Vitro Vivo Accomodates All Your Experimental Needs


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Vitro Vivo Accomodates All Your Experimental Needs

VitroVivo Biotech was launched by a group of biomedical researchers in the year 2012 and is located at  Rockville life science center, Maryland. It is devoted to the development of new histological products and services. Their services include Routine Paraffin Histology, Cryotomy, and Special Staining etc. Its comprehensive Molecular Pathology Services consist of tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, histochemical staining, immunostaining, FISH/ISH and evaluation at the hand of their expert pathologists. Their team is made up of experienced, talented and renowned experts in various fields such as LCM, molecular histopathology, and pathologists etc.VitroVivo possesses expertise in histology and molecular histopathology that they willingly share with different researcher so that new discoveries can be made faster. It has managed to forge relationships with various biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, well-known labs, and universities etc. Their clientele includes National Institute of Health, The University of California, Los Angeles, George Town, U.S Naval Research, Emory University, Duke University, Wayne State University, University of Denver, University of Maryland and Standford University etc.


VitroVivo’s Molecular Pathology Services include Immunohistochemistry which involves making use of antibodies to test specific antigens in a tissue sample. It is used to identify different diseases e.g. cancer and can also be used to differentiate between different types of cancer. Immunofluorescent is used to determine the location of specific antibodies and antigens. A fluorescent dye is used to label specific antigens and antibodies. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is used to determine small changes that are not visible through microscopic analysis. FISH is used to determine how many chromosomes exist in a cell and how they can be rearranged. Their other services include mRNA, lncRNA, In Situ apoptosis assay, and In Situ autophagy detection assay​​ etc.


VitroVivo is capable of providing a variety of Cell Structure Probes i.e. from Organelle to a whole cell. Their probes are used specifically for the development of different Stains. Many researchers make use of their Stain to develop counter Stains. Its Stain is also used to track specific kind of protein in a cell. Cell Structure Probes that are used for labeling of live cells or fixed cells. Their cell structure probes are specifically designed as cell imagining solutions. So, that cells can be stained without any calculation, infusion or pipetting. Their probes are easy to use and are available in bottle dropper forms. Their probes come with other feature as well such Bright Fluorescence, Multicolor and are Compatible with all types of cell imaging etc. Their Paraffin Tissue Sections provides exceptional human and mouse tissue slides. These tissue slides can be utilized for routine H&E stain, IHC, IF, FISH and ISH etc. The company has both  Human Paraffin Tissue Sections and Postive Control Tissue Slides available that can be used to perform various experiments. You can also purchase their various products online and use them for your experimentations. If you are in need of an experts advice or require any of the above-mentioned services then VitroVivo BioTech is your number one choice.

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