The Rebel


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New girl

First name destiny 

Last name heart 

Hair color red

Eye color blue

Nickname tiny/from cousin and sister /from her new friends/new girl from the rebel/goodly two shoes/Keisha 


Dad died 

Mom died 



Partner Keisha 

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The rebel group

They called themselves the rebel 

They are Six  girls 

They called themselves the rebel because they are criminals but they are nice but just to each other though 

Let me introduce you to them 

Bea is the last girl In the group she is the fashionista in the group she always making clothes for the other girls 

Her best friend is jewel 

Her boyfriend is Ethan 

Jewel  is the fifth girl in the group  she is the Gossip girl in the group always making bad reputation for everyone 

Her best friend is bea 

Her boyfriend is Patrick 

Diamond is the fourth girl in the group she is nice girl but back stabbing in the group she always nice to you but when she talk her friends she talk trash about you 

Her best friend is Yasmin 

Her Boyfriend is Luke 

Yasmin is the third girl in the group she is the stupid girl in the group she always she say stupid things 

Her best friend is diamond 

Her boyfriend is will 

Candy is the second girl in the group she is the Barbie girl in the group she is always wearing makeup and always talking trash about and she thinks she better then everyone else 

Her best friend is Keisha 

Candy not dating anyone but she those have an someone oh and she a lesbian 

Keisha is leader of the group she is the meanest most nasty girl in the group she is always talking trash about people always making everyone life a living hell 

Her best friend is candy 

Keisha never been an love with anyone since she was in junior high in the new girl come

These girls are nothing but trouble 

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 Destiny gets up before you late for your first day 

I get up from my bed and went to my bathroom 

Take a shower and wash my hair 

I went to my room and put on my clothes 

I went downstairs 


Hey tiny 

I roll my eyes at my cousin Malcolm 

Come on don’t be mad 

Whatever it Josie in the car 


Ok bye Malcom 

Bye tiny 

I went to the car 

We both drive to school 

We pack the car and get out of the car 

We both went inside the school 

Josie I am scared what if nobody likes me

Destiny you going to be ok I promise you and I be with you every step of the way 

Thank you sis 

We both walked to the office to get my schedule 

I took my schedule 

I walk to my locker 

I turned around and saw a girl 


I scream 

Hi Jesus you scared 


I walk away from her

I know she followed me they always follow me 

I stop walking 

What do you want 

I’m your tour guide 

Ok first of all I don’t do tour guide 

And second get away from me 

I walk away from her 

I went to my first class 

After class 

I went inside the cafeteria and eat my food 

I look up and saw the girl who was talking to me before 

What do you want 

I just want to be friends 

You want to be friends with me 




I said ok 

She sit down next to me 



We both talking for hours 

Into I saw six girls come in the cafeteria 

Who are they 

Those are the rebel 

The Rebel 

That what we call them 

I get up from my sit 

Maybe we should go talk to them 


I sit back down 

Listen these girls are bad news they are not to be mess with 

I look at the girl again 

Something tell me this is be interesting year for me 

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