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I only know what most typical women want and need, money and a good orgasm, sometimes in the other order, a good orgasm then the money, either way they still get both.  Now, stop....don't get your nickers in a twist, I'm not necessarily talking about you, I'm just talking about the typical woman, the sort of typical woman I hang around with.  That was until I met the beautiful Lillie St. Clair.   

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Chapter 1

So here I sit, the same stool that I plonk my arse on nearly every night.  Here I enjoy a beer or three, here is where I like to watch half naked  women on stage gyrating around in time to usually reasonably good music, but mostly I like to talk shit to my partner in crime Jacko, also known as Joel Jackson who is currently sitting beside me enjoying the show also.

"When is Angie up Creed, she sure has the moves, I bet she knows how to use that body of hers..."  I hold my hand up stopping him from finishing the sentence.

"She does for the right amount of money, which you can't afford, so don't even think about Angie's body anywhere near yours ok" I answer him smugly.  And I'm not stupid, Angie will do anything for the right amount of money, with whoever pays her, I know this.

"Oh getting a little testy are we? Why don't you make her your 'girlfriend' then you wouldn't have to share her anymore" he says to me.

"She doesn't want to be my 'girlfriend', it's been nearly three years man besides what does that even mean? We fuck, I give her money, isn't that all women want?" I answer him just as I hear the music change before Angie saunters out swinging her hips in time with the music, making most men around the room stand to attention.

I move my eyes around the room, men lean up wanting to shove money in her g-string before she's even started dancing.  She lets them tuck their money in, air kissing them before she heads towards me.  I don't ever give her money when she's dancing.  Oh don't worry, she gets money from me but I make sure she puts on a better display without having to share with other men.  Angie is my typical women.  She looks good both dressed and naked.  She has long slender legs, a nice arse, trim body, reasonable size tits and a nice face.  I'll admit I think she wears too much make-up, I tell her most nights, but she won't let me see her without it on.  Yep at night after work is the only time I get to see Angie.  Never in the morning.  I make sure I leave her after I've fucked her, I don't cuddle her afterwards and definitely do not sleep over.  

"That's your problem Creed.  You don't stay, sleepover, nothing, fuck man I don't think you've ever seen her in daylight" Jacko laughs beside me.  He got me, it's true.  If I don't come here and catch up with Angie then I don't see her.  Numerous times she has messaged me to come have lunch with her on her day off but I'm always too busy.  We just don't do that crap.  

"Flowers.  You need to get her flowers to start of with, all women love flowers" Jacko says to me in a world of his own.

"I don't think she would want flowers.  I don't think she wants a 'boyfriend'.  I'm not even sure I want a 'girlfriend'.  Why all the sudden is this an issue?" I ask facing him, watching his eyes following Angie's body all around the stage.  I flick the side of his head to get his attention.

"It's natural progression bro.  After a couple of years of getting to know someone, the next step is putting more effort into it, then next thing you know your pushing a pram down the main street with your woman, your 'girlfriend' clung to your arm."  I flick him again just for suggesting such nonsense.

"That's bullshit.  Why can't we just be happy the way it is now? I get what I want, she gets what she wants, easy peasy!" I say smiling at Angie who is down on her hands and knees pelvic thrusting in front of us.  

"Because I bet your not the only man getting what you want from Angie" Jacko says smirking beside me.  I look at him shooting daggers into his soul.  I realise he is probably telling me the truth.  Shit, for the last few years honestly that hasn't worried me, why all the sudden does it now.  Am I going soft? Am I growing up? Is this natural progression? When in the fuck did this happen?  I watch Angie's arse leave the stage thinking about what I just thought.

Cindi, one of the other girls who works here saddles up beside Jacko.  He's paid for her services a few times now, but he doesn't make it a regular thing like me.  She push's her naked body up against him whispering something in his ear before he says good-bye to me, leaving me alone to wait for Angie to finish before our usual nightly event.  Sitting here alone gives me the chance to think about my life a little more.  Nothing is a challenge anymore.  Money is easy, Angie is easy, life has become easy.  When exactly did my life suddenly become so fucking boring?  I'm thinking I need more.  Would getting serious with Angie be the solution? Do I want to be with her for the rest of time? Would I want kids with her? Shit no... that would mean complications, lots of them.  That's it, I'll need to build another muscle car, something that will keep me busy, something that challenges me, keeping my mind off anything but what I do with Angie, which is fuck.  

After Nan handed over a heap of money from the sale of her house, I bought a factory and started building cars.  That's how I've made my money basically.  I rebuild broken cars, I give them back a soul.  It's the only thing I've ever done, the only thing that has ever challenged me.  And then seeing the end results has been the only thing in life that has truly made me happy.  That, and of course the amount of money I can put into my bank account.  So, that's my life and so far I've never had any complaints, so why now all the sudden does it need to change?   



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Chapter 2

"Your in early, Cindi kick your arse to the curb early this morning?" I say as Jacko strolls in earlier than usual this morning.

"No.  I didn't stay overnight...I'm learning oh wise one" he says sarcastically back to me.

"I never told you not to sleep over, it's just not what I do man, you do your own thing, don't go blaming me for your anger issues" I say holding my hands up in surrender.

"Cindi wanted me to stay.  Said she likes me, she didn't even let me pay her" he says miffed.

"Sounds like love to me" I answer him smart-arsely leaning back down hiding behind the bonnet of the car I'm working on.  I feel a spanner spinning behind me before crash landing on the tool box making me laugh.

The rest of the day continues on like usual.  People come and go either picking up or delivering cars to the factory.  We don't stop for lunch instead decide to pack up early and have a few beers here in the office.  I flick thru my phone sending a text to a few contacts asking them to keep a look-out for a car for my next project before I sit down with Jacko.  We both glance over at the same time when a taxi pulls up and parks across the road and a woman gets out, unlocking the door to the factory opposite mine.  Jacko sits up straight seeing the woman across the road.

"What the fuck, I'll be damn.  Lillie St. Clair is back in town.  I wonder whose heart she's broken this time" Jacko says now standing watching intently but speaking to me.  I stay quiet watching him, then watch as she disappears behind closed doors.  Jacko turns to me but looks almost sad.

"Who was that?" I ask him.

"Only the most beautiful women who ever existed.  She was the girl every boy wanted and every girl wanted to be in school" he says.  

Jacko is a local, I moved here away from the city about five years ago, when not only the price of living in the city skyrocketed but also when my Nan sold up and chose to move into a nursing home here.  After a couple of years without her I couldn't stand it.  I'm the only family she has and so it seemed common sense to move here, and now I realise it was the best move I ever made.  My anxiety level halved getting out of the city.  Jacko carries on talking.

"She lived here with her mother, then school holidays went to the city to stay with her father.  None of us boys, meaning me and every boy in school ever got the chance with her, her mum had her working here at the florist after school every day and week-ends, and her dad had her working with him the whole school holidays."  He takes a swig of his beer and is in deep thought.  I don't bother asking anymore knowing this woman is way out of my league. 

I order pizza and we end the day sitting in the dirty office at my factory while the sun disappears for the day.  Jacko leaves soon after but I decide to catch up on some paperwork before I leave.  That's when I hear music coming from across the road, I mean seriously loud music.  I lean back on my chair to see where exactly it's coming from.  Across the road thru the windows I can see the girl dancing around the shop.  And she looks like she is having so much fun.  I can't resist going over to see what all the hype is about with this Lillie St. Clair.  So I close up shop and walk over.  The door is locked but peering thru the glass I can see her picking up flowers, then singing into them like a micro-phone, then she swings her arse back and forth along with the heavy rock and roll song the whole time singing along.  She is a great dancer, and thinking this makes me smile.  I knock when there is a gap in the song, making her jerk back to reality.  She doesn't turn the music down but instead just comes and opens the door ready to tell me off.  I speak quickly.

"I need some flowers" I say.  She gives me a dirty look.  She is very pretty even scowling like that.

"We don't sell to the public, go on-line" she snaps loudly at me as she tries to close the door.  I was one step ahead of her, my foot already stopping it from closing.  She looks down, then looks back up at me.  Her eyes are like sea-green crystals.  Her fringe is sitting just above her eyes, the rest of her black hair hangs all wavy around her face.  She is absolutely stunning.  But the look she is giving me is evil.  And for a small women I could imagine she could probably hurt me.

"It's for an old lady, can't I just get some here, now" I almost plead with her.  She instantly pulls the door open allowing me in reluctantly.  The old lady thing worked.  She turns and quickly walks over to the stereo turning down the music.  Then she crosses her arms, tapping her foot waiting for me to speak again.

"My nan likes lilly's.  Do you have any?" I ask not able to take my eyes off her to even see if there any around.

"Write her name down and I'll get some delivered" she says pointing down a pen and paper sitting on the desk.

"You look busy, what's this all for?" I ask trying to make conversation while I do as she told me.

"A wedding, I'm just helping my mum out before I go to work" she says still not moving.

"I work just across the road, Creed and you are?" I say handing out my hand waiting for an answer.

"Not interested" she answers picking up the piece of paper.

"Is Millie your nan?" she says softly looking at the paper and not me. 

"Yeah, why? Do you know her?" I ask her feeling the air around us calming down a little.

"I take flowers to her when I go see my nan at the same nursing home" she says.  

"She doesn't like lilly's but, she likes carnations."

I look at her strangely.  My Nan doesn't say much anymore.  She hardly knows anyone either but always knows when I'm there.  Over the last few years every time she sees me she always manages to say 'love lilly' to me.  I just assumed she meant when I bought her flowers she wanted lilly's.  The music goes up a little, hinting my time here chatting to Lillie St. Clair is nearly over.

"Wow what a coincidence" I say looking around the shop.  She is busy pulling out flowers from buckets on the ground avoiding me.  It is very hard to avoid her but.  I'm going to stay where I am until she kicks me out.

"Here, these are for your girlfriend" she says shoving a bunch of beautiful flowers wrapped in crinkly paper into my chest.  Then she literally pulls me to the door and pushes me out.  I look down at the flowers wondering what she's thinking and why she just assumes I have a girl-friend.  I look back and the music is blaring again and Lillie St. Clair is totally and utterly ignoring me and dancing again.  Maybe a little trouble is what I need in my life I think.     



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