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So the big day has come and gone and you are home with your new bundle of joy. Your emotions are through the roof. The sudden decrease in hormones in the first few days after birth is the prime suspect in causing those baby blues. During this time you will experience a love unlike any you have ever known, but you will also weep for anything that touches your fragile emotions post pregnancy diet plan .


In this day and age most expecting moms have been warned about the baby blues and postpartum depression. Here are some ways to banish the baby blues to help you start with your post pregnancy exercise plan:


- Rest and sleep as much as you can, I know it's easier said than done when you have a little bundle of joy


depending on you for basically everything. - Get a part-time caregiver, if you cannot afford one then allow and except help from friends and family. - Post pregnancy exercise plan, even just a bit of walking can get those feel good hormones flowing again. - Go outside to help with cabin fever, a bit of sunlight can do wonders for you. - Avoid fixed or rigid schedules - Learn to say no, do not feel guilty about taking some time out for yourself - Eat a healthy diet, i recommend the Strip That Fat diet. - Set yourself small achievable goals - Drink lots of water - Pamper yourself a little, you've earned it. - If all else fails, seek professional help or join a support group


Eating a healthy diet as well as a post pregnancy exercise plan is very important if you want to start losing weight. This also starts to regulate your hormonal levels by stabilising your sugar and insulin levels.


While your body begins to adjust to your new healthier body, you will begin to notice benefits of the process. For the most part, they won't be dramatic drops in weight over a ridiculously slow time, but if you stick to the post pregnancy exercise plan and the diet, weight loss is highly possible.


Many new moms intend on getting to gym soon after the baby is born but not many actually do, the two main reasons for this is usually lack of energy, time and feelings of guilt, thinking that they are selfish.Think of it this way, in order for you to take care of your family, you have to take care of yourself first, you are not being selfish, you just making sure that your family will be taken care of by making sure that you are in good shape and fit to deal with all the physical and emotional responsibilities.


So now we understand that taking time out to exercise is a good thing and you do not have to feel guilty about it.


Made it to the what.


Many women are concerned and unsure of what to do and what not to do in the gym after the baby is born. The basic rule is that if it hurts don't do it, the easiest place to start is to start walking on the treadmill or outside, progress by adding an incline.


Once you are ready to start adding weights to your routine, here are some basics that you can start with.


Post pregnancy exercise plan:


Shoulders: Seated shoulder press, front and side lateral raises

Chest: Seated chest press, incline dumbbell fly's

Back: Light low rows (natural delivery only)

Legs: Walking lunges, light leg extensions, standing leg curls

Arms: dumbbell bicep curls and triceps kick backs

Note: Women can start abdominal exercises much sooner after a vaginal delivery than a cesarean delivery. Please discuss this with your gynae at your six-week check up.


Get back to feeling your old self again and start feeling fit and healthy again, just do it and don't feel guilty, you deserve it and so does your baby!


Start eating healthily and start your post pregnancy exercise plan today!



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