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Taking Responsibility & Decision Making

Like I said in the prologue, we take our own lives into our own hands with better ideas rather than rely on the government to place us in jobs that might hire us and not really relate to our interests. Our determination to do better is key to our success also playing a part on our conscience to what our actions will bring us.

Being realistic is all we have sometimes, which does not always lead us to positive movements unguided but I do believe we all seek a change in our hearts to be morally successful - & to be able to live with a clear-conscience and free from hassle of police and troubles. We know nothing outside of our comfort-zones which sadly is where opportunity lies to prosper - which I can also argue that you can indeed excel in your comfort-zone with discipline & direction of self-development.

Leading by example as a creative-type person & health-conscious, I used to push the message of Veganism being the top catalyst of the reversal of cancer & diseases known to man & approved by science - I found it very fulfilling knowing how many people I helped or converted from unhealthy diets & habits which later in life they would suffer from if they were to carry on unknowing the root causes of their poor health.

Although I have worked in Vegan restaurants in my past & helped spread the information on social media, I still managed to find very little effect I had amongst my peers who - like a lot people, have no interest to change or transition to a lifestyle they think will hinder their beliefs and the (wrong) idea that the diet would make them protein deficient.

With so many alternatives to meat substitutes & dairy products, the majority demographic are now able to have a lot more choices to cruelty-free foods that our bodies are more happy with - versus the traditional crap that the industry have us buying for taste & pleasure. The information is out there thanks to the web, which one can navigate through to create a sustainable lifestyle that prevents us from illnesses and hospitals.

Taking responsibility & decision making is the core foundation of the kind of actions we all need to succeed. If the youth can go to school and try to learn for half of the day - I think the adults can do the same even more intensely in their spare time and also become a lot more mindful of their; learning, self-development & knowledge - versus the youths who may not always implement their teacher's teachings. 

Being a three-headed dragon in your own field is what you want to be - to reach the heights of your talents being put to use. In the entertainment industry it's called being a triple-threat - being able to sing, act & dance. The same strategies should be done to your own skills, though we all differ interests I believe we have contagious-influences that may rub off on people that have similar interests as well as finding people already in our desired sectors to help us flourish and vice-versa.

Being able to write whatever content I wish may open many doors to the kind of jobs that are available online & in the real world. I choose to follow my own cause of writing self-development books at the moment to maybe build my name & brand to be more credible & to have more accountability for my actions becoming a trustable source of guidance. Jobs like; content-creator, author, free-lance writer & blogger are just a few of what types of industry jobs there are in this field that I can think of. If I search and think harder there maybe more jobs available in this area of skill but can only find out when pursuing with intent also surprisingly having picked up this skill spontaneously by going for it ambitiously.

Having volunteered for work in the Charity business also signifies strength in my character, whereas the average person would just give up and complain that the opportunity doesn't exist when being stuck in between jobs. This opens up the idea that you want to do more and will not allow adversity or hardship bring you down when you are trying to get your life in order. Also following your; cause, mission or dream will give you a sense of ambition you must see through with your time & encourages you not to stray from your own work.

Having the idea to become an ambassador for anti-knife crime also created a purpose of me challenging what I can do as a person - also adding to my mission to fulfill my time to positively-influence a generation and beyond. The ideas I have for my campaign are endless, the amount of things I will do to innovate these types of charities are tremendously huge - giving communities opportunities more than ever before. With thoughts to build; unit blocks that are gyms connected to music studios, rooms for creative-learning and events - to uplifting communities through higher learning & creating businesses.

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Prologue - Changing Our Communities

 With the overwhelming statistics of fatal knife-crime all over the country, it's no secret or anything new but the drastic amount of killings and victims these sort of crimes result to. Coming from poverty-driven backgrounds I believe that setting up charities and campaigns will help drive the force of love & care truly needed to nurture our communities before such things occur. As far-fetched as it may seem to think we can single-handedly stop these crimes from happening, it really does take a lot of support, communication & opportunities.

Judging from experience of the streets - these young men/women are; lost, confused, misled, uneducated, uncared for, prone to negativity, desperate, peer-pressured, possibly from council-neighbourhoods where some only see negative prospects to being involved in drugs or violent crimes to survive financially. Most gangs would share the same morals to protect eachother or to look and act as violent as possible, although these create territorial mannerisms it does also ignite violence to similar people.

Non-gang related crimes may or may not be easily identified, but ages involved are always assumed - the older they are, probably drug-abuse as to the younger the victims - probably gangs - to male & female disputes possibly domestic violence. We cannot know for sure as random attacks seem to happen with no agendas and which cannot be comprehended as to why it even happened or began.

The thin-line relating Today's music to violent crimes is sometimes rubbed out to blame a creative society for the similarities of lyrical-intentions correlating to the deaths of the victims of knife & gun crimes. Not to be completely oblivious to the direct wars that are actively inciting other gangs to retaliate, I believe that the hardcore genre of "raw" drill music does aid the ignorance of a blood-sport that glamorises mindless actions.

Highlighting consequences and repercussions are often and almost always, non-existent & untouched on within the music. Being a part of a culture that is highly supported through radio & sponsored by T.V. Channels can be overlooked when the same people that are helping fund the music and platforms are pocketing money from the art form and are not helping shape the culture into a more positive & influential type of business.

It can be argued that - the opportunity the music-creation brings to the artist can be life-changing as well as it can open doors to new ventures to success. The same can be argued for platforms encouraging the youth to pick up a pen instead of a deadly weapon. Although their life-experiences still drive their lyrics as well as their stance & reputation in the streets - to be percieved as tough as possible or having their guard up - as they are still a product of their circumstances & also known to society as the character they are to the streets.

I believe that there is opportunity we all have access to and that is; using your mind to better yours or other people's lives. If a young person gets declined numerous times after applying for many jobs, this can play a big part on their; mental-health, critical choices & well-being of one's desperation to have access to funds to support; themselves, family and the rent. The main solution should be clear support for all people to be brought into the right directions that they are passionate about, and knowing how to get into an industry they dream of whilst being able to balance financial-adversities with their ambition to help create a better future for themselves and similar people.

Blaming the music is easier than going into these neighbourhoods for the fear that they too will become victims, which sends out the wrong messages of all kinds that it is in fact dangerous & unsafe to walk or be successful in certain parts of a borough. We as a community need to unite and recognise what we can do to help our youth - whether it be getting more access to youth-club activities to maybe turning them into youth-workers if their interest is in helping like-minded young people.

The options are endless to what we can do with our time and lives especially being unemployed. The answer lies within that person to what kind of life they would like to live & even if it is to be; rich, living abroad or just to be able to put their skills to use - there is an opportunity in our hearts & minds that will give us a better future than the one leading to prison or early death.

Being a prime example for the youth, I look to create jobs for myself and others using all the resources I can think of and medias that are available for free. Not only am I the owner of two property investment companies, I write books to express my sanity & ideas, and also volunteer myself to charities which fill my time up as well as put myself into work & as a means to give back since no one wants to reply to my applications of vacancies.

 The way I see it, put yourself in the position you want to be in and work for free, until one of your ideas puts you in a financial position that you earn from doing what you love. The hardest thing I do is my property journey which requires a lot of funding initially but I would also like to encourage others to pursue similar dreams which can all be launched through; free-content, self-education & determination.

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Bring It To Existence

   Seeing is believing as most of my ambitions came to me at later stage in my life. Bringing to life your ideas are the best things you will ever do for yourself and your future. Being stuck or feeling like you've hit rock bottom can really take a toll on everything you believe in in life aswell as the dissatisfaction of bad experiences becoming demoralising as you want to keep up with the Jones' also known as staying up to date with the trends.

People's opinions play such a massive part in the illusion of one's mind of; how to be, what to wear, competing on social media, what holiday you should be on - to what car we drive to impress a bunch of people who we really don't care about. We fund our whole life chasing approval from strangers to be percieved as cool or rich, when really we are mentally broke-minded & not fulfilling our longterm aspirations that would serve a better future for us.

If we really wanted change, we can instantly do that in a heartbeat. I don't believe in excuses and neither should you. If I told you I went from nothing to something with no money would you believe me? Well you should, because once your intentions are pure, you realise money doesn't bring you happiness & that the more selfless you become the less worrying you'll do but your sense of ambition & success will have increased very significantly. 

If you follow as many entrepreneurs as I do, you pick up so much of their traits and will soon understand the world of business like never before! Finding out that money is "fake" & created into a value of debt. Learning and understanding this idea will shift your perception to becoming financially free. Creating equity which is a sharehold of a business or product - whatever it may be - can also create big prospects for business-minded people who manage to create money from thin air just using equations to make profit.

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