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I was stood with my son at the bar, one bloke says “I’ll have a pint of lager please love” and a glass of coke coz I’m thirsty”... his friend asked “could I just have a diet lemonade please”. Of course the barmaid obliges, but his friend responded “what are you a girl or something? Diet lemonade, I don’t know what’s wrong with you!”. This is the type of thing we need to overcome, society sees healthy drinking or eating as a negative. Driven by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure we rely solely on medication and not plant based diets.

Insurance companies benefit from you being health, so they provide you with insights into healthy living. Plant based diet.

I was sat down at a friends wedding, when the starters came out, mine by the way tasted fantastic! The lady sat to the left of my table tapped her husband on the shoulder, “I think he’s eating a vegetarian starter!” As if it was a low life thing to do. The gentlemen, who I must say, is not a criticism but fits into the story was unhelahtily overweight,  looked at me and asked “here, is that dish vegetarian?” I replied “yes sure, why did you want some?” He criticises it and said people who were veggie looked dead 

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