Advertising Using Cheap Promotional Door Hangers


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Advertising Using Cheap Promotional Door Hangers

Junk mail and big billboards are both ways that products and services are advertised to individuals. Information mill constantly looking for new ways of attracting customer attention. Promotional Door hangers Prints could be a cost effective and useful method to gain peoples' attention, whether a company is just starting, or attempting to set up a brand.


Billboards and junk mail are often ignored by today's modern consumer, therefore an original method to attract attention to adverts must be used. Fully customizable and memorable door hangers can be a way to achieve this. They're easy and cheap to make, being basically cardboard or simply thin plastic.


An easy strip of cardboard or light plastic that can be hung from a door using a hook or hole within the hanger may be the meaning of a door hanger. New clients could be attracted along with a brand can be discovered by using hangers. It is because being hung from the door handle means passers by can observe they and them could be made to match a company brand.


Hotels and offices often use them for an operating purpose, room occupied or no smoking messages are often printed onto them. Incorporating a practical message onto a hanger means individuals are more likely to rely on them; therefore the adverts may be viewed by more people. Exposure from the advert is increased simply because they can be reused over and over.


With hangers being so thin and lightweight it means that expensive distribution processes can be reduced. They may be hung quickly over door handles as the distributor is passing by and can be carried easily inside a bag. Which means that any location where the distributor covers having a hanger, clients are also able to easily pass them onto friends. Hangers can reduce the costs involved with distributing adverts because of their small size and ease.


The little size does not limit how much information can be put onto a hanger, as being two sided they can have double the amount of knowledge in it (as compared to a postcard). Integrating company colors and logos onto them means that a brand name image is able to be established and people will associate products using the hangers. The data on the hanger can range form a simple message to complex pictures and diagrams, which makes them very flexible.


The obvious industry to make use of hangers at is hotels; however, due to their advantages in distribution, design and production they are not just restricted to this. Every shop and house has a door on which they can be hung and displayed and whatever a company markets, they can be useful. For instance, a taxi company can print their number onto one, making it in close range whenever a customer needs a cab. Hangers are an easy way to seize customers' attentions.


A cheap and efficient way for a business to market is provided in promotional door hangers. They are able to display practical information alongside adverts, permitting reuse. They are able to be integrated into a business brand so they are simple to remember by customers. Another good promotional idea might be postcard printing for direct mail.

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