14 And Having Sex


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Chapter 1

Chloe was walking home from school. Her parents weren't home until 18:00 tonight so she had lots of time. She was going to have sex for the first time, with her boyfriend Cain. She got her phone out of her pocket and looked at herself on her camera. She thought she was fairly attractive. A cute face with pretty black hair and fairly big boobs. She put her phone back into her pocket and continued to walk home. She would have walked home with Cain but he had been kept in for 20 extra minutes afterschool by their science teacher for messing around during lesson.

Chloe finally arrived home. She unlocked her door and went inside. She then got changed out of her school clothes and waited for Cain to arrive. Cain soon arrived outside her house. After he entered, they kissed. Kissing was common between them as they were boyfriend and girlfriend, but they had never gone any further. "Do you want to do it, then?" He asked. "Have sex?" She nodded nervously. "Where's your bedroom then?" He asked. And she took him upstairs.

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Chapter 2

Once they entered her bedroom, he told her to take her clothes off and she did. Her heart was beating fast. No one had ever seen her naked before. She nervously showed him everything. "Wow" he said. He bent down and touched her vagina and started fingering it. It felt good. After a couple of minutes, she said "Your turn then". He took off his clothes and showed her his erect penis. It was exciting, finally she wouldn't be a virgin.

Soon, they layed on the bed and it started. It was the most amazing feeling of her life. It seemed to go on forever. The most amazing time of her life. They seemed to lay there for eternity, and it was amazing. Soon, she felt liquid. He had cummed. After that they just layed on the bed. He layed ontop of her and they kissed. She reached for her phone and looked at the time. Time had passed quickly, and they would have to stop because her parents would be here soon.

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Chapter 3

By the time her parents returned, she was sitting in the living room watching TV. As far as they knew, that was all she had been doing since she got home from school. And it would stay that way. But really, she had lost her virginity, and it had been the best time of her life, and hopefully she would have sex again soon. She texted Cain "Wanna do it again tomorrow?".

Depending on it's popularity, this might become a series.

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