Love Me Until Insanity


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 I must protect her. I cannot let her be consumed by it like her mother was. My poor Kira. Burnt. I couldn’t protect her. Atleast soon I can protect my dear Livana. If their blood mixes, the destruction it will cause. It will be the end of all. This rift I’m stuck in will soon break and set me free. I can feel it. If she is forced to play his sick twisted games, she must succeed. At all costs. She cannot fail. If she were to fail, it would be game over. For us both.

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Promise To Never Leave

 She sat patiently on the wooden bench as she waited for him to arrive. He was late per usual. Livana watched the silver fish leap in and out of the glistening lake in the crisp summer breeze.

It reminded her of the picnics she, her parents and Jin would have when their parents were still alive.

She awoke from her daze as two strong arms wrapped around her."You took your time," she said as the tall tanned figure walked around the bench and sat next to her."I had.. business to attend to," Ares replied. She nodded as she rested her head on his broad shoulder. Little did she know that the business he had to attend to was sick and murderous.

"You thinking about that day?" She nodded slowly as she closed her eyes. As the wind danced around, it tickled Livana's pale smooth face."I love you.""I love you too," he replied as he twitched slightly. Ares began to smile as he looked at her deep purple eyes."Never, ever, leave me."Livana opened her eyes. As she looked at him, her purple eyes darkened."A-Ares are you okay?"He quickly hit himself lightly on the head. His expression returned to normal."Huh... Oh, uh sorry... I zoned out." She stopped leaning on his shoulder and stretched."I should get going...""But I only just got here. Don't leave so soon, please?" He asked. She looked into his piercing yellow eyes. Something was off. It reminded her of that- She shook her head trying to stop thinking about it. "I guess I could stay longer." He laid on her legs and looked up at her. His flame red hair tickled her legs. She laughed a little. Ares smiled as the sun shone down on them.

After an hour of talking, they both sat on the crimson red and white checkered picnic blanket and ate the delicate food under the shade of the old willow tree. The tree leaves swayed in the light breeze.

After eating, they walked around the quiet park, their hands intertwined. Livana was enjoying herself so much, she didn't notice the hooded figure watching from afar, smirking.


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Jessica Fiona

I like the sense of mystery and suspense in this chapter. It invites me to keep reading.

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Thanks for the feedback! It is great to know this chapter is doing as I intended.

Murderous Intentions

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Happy Nightmares

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