Sad Poems


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I never forgot little bear

 Holding his little paw he held the palm of my hand.In the winter I would give him my hat and sat next to the cat.That little photo of him made me smile making me run a mile.That photo made me remember when I first saw little bear my little toy bear.I gave him a carrot from my uncle Garret.In summer I would play with him in the fields and hold his hands and spin until I let go.Little bear was sat and leant against a real bear.Now I was very scared but when I saw little bear smile I left.The bear hugged him and a tear dropped from my eye he needed him more than me.I will always remember little bear.

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Hiding the insides

The mask was placed on my face I hid the bruises the bully’s did and I acted normal and be formal.I given up what I was hiding and I had stood on the beach smiling in glee and now I knew what was coming for me.The public gasp and if you suffer from showing the world call child line after I was all found now I’m fine but I hide my packages from the inside.

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