Restaurant Equipment Store: Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Business


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Restaurant Equipment Store: Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Business

One of the keys to a successful restaurant business is having the right kitchen equipment. For example, to make French Fries, you wouldn’t use a blender, just like you wouldn’t use a steamer to make a smoothie. While some kitchens may require a blender, chopper, and a food processor, other kitchens can get by with just a single option. Therefore, before you go rushing to the nearest restaurant equipment store, make sure you know exactly what your business needs.



Blenders are used to combine different ingredients with a liquid base. They are great for cocktails, salsa, smoothies, and soups. Cooks can also use blenders to chop and grind ingredients. However, unless noted, blenders are meant to be used for softer foods. Special, reinforced blenders are required to grind ice or other, more difficult ingredients.


Choppers and Slicers

Choppers and slicers are for cutting fruits, meats, and vegetables into uniform pieces. They are great for carrots, diced chicken, boiled eggs, lemons, potatoes, onions, peppers, and other similar ingredients. This kitchen tool is a necessary option for any commercial food prep area.



More commonly known as shakers, dredgers are a vital tool for baking desserts and other treats. For example, if you require powdered sugar or flour dusted over the top of your cupcake or french toast, you would need a dredger. They are the ideal tool for spreading light amounts of single ingredients (such as cinnamon, powdered sugar, flour, etc.) and they come in a variety of finishes including stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum.


Food Processor

Food processors use a sharp, sturdy blade to cut through hard-to-chop ingredients (such as raw vegetables). They are great for carrots, nuts, onions, and more. In addition, many food processors offer extra attachments to allow the user to dice, grate, grind, knead, puree, slice, and more.



Mixers are an essential tool for any restaurant or bakery. Using a beating, stirring, or whisking tool, mixers are a fantastic option for making batters, sauce, icing, dough, whipped cream, or even cream of wheat. Depending on the mixer, there are a wide variety of attachments you can purchase to provide you with more uses for your appliance. These options can include pasta makers, meat grinders, spiralizers, and more.



Also known as a sieve, cooks use sifters for aerating flour, baking soda, or salt. The purpose of sifting is to remove clumps and to lighten the ingredient allowing for smoother and more consistent mixing.



Steamers are a tasty alternative to baking for dishes requiring chicken, fish, rice, and vegetables. They provide a healthier cooking option, because they don’t require oil or fat. The best food steamer options offer a more generous capacity, multiple trays for separating vegetables and meat, and have tools that enhance rice cooking.


When determining the best supplies for your business, you need to know exactly what each option can do for you before you go to the restaurant equipment store. Does it have attachments for expanding culinary possibilities or to help save you from purchasing additional equipment? For more information on the various kitchen and baking supplies, contact the experts at GatorChef by calling 888-944-2867 or emailing


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