VitroVivo – Your Number One Choice for All Histology Products and Services


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VitroVivo – Your Number One Choice for All Histology Products and Services

VirtoVivo Biotech is a leading company in supporting biomedical research. It has employees that are experts well experienced in histology and molecular histopathology. VitroVivo was established in the year 2012 at Rockville Life Science Center, Maryland. The company offers full-scale histopathology services, covering laser capture microdissection (LCM), routine paraffin histology, cryotomy, molecular histopathology and customized biospecimen collection. VitroVivo specialists have rich experience and diverse background and are passionate about what they do to serve the clients. Vitrovivo’s sole mission is to provide biomedical research community with high quality histological products and services. Their experts have been helping researchers from research labs, research institutions, universities and pharmaceutical companies in their development of new discoveries. VitroVivo’s product lines consist of 8 different categories for you to access and choose from. Johnson Wang, Mike Emmert -Buck and John W. Gillespie are some of their leading experts in molecular histopathology, LCM and experimental pathology. VitroVivo has forged relationships with many companies such as the National Institute of Health, Wayne State University, Duke University, Standford University, University of Denver, John Hopkins University and Emory University.


Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is used to detect proteins that are found in a cell of the tissues sections. It is done through the use of immunostain detection system. This system is employed by many biomadical labs and clinical labs to determine the distribution and localization of biomarkers in different parts of the tissue. The products of immunostain detection system from VitroVivo include labeled streptavidin-biotin (LSAB) method and polymer-based IHC detection method. LSAB method employs biotinylated secondary antibody which links the primary antibodies to streptavidin-peroxidase conjugate. As a result, a single main antibody is associated with multiple biotin molecules. Thus, this system leads to a rapid increase in the sensitivity and more accurate results are produced. There are many benefits that can be gained through Vitro’s LSAB IHC detection system such as easy and ready to use, possess reproducing ability, budget friendly and low background. Different types of LSAB IHC kits are available for purchasing on their official websites. Polymer-Based IHC detection kit is a one-step IHC system. It has been widely used by biomedical scientists and clinical pathologists in molecular histopathology. The VitroView™ polymer based 1-step IHC kit utilizes a novel polymerization technology to prepare polymeric HRP-linker antibody conjugates. There are many advantages that polymer-based detection kits possess such as biotin Free, high sensitivity and low background. There are many different types of polymer-based kits available that can be utilized to detect primary antibodies from rabbit, mouse, goats, and others. VitroVivo also provides commonly used IHC reagents for IHC/IF experiments. These include counterstain solution, DAB substrate, and antigen retrieval reagents. Some examples of reagents available for purchasing are antibody dilution buffer, Tris-buffered saline, and many others. So, if you are in need of IHC detection system, polymer-based detection IHC kits or IHC reagents then simply place an order online or send a request to

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