Everfree Princess


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First day of camp

 I pick my stuff up for the summer camp with my friends 

My phone begins to ring 

I pick it up 


Hey Sam It me 

Oh hey Chloe 

I was just wondering do you have my lipgloss 

I think so

I look for the lipgloss Chloe was mentioned  

I finally found it and grab it 

Yep I find it 

Good and one more thing I forgot to mention oh don't be late for camp 


Don't Chloe me your always late 

Ok that is not true 

Oh huh

Fine i promise I won't be late 

Good Because if you don’t I will come over there and slap the living shit out of 

I roll my eyes 

Yeah right 

Anyway I’m about to leave so see you later 

Bye sam 

By Chloe 

I hang up the phone 

I put suitcases in the floor 

My brother Luke come in my room 

You ready 

I nod 

Ok let go

Few minutes later 

At the camp 

I wave goodbye to Luke 

You finally made it 

I turned around and saw Chloe

I rolled my eyes 

It least I come 

Chloe roll her eyes 

Come on we get our room before they get it 

I roll my eyes 

Few minutes later 

Me and Chloe meet with Ashley and Zoey 

We went to our room 

Zoey like it and so did Chloe

I was annoying by it 

So I fight with Chloe

But we eventually stop and went to bed 

But little did we this was the start of something amazing 

I walk up because I saw a light in the wood 

Guys wake up 

Chloe was the first one to wake up 

What is it sam

I saw a light in the woods 

Zoey heard everything and walk up 

What do you think it is 

Don’t believe her Zoey it some kind of prank she pulling 

What why pull a prank 

Uh let me think because that what you do 

I rolled my eyes 

Who care can just see what this light 

Chloe rolled her eyes 


I smile 

But some things go wrong we are coming back 

I roll my eyes 


Should we wake up Ashley 

Zoey wake up Ashley 

We explain to her that we are check woods to the light 

We grab flashlights and went to the woods to check the strange light 

We stop walking and look at a cave 

Should we check it 

Me and Chloe look at each other 

I’m scared 

Chloe turned to Zoey 

There nothing to be scared of Chloe 

Chloe walk up to me 


I turned to Ashley and Zoey 

You guys up for it

They both look at each other and look at me 

They nod 

Ok let go 

We all walk to the cave 

We stop walking to see the light 

And then a woman come appear 

What the 

I’m been expecting you girls 


We all look at each other 

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The truth

 What do you been expecting us 

She walk to us 

Chloe and me put our hands out to protect Zoey and Ashley 

Stay back 

She stop walking 

She smile 

What do you want 

She was about to talk to us but she fainted 

We run to her 

Chloe kneel down 

It she ok 

I don’t know 

Should we take her back with us 


Zoey and Ashley get her up 

We walk back to camp 

We lay her down 

We waited for her to wake up 

She finally wake up 

She get up 

She look at us 

Wow you girls are just like how I imagine 

Who are you 

My name is Kiki 

Ok Kiki who are you 

I’m the protector and guild of you so you can stop the king of darkness 

Who is the king of darkness 

He is a evil powerful sorcerer who went to killed royal family of everfree kingdom including you 

I’m sorry 

You guys need to stop the king of darkness from taking over everfree kingdom and the whole world 

I laughed 

Very funny next you will say that we are sister and we have to stop the king of darkness or whatever with our power 

You guys are indeed sisters and you do need to stop the king of darkness with your powers 

Ok woman is really insane 

Sam you have the power of blowing up stuff 

Chloe you have the power of moving things with your mind and teleport 

Ashley you have the power of seeing the past and the future 

Zoey you have the power of reading people mind 

This is really crazy next you will say  we are destiny to be with the guys 

Kiki don’t say anything 

Oh no no I’m not going to be blake 

I left the cabin and walk to the cabin 

I walk to around to the cabin fireplace 

I saw Blake 

Oh no

I sit down in the chair and I look at the fire 

I put my hands out 

And for some reason the fire started 

I gasp 

I look at my hand

I turned to see if Blake was there 

He wasn’t 

I sigh 

I get up and went to look for Chloe 


I saw her


She scream 

She teleport 

I gasp 

Chloe gasp too 

She put out her hand 

She floating me up in the air 

I scream 

She put her in the hand away 

I fall down 



While nice to see that your come too

I didn’t see you guys 

I get up 

Let go check on Ashley 

We went to cabin and find Ashley with Zoey 


They both look at us 


Do you get your powers yet 

Uh yeah just a few minutes ago 

What do you saw

I saw Molly Sofia cat and Jade 


They were talking to a man not to mention Molly called him Dad 

I look at Zoey 

What about you Zoey 

While I did read Steve mind when just a few minutes ago 

So we have power and we sister 

I whisper 

While this is weird 


I look at the others 

We all laughed 

Come on let tell Kiki 

We all went back to the cave 

We talked to Kiki about our power 

So you guys getting 

We all nod 

Now you need to train 

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We put gym clothes on 

We all look at our obstacles 

We turned to Kiki 

The main goal of this training is go through your obstacles 

We turned to our obstacles 

I walk to mine 

Sam you obstacles is blow up everything in your way 

I nod 

I run to every obstacles 

I box blocked my way 

I put my hands to the box and blow it up 

I blow everything the block my way and my obstacles 

I turned to the other and the other 

Well done 

We all look at Kiki 

Your ready 

Wait ready for what 

Ready to your protected 

But you were protected 

Yes I’m but they are who assigned to protect each one of you girls 

And who are they 

Kiki smile 



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