Vampire And Werewolf What Is She


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what is she chapter 1

 Ok we need to know what she is what Did you see I saw a pen and the pen was flying in the air the pen was flying but that is impossible i know what do you thing she is cat I don't know jem cat I thing I know what she is i thing she is a witch what do you really thing she is  a witch yes thing about it I am a vampire and a werewolf you are a were wolf so maybe she is a witch maybe hey what do you want Kim I told my dad about you too bien pregnant he want to see you

Principals office

yes mr jame I here that you and cat are pregnant well maybe I thing is time to get your mom and dad and brother they know I am sorry girl but you can come to school if you are pregnant what I don't know what is the big deal is i am sorry I am going to call you brother and your mom and dad ok I am sorry wow thanks you you know I am cool what how are you cool about this cat well thing about it will can work and take care of whatever we will have we'll I will call them to come and pick you up but then I look at him in the eyes and I say I wish you forget that me and cat are pregnant and then it happened he like what are we talking about I was like you say that we can go to school no more and he say why if you two are good students ok then so we can stay yes with before I go can I tell you something here look at my eyes why just look at me don't listen to kid ok I will not listen to Kim ok bye now ok you can go  now 

At math class

With what are you here still because your dad did nothing to us so ya we are better then you say cat you you I wish I can smack you in the face but you can Kim I am pregnant so what you going to do 


so today at lunch we had some pizza and there was a cute guys looking at me but there was something odd about him he was Like well I don't know but he was so cute and cat was like hey don't forget you are going to have a baby ya and with your brother ya I know but my brother don't like me like that his wolf do say cat I know but who care and he have a car 


we'll I was going home and the cute boy Justice almost hit me and his eyes was red I don't know why and he is a vampire and he saw me stop the car with my Súper stronger and he was like omg and I just ran

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home chapter 2

 hey Chris what did you do ok why do you thing I did some thing becaus I can see that look all over your face ok so I was at school and there is a cute boy not going to tell you his name he was so close to hit me with his car but is easy turn red and I stop the car with my super strong you did what I am sorry It not my fault I know but did you say he eyes turn red yes he is a vampire you thing if you saw he eyes red then yes oh I need to tell you some thing what is um I saw someone a girl well she is the new girl and I saw her pen flying it that can be right well that me she is a witch so witch are really  río yes that what I thought we'll I am going to bed what why is just 7.00  I know I am tried ok then 

The next day hey jem hi brother what is happening um you what are you here  I say I don't want to know you ever didn't i  say that I know but just let me explain I say no you are nothing to me and how did  you know were I am I call him you did what why I love you but I can stay here what then i will go with you were ever you go I can take you because I can hart you and I don't want to so what you going to live me too if you go and you live me with him I will never never talk to you or forgive you ever no you pick I am sorry you got a son witch is my son too I am sorry no don't live me I don't want to know him I don't want to love him and I don't want to call him dad and then he will live me  😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭no I will not now stop crying 😭 please ok I will give a brack but I am not going to call you dad that fast got it ok what ever you want I will miss you Chris me too

New home 🏡 

come out now let meet you río family this is jack your brother well you twins this is your sister meg and your mom Marisol and your other sister liza and now what we are going to do is you will go to a new school you will have that baby 👶 you will be a good mom ok 👌 it nice to meet you guys oh vampire and werewolf are not friend what but I am a vampire yes but you are a werewolf too so that is ok so what but the guy I like is a vampire I am sorry but u will not be with him got it no 👎 you not the boss of me yes I am I am your dad well you can ok because you left me and I will go to the same school that school is for poor people no it not yes it is you will go too a school were there are only werewolf no you can make me look at my eyes 👀 no you look at my eyes 👀 stop do you thing you can beat me 👀hmmm see I won now what 😶 uh dad I good to your room now 

The next day

good morning sweetheart don't call me sweetheart got it i am going no we're do you thing you going to my school I say no and when I say no it no and when I say yes is yes now bey

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At school chapter 3

 Can you believe my dad he thing he can boss me around you know how dad can be oh today the cute boys you like so much he going to have a party and we all are going he did not say nothing to me oh I am sorry hi I am justice and I thing you are cool 😎 so you going to my party right ya i will be there  

Back at my new house             

hey sister oh hey liza what you doing I am just going to do some homework with my friend cool you jem I am going to a party 🎉 what do you mean you are going  to aa party ya with some friend you got a problem dad yes you not going well let me thing 😐 no I am going bye  👋 no you not hey open the 🚪 sorry um I hate you

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