Spider-Man 5


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Chapter 1

"Was I wrong?", asked Peter Parker as he swung through New York City. Ever since the reign of the Vultress, Felicia Hardy still lingered in a far off part in his brain. Mary Jane had forgiven him, but he did not think she was telling the truth. He had cheated on her. Who would forgive someone for that? Peter shook the thought from his brain and kept swinging. There was a police report he had been following all week. Various spots in New York were being targeted by a vicious gang who sprang from nowhere. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard. Peter swings down and traces the shot to a bank hostage situation. 4 gang members stand with guns in their hands. Scared civilians sit against the wall. Spidey bursts in and knocks the guns out of their hands. Peter goes for a punch, but the gang members stop him in his tracks. "He said you would be here.", says one of the thugs. He grabs Spidey by the back and smashes him to the ground. "We won't kill you here.", the thug says, "We're just leaving a message." The thug drops a card and follows the other gang members as they escape out the back. Peter looks down at the card on his lap. A few scrawled words line the front of it: "Prepare for the end, Web Crawler. The Goblin Offspring will not be stopped." Spidey felt his heart sink. This gang is dedicated to Norman Osborn, The Green Goblin. Peter weakly stands up, and sees a figure in the distance. The figure jumps with amazing agility that Spidey would have seen only in himself. Before he could act, he feels a vibration in his pocket. He pulls out his phone and sees a notification: "Get back home. Don't leave Ben alone." He had almost forgot. He swings into air and heads back to his penthouse. Mary Jane greets him warmly. "You're back.", she says. "Yeah.", says Peter groaning. "What's wrong?", asks Mary Jane, "Did you get hammered?" "Yeah.", says Peter. He sinks down into a nearby chair. "Where's Ben?", he asks. "In his room.", responds Mary Jane. Peter sighs heavily. "I'll go hangout with him.", he says. He heads up the stairs and into Ben's room. "Hey, Ben.", he says quietly. Ben looks up and rolls his eyes. "You actually came back early.", he says gruffly. Peter sits down next to him and shuts the door. "I want to show you something.", he says. Ben ignores him and plays a game on his DS. Peter shoots webbing at Ben's game system and pulls it into his hands. Ben looks at him in shock. "You're Spider-man?", he asks nervously. "Yep.", says Peter, smiling, "I've been Spider-man for nearly 35 years." He takes off his shirt to reveal the Spider-man suit underneath. Ben touches it with excitement. "So that's why you're always in late.", he says. "Yep.", says Peter, "And that's not all." Peter walks over to one of the walls in Ben's room and crawls onto the ceiling. "Woah!", exclaims Ben. Peter drops down and turns serious. "These powers aren't just for fun.", says Peter quietly, "They require responsibility and control. Hopefully you'll never have to deal with them..." Ben looks at Peter with sudden interest. "Can I get powers too?", he asks. "I'm afraid not.", says Peter, "The spiders that gave me my powers are probably disposed of by now." Ben looks at him with sadness. "What do you say we go out, and I can take you on a swing through the city?", asks Peter. Ben lights up. "A swing!?", he asks with excitement. Peter grabs him by his waist and takes him down the stairs to the front door. As they swing off into the distance, Mary Jane smiles.      

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Chapter 2

On one street corner of New York City, there exists a rather large factory building. To the people passing by, it may seem like a simple manufacturing firm. But on the inside, a secret organization is brewing. No one knows who the leader is. But they receive orders from him. But no one has seen his face. He sends these orders through the cloud. "Did he get the message?", asks the mysterious leader. He had a distorted audio affect on his voice so no one could tell who he was. "We made sure he got it.", says a goon, "There's no way he could miss it." "Good. I have a surprise in store for him.", says the leader, "You will be receiving a crate of special formulas. I want 5 of you to drink them." The goon looks at his partner nervously. "Whatever you say boss." The goon presses a button, and the recording turns off.

Peter Parker did not appreciate all of this action. Ever since he took Ben out swinging, more and more crime had been happening. All of it was by the same gang. He had no choice other than to approach the main headquarters of this gang. He had to purposely lose a fight. Up ahead, he notices the gang members loading a crate into a van. Spider Man lands on top of the van and knocks down the goons. He prepares to grab the crate, but dodges after hearing bullets. He looks to see that one of the goons driving the truck was manning a large machine gun mounted on top. As he dodges, the goons quickly put the crate inside the van and drive off, bullets flying everywhere. Spidey manages to attach a tracking device he whipped up in his room onto the underside of the truck. He follows and tracks them to a large factory building. He looks in from the skylight and sees the goons opening the crate. Inside were multiple vials of a green liquid. 5 volunteering goons step up and drink the vials. "What is this stuff?", one of them asks. Suddenly, they start flailing their arms all over the place, and then collapse onto the floor. "This is my chance.", says Spiderman. He jumps down through the skylight and knocks down 2 goons. Swarms of goons come sprawling out from different rooms, guns in hand. He manages to disarm a few, but then he is grabbed from behind. He comes face to face with the goons he saw earlier, except this time, they have green veins and their eyes are white with no pupils. "Woah!", says Spiderman. He tries to wring free, but he is overwhelmed by the goons. They throw him into a wall, and Peter screams in agony. This was much more than superhuman strength, he thought. It was like fighting 5 Green Goblins at once. He tries everything to knock them down: punching, kicking, hitting them with heavy objects. But they just bounce back. Peter is grabbed by his neck. He coughs as he feels the blood rushing out of his head. He could not wring free. It was over. Suddenly, a large grenade falls from above. Thick clouds of smoke fill the room and Peter is released. A hand reaches out and grabs him quickly, and he sees that he is now outside. "Who are you?", asks Peter wearily. As the smoke clears, a tall, slender figure is revealed. There was a primal feel to him. He wore no shirt, only a fur coat, which was littered with various spots that carried a far off history. "I am the one they call Kraven.", the figure says. He had a heavy russian accent. "You seem to need my help." Peter was curious. "Help? I can handle myself.", he says, "I've been doing this for almost 30 years." Kraven laughs. "You seem to have taken a real beating, no?" Peter wanted to object, but it was true. He had almost died in there. "What kind of help are you suggesting?", he asks. "I will train you for one week. Then we'll see if you can handle this factory." Peter could not help but admit that it was a good deal, but there was something that wasn't adding up. "Let's say I take your offer. What's in it for you?" Kraven smiles. "That's nothing you need to know. It has nothing to do with you." Peter thinks for a while. He then settles on one option. "I'll take your offer.", he says. Kraven smiles again. "Our first training session will be tomorrow. Until then I will say Proshchay!" He throws down a smoke pellet, and disappears before Peter's eyes. "What have I gotten myself into now?", asks Peter aloud. This would be an interesting week.    

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Chapter 3

Spider-man stood atop an old nightclub. He was waiting for Kraven to show up. They had decided on the first meeting being here, as Kraven had discovered that a heist would occur inside the nightclub. Currently, there was a large croud of people inside who were dancing. "Where could he be?", wondered Peter aloud. Suddenly, a smoke pellet hits the ground, and kraven appears before Spidey with a smile on his face. "You're early." "You're late. You told me to meet at this time." "Well, I decided to change it." Peter sighs heavily. "Now, to the task at hand. In approximately 30 seconds, a van will pull up at the back of this nightclub here. We will need to intercept it." "Ok." They sat there waiting for a while, when the van finally showed up. Out stepped 6 goblin offspring goons. "Let's go stop th-" "Wait. We don't want to attract attention just yet." Peter watches the goons intently. They head inside and sit at a table in the corner. "There is a device on that table." "I see it." Suddenly, a blast of feels hits Spidey like a truck. His Spidey sense was warning him about something. He looks down to see the goons loading bi-bi guns. "I can't wait anymore." Spider-man jumps down through the club skylight and kicks on the goons in the face, knocking him out. People in the croud scream and everyone runs out the front doors. Kraven jumps down behind Peter. "You were supposed to wait." Spiderman uses his web to disarm more goons. The back door busts open, revealing that more goons were hiding out in the van. Bullets fly everywhere as the goons fire their guns at Spiderman and Kraven. Spidey manages to disarm most of them and knocks them out. Kraven takes out a few others and pierces them in the shoulder. "Hey! No killing!" Kraven laughs and kills more goons until there is one left. "Use your power, spider. Kill him." Spiderman looks at the goon who is quivering. He can't bring himself to do it. "What are you waiting for?" "I don't kill." Kraven snorts and pushes Spidey out of the way. He pulls out his spear and pierces the goon in the chest. "You need to learn to kill your enemies. Knocking them out won't stop them from coming back." "It isn't right. I'm supposed to be responsible with these powers. I would never kill anyone." Kraven sighs and throws down his spear. "The next meeting will be in Central Park. Don't be late." He throws down another smoke pellet, and disappears once more with his spear. "This guy is a monster.", says Peter aloud. He exits the nightclub and swings out towards his penthouse.

Kraven watches from a distance as Spiderman swings away. He laughs to himself. This so-called hero was afraid to kill. How could he protect this city by just knocking out foes. Soon these goons will see who the real Spiderman is. The trap is already set. 

     Peter was resting in his penthouse. He was tired from the nightclub battle that just occured. "Dad." Peter looks back to see his son Ben in the doorway. "Look what I got!" He holds up a arm gauntlet toy with a can of silly string attached to it. "Is that a web shooter?" "Yeah! Mom got it for me at the store." Peter smiles. She obviously did that on purpose. "What are you going to do with it?" "Well I was going to use it but...I don't know how." "So you want me to teach you how to webswing." "Yeah." Peter laughs. "Well you start by holding your arm out like this. Then you put your 3rd and 4th fingers down into your palm and hold up your thumb, index finger, and pinky." Ben holds out his arm and silly string shoots out. "You got it." "Thanks dad!" He runs into his room, and Peter can hear the faint sound of silly string shooting out. Could he be the next Spiderman once I retire? 

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