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You skulk in the shadows,

Roam around in packs

Looking for easy prey.

But you shy away from authority,

And scuttle away from the light.

“You’re fat, thin short, tall.

You’ve got red hair, glasses, freckles or spots,

You’re teacher’s pet, swot, or mummy’s boy.

We’ll thump you, punch you, get you after school.

Scoff you, sneer at you, laugh behind your back”.

How pathetic! Is that the best you can do?

Don’t call me names!

Take a look in the mirror,

See yourselves for what you are!

Are you really so tough when you’re on your own?

Your blows may hurt now,

And your jibes bring tears,

But I’ll grow up, and out of you.

I’ll see your lies for what they are,

And where will you be then?


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