Vampire And Werewolf


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Chapter 2

 Ok  Cat cat cat what are you doing here so early in the morning we are going shopping why you know What who care it my  birthday yeah I know you did you really yeah of course You are like my sister I know but let go okwhere shall we go let's go to the mall wait Jem do you got money yes do you no here 100 wow we're do you get all that money my job  

Ok so I am going to the baby store with cat why because I thing  I am pregnant  what cat I know what am I going to do oh well I don't know cat but let go to the cvs  and do the pregnancy test  oh  my God  what I am pregnant what ok let go to your house and tell your mom no way she can know I am going and I am going to tell her don't jem  please  

She will  understand ok but can you stay with me of cause I told you I will be there with you 

Mom I am home hi  sweetheart hi Jam hi Jen what up and happy birthday mom I need to say something what I am I am I am you are what umm oh god. What is it  ok I am pregnant oh my god I know you are up set with me I shell puck up my stuff no I am not mad you not no but I need to tell you something what oh god I don't know how to say it 

Mom what is it i will go and let you talk with your mom cat no jem say cat mom what is it u need to here this cat your dad is a werewolf uhh yes and when you are sixteen you will become one too uhh. but you are pregnant so that mean you will be come on now because when a werewolf get pregnant she is a  grown-up  what mom you are crazy no I am not I am telling you the truth and jem you are a vampire and a werewolf so that we make you a  well you know how am I am vampire and a werewolf your mom was a vampire and your dad is a werewolf what no way and I can semll you jem you are pregnant to what no way how I didn't do well you know what you sweetie oh no what your brothers I can smell him on you no what but how why he is my brother he is not your brother what your dad is not your dad your mom is not your mom what i will show you who your real family is come get in the car .............

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Chapter 3

 Were are we come on tell me please OK this is the rich part off  Haverhill what now look over there that is your home no way it can be but how well your family gave you alway to keep you same they had a problem with some other werewolf because your dad fell in love with a vampire wich is your mom aka my best friend I meet her to because I was with your dad in that time and she had a big crush on him but she was not supposed to be with a werewolf but they did not care they really love each other so much and one day the werewolf  cancel found out  that they were to Together  and she waspregnant they did not like that they try to keep you safe but they  could not  so he gave you alway but because the vampire and the werewolf when in too war when all that happened he try to get you back but they took you alway they wassupposed to give you back ok so who am I uhh am I just a toy sweet no you not oh no come let go no I am going to give him. A piece of my mind

Hey you are jack right yes you are I am your little toy huh I am your daughter Jessica what sorry I mean jem how cold you give me up I am sorry no just forget it I don't want to know you I don't want to be near you I want to be close to you I wantyou far away from my life Jessica stop calling me Jessica is jem you know what fuck you  jamplease let me explain I know why you did it but I just don't want to look at you I am out see you never I am going to eat some thing and then home come cat      

 Can you believe that no I can you were so mean to him what he left me to save your life cat I don't care now do you forgot that we are going to have babies no I am only 13 I can then what are you going to do I don't know but i have too do some thing well I have to go with Chris to eat but he did stuff to you I know but I am going to tell him why see you tomorrow ok bye love you I love you more say cat 

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Chapter 4

 Hey Chris hey are you ready to go to dinner yes come on 

Are you ok you are not talking at all sorry but I am going to tell you my question and you will answer ok baby sister don't call me that what it the problem jem why did you do stuff to me what are you talking about I am pregnant and it became of you what I never never will do that you are my sister cat mom smell you all over me ya u know about everything 

Cat let go home and talk there ok at home so you know about werewolf vampire yes my family jem I am sorry I just want you safe what safe you did thing to me how it that safe jem I am sorry but it was me well not me it was the werewolf in me what see that why I am alway in pain yes I am sorry no it ok if is the werewolf we need to lock him up ya I will do everything I can today is the full moon that mean the werewolf is come out ok so I will luck you up in the  baseman  ok whatever I just want you safe ok     

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The full moon chapter 5

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Frist day of school chapter 7

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