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This book is a collection of two Christmas books I have written. The two books are The Polar Express: Novelization and O' Christmas Flight. While one of these books is a short story, both were written with care and love for the holiday of Christmas. Enjoy the books!  

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O' Christmas Flight

                It was a cold December night. 30 passengers were getting ready to board an airplane. Most of them did not believe in the true spirit of Christmas. The passengers had no idea what they would face on this flight. One man, named David, did not believe in Christmas either. He only saw Christmas as a way to give gifts, but nothing more. The passengers boarded the plane, preparing to travel to New York. The last few passengers boarded as the door closed behind them. They sat in their respectful seats, and prepared for a normal flight. The airplane went down the runway and took off into the air. The airplane ascended higher and higher into the air as the world got smaller below them. Suddenly small white pellets began hitting the plane. Snow was hitting the plane at high speed. The ironic thing was that there was no reports of snow from the weather watchers. Ice formed around the plane as the passengers screamed and walked around. The ice fully encapsulated the plane and their flight was cut short. However, instead of falling, they stood in place, as if a force was keeping the plane in the air with their hands. Some of the passengers ran towards the pilots cabin, but he did not know what happened either. Some called their family members, who told them that they could have spent Christmas together, but the passengers cared more about themselves than about celebrating Christmas. David looked around as the passengers screamed and panicked. He looked down at his son. He was perfectly fine. "You aren't scared?", he asked. "No.", said his son, "Why would I be scared. I see the spirit of Christmas." "What?", asked David. He thought about what his son said. He looked around again. There were other passengers who had the same look as his son. He still could not understand. He lay down, hoping there was someway to stop this flight. He fell asleep, and suddenly he had a dream. He was looking at his family. They were holding some sort of ceremony. "Too bad he missed Christmas.", said one family member. "Yes. Even though he doesn't see the spirit of Christmas.", said another. "No!", said David. He did not want to be remembered for this. He wished he really was spending Christmas with them. He couldn't though. The flight was stopped. There was no way he would make it. He then understood what to do. He had to believe in the spirit of Christmas. He had to enjoy the happiness it brings. He woke up from his dream and yelled for everyone to stop. Everyone stopped to look at him. "We cannot worry about the problems we have now.", he said. "All we have left is to celebrate the spirit of the season." The passengers looked at him. "How?", said one. "We must celebrate in any way possible.", said David, "Christmas Carols, anything." Someone got out an tablet. Everyone else then got out their own device and pulled up a Christmas carol. They started with the first one they could think of:


"We wish you a Merry Christmas 

We wish you a Merry Christmas 

We wish you a Merry Christmas 

And a happy new year 

Good tidings we bring, 

For you and your kin

We wish you a merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year."

As the passengers sang the carols, flight Attendants brought out hot chocolate. Everyone drank their hot chocolate with a smile on their faces, and their fear of the delayed flight was gone. Little did they know, that a small crack appeared on the ice the surrounded the plane. 


                It was a cold December night in the city of New York. Families across the globe watched the news from their TV screens. The disappearance of the airplane had reached them and many looked at the sky with worry in their faces. As time went on, many people gathered at the center of the city. The plane was nowhere to be seen, as if it had just vanished from the face of the Earth. People began crying as they knew they would never see their family members again. The families came together as they cried and sang Christmas songs. They sang and sang but the plane still did not come. Suddenly, snow fell from the sky. It covered the ground and people looked up in surprise. Snow was not on the weather forecast. The new stations looked in confusion at the appearance of the snow, and the weatherman looked at his weather sensor. The families knew now that there was no way that a plane could survive flying through this weather. On the plane, the passengers had not a care in the world. The celebrated Christmas and the spirit of the season. As they celebrated, more cracks appeared on the ice. Suddenly, the airplane engines started up again. The amount of snow that fell decreased, the ice slowly vanished. Suddenly, someone pointed out the window. Everyone looked out their windows and saw something magical. Santa Claus on his sleigh was heading right towards them. He pulled out a whip that seemed to be made of pure magic light and hit the plane with it. He vanished in a poof of smoke as the ice around the plane vanished instantly. The pilot ran back to the cabin with the co-pilot and they leveled the plane. They turned it downwards towards the city below. David watched as the plane dipped into the city. He finally realized the meaning behind the flight. He had received his ticket from a strange old man, and just now realized that the old man was Santa. He smiled, admiring the work that the old man had to go through. The plane dipped lower and lower, and the shape of an airport control tower came into view. They landed on the runway, plowing snow as they went down. "They made it!", shouted the news reporter from the station. The families who sat in central park celebrated as they went towards the airport. They greeted their relatives as they exited the plane, and hugged them as they got off. David ran towards his wife as he exited, and his son followed. As everyone got in their cars and returned home, David looked back at the plane. He smiled as it vanished into a colorful, magic dust. It was as if the flight had never existed in the first place.        

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The Polar Express: Novelization

You are now entering the section of this book where the Polar Express starts. Enjoy the story and remember, seeing is believing!

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