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Its 1954, war broke out and the cities and towns are decrepit. Its about the mental and physical conflict of 18 year old solider called Josh. Josh was a tall lanky lad with chestnut hair and blood red spectral that lay on his nose. The story events takes place in the vinam war.  

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Chapter 1: Registration

It was 0800 on a sunny afternoon in Britain. I just woke up from a tainted dream. i hopped out of my bed and just slid down the balcony down to the kitchen where mother was cooking me a delightful breakfast before I trek 2 miles to the army registration base. My mother was a medium sized woman with plated blonde hair and glasses fitted apron her nose. My father on the other hand was quite tall the rough brown hair swept to the side.

My mother looked at me and said "Hes all grown up and soon going to be in the army saving the world". She started sobbing so my father comforted her.

After breakfast I Brushed my teeth and waved goodbye to my proud and crying parents and strolled down to the army registration base. 

I arrived about 1200 at the army registration base and I got greeted by large waving British flags. The building was large and magnificent and it took my breath away. Inside there was as small reception table and 2 large oak brown tables with ironed army wear and black shinny boots. 

I walked up to registration and signed up and picked up the ironed army wear and boots and walked to the military Sleeping quarters.

The sleeping quarters was a large hollow room with 16 bunks all lined up like soldiers on parade. Each bed included sleep wear, 1 large elegant bright white sleeping quilt and 2 pillows.

Firstly we had to be assigned to each bunk and had to establish our friendship thought training and the deviating war. My bunk partner was Jo who was a small but wide lad and was wearing at the time thermal sleepwear. He joined the army to learn discipline and respect because outside of the army he was a troubled teen who was part of a gang. All night he was telling me about the shenanigans he got up to and the downfall of his gang.

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Chapter 2: Army training

Its 0800: Training day. After a cold first sleep I awoke from my devilish nightmares just to find out it's training day. I Put on my uniform and rushed to set my bunk up and sat on my bed before the army drill sergeant barged through the shiny metal doors and shouted "Get on your feet maggots". I got up of my bunk and stood in front of the bunk with my hands by my side and stood as silent as a mouse. It was so silent I could hear a pin drop. The first set of orders was to eat food and clean your teeth then report to the yard to do your PT test. I entered the eerie canteen which smells like a rotting carcass. The room consisted of 69 metal tables and food trays filled to the brim with food. 

Hot sticky ribs waited for every solider at the table occupied with silky black BBQ sauce that slipped down your throat. Then a lushes deep red (sort of burgundy) soup that tastes like it was dancing on your tongue and slipped down your throat so elegantly.

 After breakfast I reported down to the training quarters that was located in the east wing on the 2nd floor, Classroom 5.b. The class room was 

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