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Chapter 1

Alright, so we have you here today to help us plan out a base system in our cars. What would you say is the best way to go about starting all that?

Well, to start out, I think there's three main questions every person should ask themselves before.

Number one, what do you want out of it? What do you want it to achieve?

Everybody is different. Some people are like a lot of base, some people like a little bit of bass.    So you need to figure out where you fit and then answer yourself.

The number two questions, how much room do I have?

Everything is limited to space and what will actually fit into your car, so knowing your maximum dimensions will definitely prepare you for your design.

And of course number three, how much money do I have to spend?

They make products for every budget, so choose according to price and preference. You could have all the money in the world to buy the biggest and baddest gear, but if it won't fit, it won't fit. So that's why these three questions are very important.

I'd say that's a great place to start and now it would be the time where we can actually pick out our gear. Correct? That's right. Now we get to choose the equipment. Probably the most fun part of the build.

Planning everything out. Without a doubt, the most important part of a daily setup is the alternator. We're going to need to have enough juice. This is why the current to all our aftermarket accessories and amplifiers.

That way we don't have any crazy voltage drop, so we went over there to mechman.com, snagged up the biggest drop in replacement we can find, which was the 370 elite series.

We're going to chuck that right in. No mods, no fuss, and it should do us awesome.

So what do you say is our next step? Can we get our whoofers yet?

We sure can but what we need to remember is that our subs are only as strong as our amps, so picking the correct amp for our subs is key.

All we're going to need to do is match our final Ohm load as a speaker or subwoofer to the lowest stable load of our amplifier. That way we'll get ultimate power and maximum output.

For this build we chose to head over to https://soundrating.com/best-12-inch-subwoofer/ for two more SA-12 twelves from Sundown Audio.    We already had two dual 2-Ohm subs, so we had to stick with our dual 2-Ohm.

What amps did you decide to go with?

Well, there's the kicker really well. We are using two NVX D3 case. It is going to be crazy awesome quality amps, Korean boards, and they will suit our purposes just fine. I can't wait to wire them all up.

Do you have anything planned out for batteries or anything like that?    Well, for right now I think we're just going to stick with a single drop-in replacement for excess power and who knows, we might even add some more power up back.

What you have planned for the enclosure design?

We need to keep the two seats in the back open so we could still told around the little guys. We decided to go with a center slot port and also we had a lot of room to work with so we bumped up the ratio of our fourth order bandpass with three to one, wanting to keep the woofers on the inside of the enclosure because we're mounting everything in the back.

So with those three things in mind and the fact that we did have a lot of space, that's what the design worked out to be and I'm really looking forward to doing this.

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