Killer Pain


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Angie light

 Name Angie light 

Nickname angel from her brother Lucas and her nephew/best friend Ann from her bestfriend/mate she wolf  from everyone little wolf /from her dad/brothers 

Age 16

Species werewolf 

Height 6'8

 Eye color black 

Hair color black 

Portrayed by Victoria moroles 


Jackson light father 

Olivia light mother 

Lucas older brother 

Michael older brother 

Luke family 

Michael family 


Pack tattoos 

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My name is Angie light and I'm a werewolf and this is my story 



James Is here 

Ok bring him up 

James come to room without knock the door 



You really not a morning person ain't you 

No I'm not now leave me alone 

I put clover on my head 

The guy who I was talking to was James 

He my nephew but I don't call him that just like he doesn't call me auntie 

James it always gets in trouble 

Hey Angie James 


James went downstairs to see our friend 

I get up from my bed and take shower and wash my hair 

I want to my room and put on my clothes 

I went downstairs 

While if isn't sleeping beauty 

I roll my eyes at my friend zack 

The next to James is my other friend 


He my brother husband little brother 

Zack is nice guy kind of 

They both laughed at me 

I look between them 

I hate you guys 

I walk to the kitchen 

They both follow me 

Come one don't be like that 

I growl at them 

Your  such a she wolf 

I roll my eyes 

I opened the fridge and grab a banana 

Come on let go 

We walk out to the house

My bone ceak and my skin turned into fur 

I became a werewolf 

I howl and and run to in the woods 

And turned back to a human 

I walk the rest to school 


I turned around and saw my niece fankie she James little sister 


So what you doing after school 

I haven't decided yet 


We both walk to inside the school 

I went to my locker and opened it to get my books 

And that is when it happens my wolf called mate to someone 

I turned around and saw my best friend Kim 

Oh no 

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 This is bad this is bad 

I can't believe this my mate is my bestfriend 

Not to mention she dating someone else 

I can't deal with this 

Hey Angie 

Oh no 

Kim walk toward me 

Hey Kim 

Your okay 

Yeah why wouldn't I be 

I don't know it just I get a feeling you avoid me 

Now why would I avoid you 

I don't know why don't you tell me 

I was so nervous how am so to explain why am avoid her 

Hey babe 

Kim girlfriend come to us and kiss kim 

I feel uncomfortable 

So what you guys talking about 

Angie was about to me why she avoid 


I turned my head around and saw James and Zack 

Hey guys 

I walk to James and Zack 

Hey angel 

I roll my eyes at James 

Hey ain’t you going  walk to class with Kim 

Yeah but I rather walk with you guys 

I turned around and saw Kim talking to her girlfriend 

I know should talk to her about this but I can’t 

I can’t destroy her relationship with her girlfriend 

I have to stay away even if It means me being hurt 

I walk to class with James and Zack 

Inside of sit with Kim and sit with my other friend Zoey 

It is just me or do Angie light just sit next to me 

Yes I’m sit next to you Zoey 

But don’t you always sit with Kim 


Do you guys have a fight 

Something like that 

After class 

I took tay and sit next Zoey 

Seriously you not even go to sit with me at lunch 

I Ignore Kim and started talking to Zoey 

Quit ignoring me 

I continue to ignore her into I felt something hit my head 

I turned around and saw Kim

Do you hit me with a apple 


I try control my anger

I get up from my sit and walk outside 

This is going to be so hard 

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