Jack needs a Jill


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Who's Jack? He's a Jackaroo.  What's a 'Jackaroo' you may ask?...definition according to the Australian Slang Dictionary is as follows:- a male station-hand (large farm/grazing property) usually trainee manager, often a son of another land-owner sent to work on the property to learn different methods, soils, breeds etc.  So who's Jill? Well what's the female version?...a Jillaroo of course. 

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Chapter 1


I'm standing keeled over gasping for breathe at the top of the mountain that I'm usually staring at from ground level most days.  Besides balancing on large boulders, the last part of the three hour climb is purely holding a chain and pulling up, meaning you have to literally pull your own body weight up the last fifty feet, so as you can imagine I'm totally stuffed.  I look over at Ben who doesn't look as bad as me.  I accept men have more muscle in their upper body, I know my strength is more in my bottom half which didn't help in the chain bit of this climb but really! Ben, please just look like your buggered, damn you!  

"You did good Blue, I thought I'd be carrying you that last fifty feet" he says to me easily, not out of breathe, no wheezing or gasping.  Bastard.   

I don't answer, well I can't answer just yet do to no air leaving my lungs, so I just give him the rude finger plus a slightly dirty look, that's all I can manage.  

"That's not very lady-like" he says lifting himself to sit on one of the large boulders.  I flop down on to a flatter rock near him, laying back on it as gracefully as possible, struggling I lift both arms above my head, then stay put looking up into the cloud free blue sky, allowing my lungs to fill up with desperately needed air.  Let's face it, I consider myself fairly fit, but keeping up with Ben today as put me to shame.  Okay, I'm going to blame the thin air for making me feel so breathless.

"While I've got you up here, and your out of breathe and won't be able to answer me back, I want to talk to you about something" Ben says looking at me smiling knowing I honestly can't answer him back at the moment.  A minute later I finally take one more large breathe "what's the matter" I say whilst pulling myself back up-right only to find his serious face looking at me blankly.  

Ben and I have always been able to talk to each, being my step-brother, and my age we just sort of clicked when his father and my mother married.  He suddenly took on a big brother roll even though I was getting him out of trouble more than he ever did me.  I hope he's not going to tell me he's moving away, he seems to be my only friend these days, I just don't seem to be able to attach myself to anyone lately and it gets lonely.  I hope he doesn't just hang around with me because he knows that.   I must look worried because he gets up and walks over to stand in front of me.   

"You need to stop thinking Blue" he says.  I fold my arms in front of me.

"I can't believe you made me climb all the way up here just to have a serious conversation with me, we could've spoken over a beer, doesn't that sound more my style Ben" I answer him finally.  I go and stand looking over the sweeping valley below us, cows look like little ants from this far away.  Ben stays over near the rock.  I turn to face him, folding my arms back under my boobs again, and leaning against the wire fence that stops people from falling over the edge.  He won't come near the edge like me and I can see his shoulder's tighten with anxiety.

"Dad has offered me the finance to make a reality t.v. show, it's my only chance into t.v. production, you know that's what I've been a university studying, so..."

"Really? Ted has that sort of money...what's the catch then?" knowing perfectly well there is always a catch with Ted not that I'm interested in talking about Ted, his father, my step-father but curious to know where Ted is getting that sort of money from.  Ben sits back down.

"No catch Blue.  All I'll need is your help."  I go back and sit down next to Ben but keep my eyes out across the horizon.  Ben knows I don't have a good relationship with his father, actually I'm pretty sure if Ted knows I'm involved this offer will be revoked.

"The show involves finding a wife for one of the local Jackaroo's.  I was going to call it Jack needs a Jill." I look at him like he's joking.  

"I can change the name if you thinks it stupid."

"It's your idea Ben, I'm not sure why your including me.   I'm not good with people, you know that" I say to him getting back up and walking back to lean against the fence.

"I need a women to help me out, your the only one I trust, so that's where you step in."  I stay where I am. 

"What do you mean, that's where I step him exactly? If you mean you want me to be one of the Jill's that fall for the Jack, not likely Ben" I snap at him.  Ben gets up and stands bravely in front of me, I know he hates being this close to the edge.

"No, please let me explain" he says trying to make me move away from the edge.  But I stand my ground.  He concentrates on my face avoiding looking anywhere else before he speaks again.

"I want the contestants, the women, the Jills to be skilled in their own right, Jillaroo's preferably.  It's no good being a city chick wanting to marry some hunky farmer thinking they'll suddenly become a cowgirl and handle life on a property.  You know as well as I it's good and well dreaming of living on the land with the man of your dreams, but it's another thing when your stuck in the middle of a 6000 acre property alone, then it isn't so appealing, right?  So, this is where you, my Bluebell step in."  He knows perfectly well when he calls me Bluebell he's going to get his own way.  I go to speak but he continues on.

"I thought who'd be better than you to choose the women most suitable, then be their for support, organise them, even weed out the weak from the strong."  He then smiles at me thinking I'm actually happy about his plan.  I move closer to him so I'm nearly eye level with him also seeing the ground isn't level helps, then with a slightly dirty look I answer him.

"You make them sound like cattle Ben, not professional women who can run a property just as good as a man" I say folding my arms at him.

"Then you think of them like that too if you want, your good with cattle Blue" he says shrugging his shoulders not realising I'm getting pissed off.

Unfolding my crossed arms ready to count on my fingers the reasons, I answer him "so, lets get this straight.  You want me to (1) live with these women weeding out the strong from the weak (2) most probably want me to be your spy handing you information on each women (3) give you and your Jack heads up as too who would be favourable each week depending on the sort of day the women has had and (4) no doubt, do a weekly report whilst keeping a bunch of women from cat-fighting with each other.  Would that satisfy you Ben, would that be enough?" I say sarcastically and giving him evil eyes.

"Well yeah, that's sounds great, you'll do it then?" he says confidently, like I'm happy about this proposal and there's no problem.

"You've got to shitting me Ben.  I'm pretty sure that this idea would almost be illegal."  I turn to walk back down the hill angry but before I go I turn and ask him "besides all that, what's in it for me Ben?" tilting my head and crossing my arms again.  He comes over and holds both my arms so I can't move.

"Well for a start Blue, it gets you off that god awful farm your pretending your happy at.  Your the best Jillaroo this side of the border, your wasting your time working for slippery-hand Sam, how many times are you going to let him touch you up or smack your arse before you punch shit out of him and lose your job anyway?" Then he has the guts to smile.  I literally tutt, shaking my head like Ben doesn't know what he's talking about but knowing perfectly well it's all true.  I just didn't want to hear it.  He's ruining my little save bubble that I live in.

Changing the subject I continue "what about your dad then? He's the one that sent me to work for slippery Sam, he's best friends with Sam, think he's just going to let me leave?  Think Ted won't have a whinge to you when he finds out?"

"Don't worry about Ted, he doesn't need to know who I employ for the job besides I've already spoken to Sam personally." I look at Ben waiting for his explanation.

"I sort of told him you'd tell his wife about where his hands like to go if he didn't let you go, so da-da, he's happy to see you gone."  Then Ben steps away from me expecting me to get violent.  But I just shake my head, usually the beginning of me loosing it.

"You what? Just great Ben, now he's going to tell Ted, so he has another thing to hate me for, have you ever heard of someone keeping a good reputation?  Good work Ben, now no-one will employ me around here" I say throwing my arms about angrily making Ben take another step back scared of me.  Ben sits back down and I turn to look over the view trying to calm myself down.  My thoughts turn to Ted.    

Ted married my mother when I was about fifteen.  Twins Ben and Halle became my step brother and sister.  For the first few years things ran smoothly enough, considering the house was suddenly full of three teenagers, I might add, a slight shock for my mother.  And well I suddenly became another precocious female daughter for my step-father to control apparently.  Me personally, I didn't consider myself much trouble, Halle was way more demanding than me, that's what my mother always said anyway.  But when push came to shove, mum didn't speak up, she didn't protect me, and that's why I've ended up as slippery-hand Sam's touchy feely ranch manager and not at home where I should be.  Where I wanted to be.  Ben talking brings me back to reality.

"He doesn't hate you...he just needed to solve the 'Tex' problem, and getting you out of the house worked for him.  Besides would you rather be home watching that shit unfold?" Ben says softly.   I thought about that...No I would rather not see Halle seducing Tex, the man I was suppose to be marrying.  The reason why I've stayed away all these years, but it still hurt all the same.

"Come on, lets go back down and I'll tell you more over a beer when we get back."  We climbed back down, way more quicker than the climb up and using muscles in my legs I didn't think existed.  Both of us not saying much just concentrating on the climb down.  

Besides Ben literally ran down the mountain, so by the time I got back, plopping down on a log rubbing my calve muscles, Ben was already making a fire.  I sighed, smiled then took a deep breathe.  I loved being out-doors, pitching a tent over-night.  I'm always coming up with some excuse to be away from the farm Sam owns, the one I manage.  Gotta check the fences, a couple of cows are missing, anything to get away.  I've worked on Sam's small property for about 3 years now, his land only being about 1000 acres, allowing me to maintain it easily, seeing I was normally working on 4000 acres back home.  Back at home where I was raised I thought I would inherit the job of Manager eventually, seeing I had been training for it since before I could walk.   Dad took me everywhere with him, I knew that land like the back of my hand.  Then suddenly, Dad passed away when I was about fourteen changing my life forever. Within a year mum married Ted, then about a year later, when I was about sixteen Tex walked on to the property, taking over the job that should've been mine.  According to Ted, and unbeknown to me from then on it was common knowledge that in the end I would end up married to Tex, and together we would handle the property.  I didn't even get asked but at first I didn't mind as long as I was on my land.  How stupid was I?  

Okay I lie.  At first I was sort of okay about it all, thinking no-one would want to marry a girl like me besides, I'm laughing that Tex wanted me.  I mean, back then I wasn't much to look at.  I wasn't skinny, more like solid, Ben called it puppy fat, but lets face it I was shorter and chubbier.  My hair was shoulder length, frizzy, and so red.  So just imagine for a minute a short, chubby wild red-haired girl.  Then to top it all off I had pale skin, with a spread of freckles across my nose and cheeks, sounds cute, but not when your sixteen.   Mum always said freckles always come with the red hair.  Just great.  Luckily for me, slim blonde glamorous half-sister Halle hated being anywhere near animals, barns or machinery that we owned on the farm so never seem to be around for Tex or any of the other farm hands to spot her, or no doubt I definitely wouldn't of been the woman of Tex's choice.  

But don't worry, don't be sad for me, since I turned eighteen I shot up in height, then stopped looking so chubby rather more curvy.  My pale skin sort of browned up after I left school and worked the land more often, my hair grew longer, the length pulling most of the frizz out, unfortunately it's still reddish but now has a sort of golden tinge to it, probably from the sun bleaching it.  My eyes are still green they never changed, and luckily my freckles faded slightly, but you can see them up close, which most people don't get to do, get close that is.  Ben tells me I'm pretty in a sort of unusual way, but I know compared to Halle, I'm no beauty queen, not even close to being in the pretty category.  And now I'm sort of use to all this, and it's not going to change, so I just accept my looks happily.  Oh and I got fit, my body didn't change much but I can endure activities way more than before.  I'm never going to be skinny but we can't have everything we want, I'm happy with the way I look now and that's all that matters. 

So yeah, now your wondering where the un-lady like nick name 'Blue' comes from.  In Australia a person with red-hair is referred to as 'Blue' because apparently we have a temper, and like to fight.  Aussie's say we like to have a 'blue' this condition in accordance to our hair colour.  I don't consider myself a fighter but.  Me personally would rather walk away, which in conclusion is why I'm not married to Tex, whose now running my inherited land and whose was also bonking Halle behind my back.  Although I walked away quietly from it all, I sort of welcomed it, I mean how shitty having that crap happening right under my nose.  But Ted conveniently said he was going to send me away at the same time anyway, so he used that as the excuse and that's why I'm at Sam's and not there fighting for my rights.  It makes me feel pissed off at him, but seriously I'm more pissed at my mother who didn't stand up for me.  My real Dad would've never sent me away, and before terrible Ted was in the picture my mother wouldn't of either, but that's another story.

Anyway, I was named Isabelle originally, believe it or not.  Then being a cute little daddy's girl, it got shortened to Belle.  Then things changed in teenage years, with Ben thinking Bluebell was cuter to tease me with, so that stuck for a few years.   Tex was the one who actually started calling me Blue, Tex and Blue, so cute don't you think?   So, I'll briefly tell you about Tex, whose real name is Terrence, who apparently was obsessed with T-rex's as a kid so started being called Tex, makes sense I suppose.  So, when I was about sixteen this ruggedly handsome boy who was about nineteen walks on to the land.  Tex being a fully fledge Jackaroo, made me become obsolete and suddenly Tex is running the farm.  At first, I felt relieved after-all I was only sixteen, doing the rodeo circuit, still attending school, and running the farm, I'll admit I was finding it hard to juggle all three jobs.  Both Ben and Halle were not interested in farm life at all.  Ben was going to go to university to study film and Halle was totally into manicures, hairstyles and brand names and thinking she's a super model.  

Now don't get me wrong, she wasn't stuck up, trying to include me in her girly ways, but by then I would rather tackle a calf to the ground than have my nails done.  I honestly thought she didn't even notice anyone who worked the farm, god knows they all noticed her I found out.  I know I probably sound a little jealous...maybe I was just a tad.  At this stage being my age I sort of pictured my life like Cinderella's, without the glass shoe of course, I mean, how stupid would a glass shoe be.  But as far as someone doing all the jobs, that was me, some-one who talked to the animals, also me, some-one who didn't get on with her step father, well that was me too, I just didn't look like the pretty girl in the book or ever turn into the princess.  Halle was the only princess around here.  And just to rub salt into the wound she quickly established herself a handsome prince the moment she moved here, a boy I had always thought was going to be my prince charming, the prince that would save me, a boy named Finn.

Finnigan McKenzie, just known as Finn, maybe Macca to some, not me but, he was fabulous Finn.  He was the school heart-throb, every girls dream boy, god even I felt little tingles just looking at Finn.  Not that he would notice me, pfft no way, not with Halle around.  I don't even think he knew Halle and I were semi-related.  No, unfortunately for me it was distant love for Finn...across the school yard, across the cattle yard, even across the front yard at home.  Ok I'll admit it, Finn was a slight obsession of mine.  When I dreamed, I dreamed of Finn. Not me and ok looking Tex, riding off into the sunset...No, it was Finn in all sunset thoughts.  Besides that wasn't how Tex was anyway.  Yep no romantic bones in that man.  I found out quickly he wasn't passionate about passion, more like a 'wham-bam thank you mame' sort of man.  Okay with me back then, I mean I took what I could get, no one was interested in me that way.  But deep down inside I wanted the romance.  I only got to to read about romance, this wasn't my reality, I accepted it back then and just got on with it.  Instead I became all for getting down and dirty in the paddocks, up against the barn wall, and contrary to getting stuck in places you don't like being stuck, a roll in the haystack was more Tex's style so, it became mine.  Yep no romance heading my way any time soon.  Now when I think about it I never did do it with Tex in a bed, what a funny thing to think about.  This was just us.  That was until that awful night...

The awful, fateful evening I had been sent out by Ted, my evil step-father, to rescue a cow stuck in mud, yes in the night by myself, just me and a horse, sent off into the dark, does this sound suspicious or what?  Anyway getting back to the story, I got back from saving the cow and was busy taking my muddy boots off on the balcony of the house when I could hear noises in the room behind me, my bedroom behind me I might add.  I stop to listen, curious at first then hearing clearer working it out.  Turning, peering thru the window I just managed to make out two bodies under the covers going at it, yep having sex...bumping and grinding in my bed.  I could see blonde hair instantly assuming this was Halle, I mean who else could it be, but was not sure if that was Finn.   With no demure or even thinking about it, and angry, I was going to catch them in the act, it was evil I know, but seriously it was my bed getting used, yuk...take the sex fest elsewhere please.  But as I stood up ready to enter the room thru the balcony door I heard a knock on the front door around the corner to my right.  I let go of the handle quickly, then slowly crept back around to see who was at the front door.  Cautiously poking my head around the corner what I found broke my heart instantly.  There he was.  Finn, my beautiful obsession...  

There he was, my Finn kneeling down on one knee, a dozen red roses laying across his lap, a small velvet box, lid open being held up ready to surprise Halle when she opened the door, how fricken romantic is that.  That there, that very picture of him, that would be every womens most romantic dream, it even beats riding off into the sunset.  It was instantly embedded into my mind.  Then my heart broke a little bit more, especially knowing Halle was inside with someone else.  I gasps at the sight, holding my mouth so he didn't hear me hiding there watching him.  I stared, I was glaring at the sight, I mean he looked so happy and then he's going to be so sad.  The sight making tears come to my eyes, which is a miracle in itself.  I couldn't take it, hiding back behind, leaning back against the wall, closing my eyes, my heart beating fast I thought it over.  He is going to ask her to marry him.  He was the prince I always dreamed would save me, and now she is going to make him hers.  Don't be stupid Blue, he doesn't even know you exist.  He didn't even know you sat behind him way back in year 4, for the whole year...even when you picked up his pencil's when he dropped them, handing them back to him, even then he never acknowledge you.  Why bother now? 

I took a deep breathe.  Holding my hand up I decided I could (1) tap on this window beside me and warn Halle or (2) deter Finn, knowing it was his big moment or (3) let Finn find her, hence breaking his heart or (4) just walk way.  This is torture but I'm sorry, call me a bitch, I decided to chose (3).  I didn't want to break his heart, far from it, but best him catching her now hey?  I didn't have to do anything after-all because (3) happened.  So from the window I watch it all and it was awful.  But worst of all I found out the man fucking Halle was Tex, what a scumbag.       






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Chapter 2


"No fucking way Ben, not interested" I say hitting the snooker ball harder than necessary, then sculling the rest of my beer.  A little blonde waitress running over with another beer for me.  I checked out her butt as she walked away thinking she'd be my type before, but now I'm just not looking for anyone, I've given that dream up.

"Come on Finn I need a Jackaroo, get it 'Jack wants a Jill' the name of the show" Ben sighs frustrated after spending the last hour trying to convince me to become his Jack for a reality t.v show.  I take another swig of my beer before I answer.  

"But this Jack doesn't want a Jill, why don't you get that Ben!  And besides I'm not a Jackaroo, I more like a property owner now" I answer him louder than usual.  One bad attempt a long time ago was enough for me to never have faith in the female race again.  I'll stick with 'once bitten, twice shy' thank you very much.  Ben's shoulders slump.

"You can't let my slutty sisters indiscretion spoil it for you mate...and your still a Jackaroo at heart, come on Finn help a guy out" Ben says getting up and rubbing my back as I lean down to take my shot, acting like he's helping me out and that I'm not over that hatred of women crap yet.

"What's with you trying to get me married off anyway? Isn't there any other poor sucker around for you to annoy?" I say hitting the snooker ball too hard making it bounce off the table and hitting the wall.

"No-one this side of the border as good looking as you Finny Boy, besides what have you got to lose?"  God when is he going to give this up.

I put my hand up to start counting "Umm let me think...(1) suddenly becoming the laughing stock of all men in Australia (2) scoring a potentially pain in my arse women to take halve my money when she divorces me (3) having maybe the true love of my life seeing me make a total fool of myself on national t.v and (4) I just don't want to do it, full stop.  How's that sound Benny Boy?  Where's the romance in all this man?"  I answer him sarcastically copying the cute name he just called me.  He carries on...

"Well for starters (1) after other men see the show and the women I've got lined up they won't be laughing at you (2) the marriage on the screen won't be 'legally binding' until you go and register it so no divorce procedures can happen, and...and (3) I can't believe you still think their is a true love for you out there, now that's romantic, I love that about you Finn...please let me find her for you, as your best friend, let me do this, just let me film it while I'm doing it...pleeeease" Ben says to me battering his eyelids, smiling, and making me laugh.  

This man has been my best friend since we were about sixteen.  He started high school after moving into the area, then sort of wormed his way into my life, just like he's trying to worm the right answer out of me now.  Then the minute I spotted Halle with him I definitely needed to make him a friend, a good friend.  Bugger the ban on sisters of your best friend, I decided I was making Halle mine.  Fairly quickly Halle and I were an item.  Contrary to knowing I was the school heart-throb, Halle was fast becoming more popular than me even, so keeping Halle was going to be a challenge.  I thought I liked challenges.  Luckily, my friendship with Ben remained tight, which helped keeping Halle close.  Then eventually my relationship with Halle became more important to me than anything else.  I was pretty oblivious to anything or anyone around me, just Halle, she became my obsession.  We were still young but I couldn't help wanting to make her mine forever.  My one and only ever marriage proposal.  My heart still hurts just thinking about it.

That night had turned my world upside down.  There I was down on one knee, my heart beating fast, the words I wanted to say going over and over in my head.  I wasn't feeling nervous just determined to get this right.  Then the anxiety started the minute she didn't answer the door, I knew she was inside the house, it should've click then, something wasn't right.  It's all a blur now, but I remember standing up ready to turn away then stupidly instead opening the front door to find her.  Oh and didn't I find her!  Following a noise to the room on my right, is where I found her alright.   Stopping short I'm seeing two startled faces peek out of the sheets, Halle's blue eyes, and his brown.  There it was, right in front of me, two naked bodies tangled together, the wrong two bodies I expected to ever see.  The flowers I held fell to the floor, the box with the ring fell next, my body felt like falling, but I manage to keep up-right by gripping on to the nearest cupboard, lastly my heart fell, fell into dis-repair.  I turned, my chest was tight and hurting, I could feel my heart literally shattering inside of me.  I ran thru the open front door and down the stairs the only thing I could hear was my name being screamed from the house.  I headed towards my car, knowing I had to get out of there quick.  Then there she was.  

She is the only thing I remember clearly from that night, the only thing I dream about these days, it's the strangest thing...it was a red-haired, green eyed girl standing holding my car door open allowing me my quick get away.  I look at her thru my sodden teary eyes.  'I'm so sorry' she said  softly, sadly, lowering her head.  Her green eyes were rimmed with water, her pale skin flushed red with sadness.  She was like an illusion, like an angel guiding me away from the awful situation.  She is the only one that I actually believed was truly sorry, she seemed so sincere, that's if she was even real...jeez I'm not sure about anything from that night, including even driving home let alone that beautiful angel standing there feeling sorry for me.  Funny thing is I've never spoken to Ben about it.  Afterwards we didn't see each other for couple of years, with my Dad buying a large property for me that's about an hour away and him at Uni I suppose we sort of drifted apart.   

Then when we finally caught up again, we still never spoke about it, like it never happened, none of it.  We tip-toed around the subject of family.  It wasn't until a couple of years later after many beers we finally reconciled our thoughts on it.  He told me Halle fell pregnant to Tex reluctantly having to marry him only to lose the baby anyway.  Still now,  both of them currently live on the property still married but mighty unhappily.  I wasn't sure I wanted her to be unhappy, at first I would've wished for nothing else but now I'm sort of over it, now she knows what unhappiness means.  Whether seeing or hearing about her would bring all my sadness back up I'm not sure but I won't risk it either way and leave it at that.  I've always questioned myself about the green-eyed girl even being real and Ben had never said anything about any other girl living there, so I just assumed it was just a traumatised dream of mine, besides I'd sound like a lunatic telling him the story anyway, a story best not told.  I'll keep her in my dreams.

"So Finn, the sudden quietness could potentially mean your ready to become my 'Jack'?" Ben says jerking me out of my thoughts of that awful night.  What have I go to loose I suppose.  Maybe there is a women for me out there.

"I suppose so, but I'm not playing by all your shitty rules Ben, I have to have some control okay?"

"The most important rule is that we all compromise on the elimination choice."

"Define 'we all' please Ben."

"Oh didn't I tell you, I have a side-kick, a girl...I mean a women helping me organise the ladies, she's a Jillaroo herself so she knows the ropes, she will know whose real or not.  I'll leave total control of the women to her."

"Does this happen often for you? Women lying about being real?"

"Shit yeah, some women would do anything for the limelight, notoriety, not even interested in getting you down the aisle, just making sure the camera keeps rolling, making them superstars in their own right, then next expecting a spin off show, happens all the time" Ben says shaking his head dragging the 'superstar' word out, making me laugh.

"So this side-kick of yours will come in handy then?"

"Definitely, I'm not doing it without her."

"You have lots of faith in this women then? Maybe it's more than just her being good at her job Benny...maybe it's l.o.v.e" I stir him with.

"Yuk Finn, she's my step-sister, don't even go there" he says making a face.  He surprises me.  I didn't even realise he had another sister, see I was oblivious to everything around me being under the Halle spell back then.

Changing the subject "so when does filming commence? How long do I have to mentally prepared myself? And where is this being filmed by the way?"

"Well my bestest friend in all the world, that was the other thing I needed to ask you about."  Cheeky Bugger.

About a month later I watch a couple of large trucks come up my gravel drive-way, followed by a couple of vans, oh boy why I let this man sweet-talk me into this I'll never know.  My quiet existence out here on my acreage is suddenly going to change drastically, hopefully for the best, but maybe for the worst.  Luckily I managed to organise a few temporary farm hands to help keep the farm going after I spread the word around the area.  Ben also told me the girls will be working close with me, nothing like free labour.  I'm not sure how anything is going to get done with ten potentially beautiful women following me around, all of them vying for my attention.  The next couple of months are going to be a real challenge for me, for all of us.  Am I up for the challenge?  I'm just hoping and praying that Ben's side-kick unusually named Blue is everything he promised me, hopefully she can handle the women, me I can be left to just man-handle them, sounds easy.  

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