Thinking of Getting Married? You Need Affidavit Translation


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Thinking of Getting Married? You Need Affidavit Translation

Thinking of Getting Married? You Need Affidavit Translation

Are you getting married? Congratulations! This is progress as it shows that you are gearing and looking forward to another phase of life that will require more commitment, more dedication, and more responsibility. In most countries, there is the involvement of paperwork and legalities to start, effect, and actualize the marriage process. 




Because of legal reasons, ensuring that you meet all prerequisites is key in the marriage process. You will need various affidavits in the process, which will help to prove and lay bare some of your details and eligibility, which will all help to set everything in motion.

Legal Documents

Affidavits are legal documents that are often in written format and confirm some details. The primary purpose of most affidavits is for use in courts of law whenever there are legal issues like in the event of seeking recourse or court intervention. When it comes to marriage, it is worth noting that various countries have their unique procedures in place.

Some have a barrage of affidavits to swear and confirm for the marriage process to proceed. Some have less. Further, these affidavits will also depend on your citizenship status. If you are a foreigner and are on a work visa, then you might have to sign more affidavits than the ordinary citizen of that country. 

Whichever the case, these affidavits are essential legal documents that help substantially in the process. Getting these affidavits is a requirement before you can start filling your marriage certificate form – which often is the last documentation before you can get married.

Affidavit Translation

Affidavit translations are a necessity, especially when you intend to marry in a foreign country. Affidavits are very sensitive documents, and given their potential to find an application and use in a court of law, getting proper translation services is not an option. It is mandatory. The Word Point recognizes how important translation is. You need to ensure that you work with folks who are well-versed with translation in the language pairs that feature in your marriage. 

More often than not, consulates, embassies, or missions get involved if you are a foreigner planning to marry in that foreign country. In this sense, you need to work with translators that have been working on such stuff for a while. Affidavit and marriage certificate translation will allow you to have the documents in English or your native language or the dominant language in that foreign country. 

Translation of Post Marriage Documentation

After getting married, there are some documents you need to ensure in the right order. The affidavit in lieu of marriage certificate is a document that proves you have married. This, as well, is an essential document since it is what cements, documents, and legalizes the marriage. 


Translating this document is of importance, and just like other affidavits involved, you might want to work with experienced translators to get things done well.

In summary, getting married is an important part of life. Getting the documentation in order – including affidavits and certificates, is an essential part of the process – and so is the translation of these documents, especially if native languages or foreign countries will get involved


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