Rock me gently

Molly was a rock chick. She sung in a rock band. But she was tired. Tired of being on the road, sick of being in the spot light, and really really not liking Carl. When she receives a email from her friend literally begging her for help she see's this as her chance to escape. Along with her beautiful voice she goes and helps her...

Dark Angel

Adam is a dark angel and has been for a very long time. When he gets the opportunity to become 'human' again he has to learn how to live in today's society. He also has only one goal and that is to make the only girl he's ever love, love him back.

The typical girl

I only know what most typical women want and need, money and a good orgasm, sometimes in the other order, a good orgasm then the money, either way they still get both. Now, stop....don't get your nickers in a twist, I'm not necessarily talking about you, I'm just talking about the typical woman, the sort of typical woman I hang around...

Angels and Stars

I stumbled, I fell, it hurt, but at least I tried.... As I sit aggressively throwing pebbles into the ocean I wonder, honestly why I even tried at all. Why did I try and be a good friend? Why did I try and be a good girl, a good daughter, I don't get any thanks for trying, all I get is a whole lot of heartache. How many times will...


Luke and Anika were best friends with totally different lifestyles, him not thinking he's worthy, her only loving him just the way he is. Years later, Luke gets to prove his worthiness, but will Anika accept his help or fight him?

Black & Gold

Daniel Black loved Lacie Gold. But he kept a big secret from her, the only thing he knew how to do, sell his body to women. He decides to do one final job, earning himself enough money to make a home for him and Lacie, but it doesn't always work out the way you think it will, and losing Lacie is his lesson.

Soul Holder

Kane is the protector of souls. He has been protecting one for about a hundred years now. Each women who possess's the soul utilise's it, then leave this earth. Now Kane is looking after Layla's, and this time it's different.

Blue Jean

Toughened up by her own life, Georgia is not going to let what happen to her happen to her own daughter. With a plan in place, a deep breathe and somehow a wave of confidence she never knew existed she will end anything standing in her way, anything that will potential ruin her babies life.

Big Love

Charlie is raked with guilt, so much it's hard some days to keep breathing. Vinnie happens to be in the right place at the right time, helping Charlie on the right road. After one just one summer holiday they found 'big love', but time and distance keeps them apart, and with years rushing by, things change, but the love never ends.


Julia scored the short end of the stick when it came to a family. When her father suddenly reappears in her life, along with 3 siblings, offering her everything she's ever only dreamed about, she herself has to reconcile in her own mind how to forgive him.

Finding Sarah

Sarah's some-what normal quiet life, the one she's spent hiding away with her Dad is turned upside down when Jet walks into her life. The life he can offer her is exactly the opposite to the life she needs, past history proving that to her time and time again.


Twins Calissi and Alison are identical in looks but so different in any other way. And at first James love them both. But by the teen years he had chosen one of them as his own. She was the wild one, he let the soft one go. Now he finding out that that decision was the worst mistake of his life. After seeing her again he can't...


Jamie's tough, the police force suits her perfect. Sasha's life isn't working out like he thought it would. Jamie gives him a chance, then a few years later he gets to thank her, with more than words if he has his way...

Destiny or Fate

Zowie is lost. Her spirit died three years ago. Now she's no-one. And she wants to stay that way. This was her destiny. To stay hidden away and quiet. Zachary thought he was lost. He felt his spirit slipping away about three years ago also. But he didn't let himself go. Zach knows how to live with his destiny. With two...

A Simple Love

Eddie's life is simple. He loves his family and he loves Ellie. Then simple becomes complicated. Seven years later and Eddie's life is back to being somewhat simple again. He still has his family, he knows he still loves Ellie, but now he loves Lucy too. Funny how things happen. He was never one to have a plan. But a plan chose...

The Perfect Accessory

Luka is a tomboy. A tomboy who avoids heart-break. She is a mechanic, builds engines, been in the army the last few years and helps her Dad out on the racetrack teaching students safe driving. She knows the easiest way to avoid heart-break, just stay away from boys. This works out well until her brother Tim asks her to help with one...

Power to the Ugly Duckling

Abigail was ignorant and naive. She was ridiculed, and let everyone push her around. Then after the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to her she runs away overseas with her Dad. There she grows up, in more ways than one. When she returns she finds she has the power. No longer ignorant and naive, she has to prove she is...


Gabriel thinks her life is great and she is truly grateful for it. Marcus wouldn't know the meaning of grateful, even if it bit him on the bum. Gabriel has just gotten on with what life dealt her, been brave and strong for everyone around her. Marcus also got on with his charmed life, not having to worry about anyone but himself. ...

My American Sweetheart

Cassidy's life is crap...don't get me wrong, she loves her Nan, but the rest of her life is just plain crap. She is restless, wants to change things, wants to take the leap into the unknown. When she finally gets the chance and follows her dream to find her perfect man, her life changes, but not for the worst. Bravely travelling up...

It Is What It Is

After thinking she was loved, he even told her she was, Meika was suddenly thrown away. Then something horrible happens to her that confirms she is just a piece of rubbish to be thrown away. So she treats herself this way, selling her body, throwing away any respect she ever had. Jayce was playing everyones game, he was even playing...

My Emotional Rescue

Shelly had her life mapped out...Cory did also, his included Shelly. Unfortunately Shelly's didn't include Cory. She wasn't being awful, she was far from it. She just wanted an adventure, to explore, to find herself. Cory knew who he was, he knew he just wanted her, he wanted to settle, he wanted the future with her. Sadly she...

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