Top 5 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers from India


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Top 5 Reasons To Hire Dedicated Developers From India

Digital platforms have become a breeding ground for business opportunities and representing your venture on the same is essential. As Tom DeMarco said, "Get the right people. Then no matter what all else you might do wrong after that, the people will save you. That's what management is all about." This applies perfectly to today's complex business scenario. Project delays and lousy work can cause major inconvenience to your business and harm your firm's reputation. Hence, it is always preferable to hire developers who you can rely on and who can understand your requirements and work dedicatedly on the assigned projects.  


Most firms today are keen to hire dedicated Indian developers and the results they get speak for themselves, explaining why India is becoming a most preferred destination. Following are the top 5 reasons to hire dedicated developers from India:  

1. Expertise   

A typical in-house team usually has limited knowledge and expertise due to limited exposure. If the requirement changes, it may not be able to deliver the expected results. The main reason why more and more organizations are ready to hire dedicated Indian developers is because of their expertise and their ability to handle any challenging project assigned to them. They have the experience of working on projects which makes them expert in their fields and therefore are able to handle even the most complicated tasks. 

2. Saving On Hardware and Infrastructure  

Workstations and infrastructure are some basic things one has to spend on if there's an in-house team of developers. However, this isn't the case when you hire a dedicated developer. In India, most professionals working dedicatedly have the basic infrastructure as they are associated with firms that fulfill outsourcing requirements. This assures uninterrupted work with no hiccups concerning laptops, internet etc. It also saves you from getting into the complication of taxes and other legal process that one would need to go through locally.    

3. Significant Time Saving  

Freelancers galore in different countries but the work quality isn't the same compared to that of a dedicated developer. In India, the hired resources are both experienced and skilled and unlike freelancers, they work dedicatedly on one project. This way the clients can ask question to the resources they hired and communicate and discuss with them every issue related to their project and get the work done flawlessly. Having a dedicated developer assures you that they'll spend all their working hours on your project, saving you much time by avoiding rework and getting the best result.  

4. Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility  

A major advantage of hiring Indian developers is the cost-effectiveness and the flexibility they offer. Opposed to the fortune you spend on local hiring, Indian developers charge much less which saves them a significant amount of money. Also, you can hire these dedicated developers on an hourly basis and get your work done as per your convenience. These factors are critical to the progress of your project and your company when there's time constraint and you're trying to save. You also have the option of scaling up and down as per your project’s requirement  

5. Easy Communication  

When you want to outsource your project, a major challenge you'll face is communication. People who have English as their first language often find it difficult to explain their projects to people they want to outsource to. That is why hiring Indian developers will work as English is a common language in India and most professionals are fluent in it. So, you can easily explain your project requirements and exchange feedbacks uninterruptedly.  


Many countries such as the Philippines and others let you hire freelancers. However, the whole experience of working with a dedicated professional from India is unusual. They are skilled and once you assign them your project, you can be rest assured your work will be done timely. Besides, tax saving, work efficiency, optimum productivity, emergency response, and constant support are the other major advantages. The above factors make hiring from India a major step toward achieving success.  

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