards others. Behave and identify yourself as a human, and soon the world will change from one split by separatism, to one united by mutual respect and care.

I hope you, the reader, have taken this into serious consideration and will try your best to make this utopia a reality. It all depends on us and what we do from now on. If we work towards this goal everyday and never lose hope, it will become a reality. 

Let us make the United Nations of Earth a real thing.

Thank you.

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