A Glass Of White Wine


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if you were her? what would you do? what would you be? what will you choose?

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It was a cold morning, lol yeah i shouldn't say cold because the weather in new york fucking city never changes so.... It was a typical morning in new york fucking city, a typical morning for bitchy dork lesbian named, Clerence Grace Martinez, which is basically me, Oh yes you read it right im a lesbian, #hellolesbian #punklesbo #lovewins #hotlesbian #lesbianese , well who cares if im one? it aint big deal anymore, NOBODY CALLED ME "GRACE" except FOR THIS LIL HOE, BETHANY, who happens to be my bestfriend. ILL SLAP MY SWEATY LONG FINGERED HANDS TO WHOEVER CALLS ME "GRACE"!! I mean yuck, Grace! so girly, sounded like a flurty but "innoncently" im so shy but you can do me type of girl. Its an insult and also my last name sounded so mexican but its fine! but no im an american citizen who happens to be hot.

Oh Shit! I fucking hate myself! I overslept! i fucking hate my hearing, Oh dear two piece of ears havent you heard the alarm ive set last night?! sincerely the hottest lesbian on earth clerence. I am supposed to wake up at 5 in the morning because i still have to continue packing some undone shits or short "luggage"-- because today at noon! its my flight to london! its my first one.. and YES! im coming to london, but not for travel, im coming for college

My mom was kinda into twitter that night when she discovered this school in london, it was big, have to admit! it looks so amazing and historical! I would have lots of photos when i get there! ,, but the problem is.. I dont want to leave my life here, I mean , im in NEW YORK FUCKING CITY , a lot wants to be here , I dont want to leave my friends  here im still not ready to make new ones there, I dont want to leave my room, I dont want to miss the new frappe from the cafe next to our street, i know there is a lot of cafes in the world who could outsell and slay their drinks but its my comfort food more like drink, their frappes taste almost like heaven--- i dont care how expensive their drinks are -- i just love it. But okay, theres a lot of things and PERSONS. i dont want to leave just for COLLEGE. , i dont want them to get left behind, i dont want to be left behind -- I dont want to be forgotten.

But there is no turning back now, hello , i mean im Clerence Grace Martinez , EW GRACE , but i aint famous , but duh , im Clerence Grace Martinez , EW GRACE AGAIN., i can do this!. I can make new friends there, i wouldn't be forgotten. Theres nothing to overthink of! Theres no turning back! Youre already enrolled, you already have plane tickets! all you have to do is Chill and Take a bath! Get ready for you flight!.

And so i did! except for taking a bath, i went downstairs instead where i saw my little hoes hahaha Kevin and Kevina, how suckful was their names! , Theyre twins, 4 years younger than me. Ive greeted them good morning but kevins to busy on his video game and Kevina FLIPPED HAIRED ME! the bitch FLIPPED HAIRED ME!-- Mom was on the kitchen preparing our breakfast (no ones gonna beat my moms cooking) and OH HELLO! SHES TOTALLY SLAYING MY EXISTENCE BY WEARING HER NEW H&M SWEATSHIRT DAD GAVE HER LAST WEEK.

"Oh dear! , arent you supposed to be in your travel outfit right now?" Mom asked.

"I overslept mom im sorry. i woked up mins ago probably, awful, i just have less than a couple of hours to prepare!
last 2 hours here in the big apple" I answered.

"Well eat now and brush your teeth afterwards take a fast bath, and dont be a crybaby honeybunch! We'll see each other on Christmas" Mom giggled.

So after eating, brushed my teeth, rushed back to my room, get into this small bathroom inside my unforgettable room, Oh im going to miss showering in this bathroom, i used to stay and have a shower when im lonely-- that time when ive admitted i was lesbian? i took a shower. That time if found out that my crush hates lesbians? i took a shower. THAT TIME WHEN MY PARENTS FORCED ME TO JOIN THE CHEERLEADING SQUAD? WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY NOT MY THING!!! I TOOK A SHOWER. there are a lot of times i took a shower not just because im sad or im not feeling okay-- sometimes i totally stink.

After taking a shower ive heard a knock on my door, It was Kevin, he sat on my bed. I thought he just want to chill until he started crying and said no, i dont know what to do!. So i hugged him, Kevin and I was so closed since i happened to be girl transmitted to a boy. We almost have the same hobbies and choices in life.

"Dont cry kevin, im going to see you this christmas, i mean how fast do night changes? As fast as race cars hittin a free road! see? so stop crying kevin. " Comforted him.

"I aint crying because ill miss you im crying because i am no more allowed to punch you in the face at midnights" Yes he does that " Kidding!. Im going to miss you Clerence! bring me tons of new cool merch of hunger games in Christmas" he said.

" how bout a big punch from me when in Christmas? kidding.  I will also miss you kevin especially the loud snoring you make during family roadtrips-- but ill try to buy you some! i said ill try haha!!" I answered.

He hugged me tight and punched me, he ran back to his phone.
When im done preparing shits, I brought them downstairs, Goodthing its just 10:30, the airport isnt that far from where i lived-- Few blocks away from here. 

Im Wearing my Cara Delevingne Shirt in high waisted shorts denim. with Adidas Superstar , and obviously a flannel shirt will never be forgotten. Im more into this tomboyish style because it gives me chills.

Mom dragged the keys and hugged me.

"Are you ready honeybunch?" Mom asked.

"Yaaas! Never been not!" I answered. 

"Well lets go! Kevina lock the door when we leave okay?!" Mom shouted.

Im literally gonna miss this apartment. I get into the care and out of nowhere this hello song played, theres no escape from Adele-- i love her but this song is out of my playlist, instead i put my playlist into the cars player. I get into the jam like i always used to- but now its different. We drive in, luckily traffic is nowhere to be seen in times square, Oh fuck im going to miss seeing and riding this yellow taxis. because theyre going to be replaced by big double layered red buses. I am so not ready but duh those buses are blog worthy.

We arrived at exactly 10:45. I almost have 15 minutes to be in this city and there we go, this usual mother scene in movies where their sons or daugthers have to leave for college. I admit i was crying. I mean how do fast night changes, Yesterday i was like starting to learn new things in kindergarten-- and now today! im flying to another country to take my final years as a student The aiport lobby was pretty cold-- colder that ive ever been here before. my tears almost froze. As far as i remembered, its just july! and decemeber is hella way more months. but it feels like christmas! but lets go back to the scenario. Here is my mom, standing infront of me crying, WELL SO DO I!. 
but yes this is a sad moment, I need to take a shower but no i cant.

"Oh baby Clerence" Mom called me baby? HAHAHA "Why do you grow so fast, It was just like yesterday when i first saw your little face, and now youre leaving for college. I will miss you darling! Have fun in london! Perform well in school okay? Make us proud! " Mom cried.

"Mom! dont make me cry a river right now! but this is your idea remember?! kiddig! i love you mommy, I will miss you very much! ill try to make my grades high so that i could pay your love! See you in Christmas" I also cried.

I waved goodbye and ran as fast as i can to the nearest escalator. Gave my ticket and  get into the plane. 
Oh new york city im going to miss you! you held so much memories! HERE I GO!

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While im on the plane searching for my seat, a guy bumped at me and surprisingly he is wearing a shirt who has a logo of the school im attending to.  Omg i smell friendship. Ill try making friends with him later.

So i found my sit next to this big man, luckily ive got the window slot!! so that i could have my own space, i brought out my itouch and played "Blue Neighborhood" on shuffle, Oh damn Troye Sivans voice gives me feels everytime i listening to his songs-- so fetch!... But later did i found out the mans sitting next to me is the husband of the lady sitting next to "Same School" guy. So ive seen it coming, the man asked me if i could change sit with his wife, because they want a so called "Romantic Trip" but buying tickets online destroyed it instead they've got shuffled seats. So for not being a bitch ive said YES-- So im next to "Same School" guy. I could ask him out already, JUST KIDDING!! He has a good gingered curly hair, beautiful brown eyes and pinkish thin lips-- maybe i could compare him to Thomas Sangster or Harry Styles but no, im not into guys, Im into beautiful hot CHICKS.

"Hi" i greeted. ASHAME OF MYSELF.

"Its me" i jokingly answered him. He laughed quietly.

"So are you the seatmate of that guy?" he asked.
"Uhmm.. basically yes" i answered.. here comes the vomit, vomit means BIG WORD okay not the literal one 
"So youre also attending Escuela dela London? I mean yas youre wearing the schools shirt?"

"Youve just answered yourself, how ridiculous of you" he giggled. His eyes shines when he is talking and his thin lips are just... No, Im a lesbian, Clerence youre a lesbian. "Arent you supposed to wear yours? we should wear this the shirt so for them to identify us i mean theyll fetch us" he asked.

"ARE WE SUPPOSED TO?!" i shouted. everyone on the plane looked at me! ASHAME OF MYSELF AGAIN! "oops sorry. ill get mine later, can you wait for me? i mean ill change clothes and youre the only person i know right now. " i quietly asked him.

"Yeah sure, no biggie" he agreed. His californian accent omg IT WAS LIKE MY BIGGEST DREAM TO HAVE IT WHEN I WAS IN 5TH GRADE. 

And the plane took off.

"What time are we supposed to arrive?" i asked. "Maybe later at night, but i guess it would be morning there, sorry its just my first time to travel and im not into internet friends so i have no knowledge about time difference" he answered.

"Its fine, im not also into traveling countries, you know, i love new york so much that i suck" poorly said.

"So whats your name" i gently asked " Im Clerence by the way" i said

But he did not answered me , instead he sleeped i mean he is already sleeping while im asking him. So i took the opportunity to take photos of the clouds, Not just because im a blogger but there is really something wonderful and magical with clouds, they could go with the sky, could change shape, could make someone someone smile, When youre down, besides taking a shower, you could just look at the clouds simply look at the clouds , grab a book and a milk and look at the clouds.

Ive took a lot of photos for almost 15 minutes and at the same time, moving quietly trying not to disturb and wake up this same school guy beside me. I can feel the softness of his skin and the of his breath, but no im a lesbian, again, i can also feel the softness of the clouds by the texture of his skin, if i were straight as this girl on my front left im into him, but lol im more into this girl in space buns. By the moments my seatmate is sleeping im locking my eyes into this space buns girl, She looked back and caught me looking, AND EW! SHE FREAKIN LOOKED LIKE A SQUIRREL but at least she knows tumblr, but she looked way more than better whens shes looking infront. maybe shes not looking in the camera when shes taking photos, but i dont care it doesnt made sense.

So there my seatmate is still sleeping, I wonder what do they have for lunch, Im literally hungry, I want some roast beef with mashed potato and MILKSHAKES OMYGOD MILKSHAKES YAAS but my eyes slowly closing -- until my eyelids meet the skin under it and sleeps
HOLY CRAP!!!!! i was waken up by this loud alarm! i thought, We'll going to have a plane crash! THAT I WOULDNT HAVE A FUTURE! but no they were just dramas! its just an alarm for lunch holy crap finally im eating, and  finally "MR UNKNOWN" will wake up and ill get to know his name. The stewardess is finally on the seat infront us and theyre serving roast chicken, Its fine!, so im trying to wake him up but his head fell on my shoulders instead. so im looking closely to his face, he do have a small face, really close until! HE WOKES UP!

"What are you doing?!" he asked
"Nothing just tryna wake you up, you know like scaring you?" i said.
"Ohh okay" he answered.
"So do you wanna eat?" i asked

But he move over his corner and SLEEPED AGAIN! i took that as no,  I want to ask his name but i dont want to disturb or annoy his sleeping.

After eating, iv e rest for a while and then took a sleep. 


"Passengers! Good Morning! We are now approaching the historical land, London" 

Were finally here.

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