Love Me Until Insanity


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Promise To Never Leave

 She sat patiently on the wooden bench as she waited for him to arrive. He was late per usual. Livana watched the silver fish leap in and out of the glistening lake in the crisp summer breeze.

It reminded her of the picnics she, her parents and Jin would have when their parents were still alive.

She awoke from her daze as two strong arms wrapped around her."You took your time," she said as the tall tanned figure walked around the bench and sat next to her."I had.. business to attend to," Ares replied. She nodded as she rested her head on his broad shoulder. Little did she know that the business he had to attend to was sick and murderous.

"You thinking about that day?" She nodded slowly as she closed her eyes. As the wind danced around, it tickled Livana's pale smooth face."I love you.""I love you too," he replied as he twitched slightly. Ares began to smile as he looked at her deep purple eyes."Never, ever, leave me."Livana opened her eyes. As she looked at him, her purple eyes darkened."A-Ares are you okay?"He quickly hit himself lightly on the head. His expression returned to normal."Huh... Oh, uh sorry... I zoned out." She stopped leaning on his shoulder and stretched."I should get going...""But I only just got here. Don't leave so soon, please?" He asked. She looked into his piercing yellow eyes. Something was off. It reminded her of that- She shook her head trying to stop thinking about it. "I guess I could stay longer." He laid on her legs and looked up at her. His flame red hair tickled her legs. She laughed a little. Ares smiled as the sun shone down on them.

After an hour of talking, they both sat on the crimson red and white checkered picnic blanket and ate the delicate food under the shade of the old willow tree. The tree leaves swayed in the light breeze.

After eating, they walked around the quiet park, their hands intertwined. Livana was enjoying herself so much, she didn't notice the hooded figure watching from afar, smirking.


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Murderous Intentions

Ares sat at the bottom of the stairs as he watched their desperate face as they tugged at the chains wrapped around their battered legs."This is entertaining." He walked over to them and cupped their face in his smooth hands. "L-let me leave. I won't tell a-anyone. I promise."He threw his head back and laughed."Why would I let my toy leave? How pitiful." A menacing smile spread across his face. "I could let you leave, I mean it will come with a price."They looked up at his face, eyes filled with hope."R-really?" They asked, looking even more desperate. He laughed loudly again."You honestly think I would let you leave?"This made him laugh again. He violently pulled their head closer and let go. As he let go, he quickly pushed their head into the hard concrete floor. The young woman whimpered. He walked towards the rusted metal table where all the tools were laid out."What sounds better? Death by bat or by knife?" He looked towards the woman holding them both. She looked at him, on the brim on tears. He tutted as he said, "you shouldn't approach a man with a girlfriend. Even after I said, you threw yourself on me. Bat it is!" He put the knife down and walked towards her. Slowly, he lifted the bat into the air and swung it as he repeatedly beat her head with the bat until her skull was shattered and she was no longer breathing."Such a shame, such a cute face but such a whore." He dragged her lifeless body to the furnace and placed it into inside as he lit it.He put the bloody bat in the corner of the room as he began to walk back up the stairs.What's wrong with a little fun once in a while, right?

As he reached the top of the stairs, he noticed a figure sitting on the doorstep. How odd, he thought, I never leave the door open."Beautiful girl isn't she?" The figure said his voice rough yet soothing. "Lucky I didn't kill her years ago. Although it would be nice to get her back, she did put up quite the fight Miss. Nanase did. Told me to stay away from her 'family'." The man chuckled. Ares locked the basement door and placed his hand cautiously on the knife in his pocket. "Who are you and why are you here?" Ares questioned."I've got a proposal. I know what your planning and I've come to offer my services. I am simply another person that finds pleasure in killing. Plus, my name is Sam." He replied with a menacing tone in his voice.

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Happy Nightmares

The horror that filled the face of Jin's face as they walked through the stained glass door and into the large once whitewashed dining room. The room had always been pristine and white. That was of course until their parents blood decorated the walls and everything in the room. Not one item had been left clear of the thick red liquid that was currently oozing out of the mutilated bodies. Before Jin spotted their almost unidentifiable bodies, she pulled him close and hugged him, covering his eyes so he didn't have to see the scarring sight. 

"Don't they look wonderful?" The boy just a year older than her said as he bounced around. Why was he so filled with energy.

"This room also looks more vibrant right? Their blood makes a major improvement!" 

"W-whose blood is he on about L-Liv?" asked Jin as he clutched onto Livana, shaking. 

"Jin go out to by the front door and call the police okay?" she replied. He nodded slowly, let go and then jolted out of the room and rang the police.


Livana remained in the room. The more she thought about it, the more heated she became. Slowly, she raised her right hand and black flames sprung to life and rushed towards the boy. Before he had time to react, the flames slapped him across the face. He yelled in pain before quickly exiting through the large sliding doors leading to the dark woods. Suddenly, her vision became a blur and the room began to fill with a thick grey mist. As the mist cleared, she could feel the familiar restraining, cold and rusted metals grabbing her wrists. She struggled as Livana desperately tried to slip out of the chains. It was too late. The needle made contact with her soft pale skin as it pierced it. A sharp pain jolted through her body.


As Livana slept, Ares quietly opened the old window and climbed into her deep blue room. He watched as she moved slightly in her sleep. Cautiously, he walked towards her large silver framed bed. Then, he sat on the edge and laid next to her. He put his arm around her and moved closer so their bodies were just touching. He kissed her forehead and laid back down.

When the dream began to progress, she began to live more of her childhood traumas. Her birth mother burning in blue flames. She may have been a baby, but she remembered it as clear as day. The yells of the sirens rushing towards the burning mansion. Her real dad, unknown. Any blood related siblings? None. Living relatives? None. It was as if someone wanted to wipe the world clean of their bloodline. She was ignored by everyone in the care home. They were too frightened to talk to her except for one girl. Her name was Kira. She had been her best friend until of course they were both adopted. Abuse. That’s all they got. They were mere test subjects. Livana could tell that they were crazy. Their blank beady pupils staring at her as if she was some fair attraction. Kira’s body couldn’t handle all of the drugs and peculiar chemicals injected into their small bodies. Sadly, she passed. Atleast in the afterlife she would be treated better, or so Livana hoped. 

As the scalpel sliced her skin, she tried to scream but the rag in her mouth stopped her.




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