A New Beginning

Zak is a young assistant to the eccentric scientist Dr. Nort. Although they do interesting experiments Zak hates his job and does not like working for a failure of a scientist that even Nort's colleges mock. During one experiment both Zak and Nort find themselves teleported to an alternate reality. To find their way back to their own...


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Descendant of Aphrodite

Carina has lived behind the walls of Morus Academy, being protected by the teachers and the school itself because of her ancestry. Being a Descendant of the Greek Gods has put Carina and her friends in grave danger in the outside world. However, the darkness that once dwells behind the walls of the Academy soon enter the golden halls...

Saving Autumn

Faolan Meirin, a young and troubled giant slayer is put to the test when he's hired to kill the Giant of Forwyn, but there's more to the giant than he realised and more to the village than he ever could have imagined.

Lady of Flowers

In a land concealed from the world by ancient and unbreakable magic dwell the four Ladies of the Light Vale - the Lady of Flowers, the Lady of Leaves, the Lady of Snow, and the Lady of Streams. Each of these powerful women has at her disposal a group of knights, sworn to protect their lady even at the cost of their own lives, for the...


Sarina, a thief with an unknown past steals a book that appears ordinary enough, that is until others begin to kill to get their hands on it. While on the mysterious Ostivius island an Elemental receives a desperate plea for help from a people thought to be extinct. King Armand, a grieving widow who has seen the errors of his...

Race Against Time

Coming to Earth was a choice not their own, but it was the best decision to make after what happened on the last planet. Though the infamous Donnaleah duo will soon be torn apart for what Ana did a long time ago. Will a new human friend be able to help Jackson get her back? Or will their race be stopped too soon...

Gods Can't Read

Four elemental dragons preside over Ranor as gods, holding reality together for the humans below. Only one thing could possibly disrupt their rule, and that’s a dangerous spell book containing an incantation that could expel them from Ranor. The dragons set in motion a quest to keep it secured in the Western Library, and it’s been kept...

The Chimera Vector

Sophia is a deniable operative, recruited as a child and genetically enhanced. After a botched operation in Iran, Sophia becomes an instrument in a dangerous game of subversive warfare. When she goes rogue, the chase is on... High-speed chases, gun fights, helicopter battles, immortal psychopaths, super soldiers and mutant abilities...

The Half-Shape Child

“Somewhere out there, somewhere in the universe, is a girl. A very special girl. She has the other half of this shape. There is no need to discover who she is or where she is right now, but one day you will be ready. One day, you will desire to find her and this half-shape will help.” Collin knows that The Offensive is after him. And...

To Hunt With Eagles

The war has ended yet only a fool would think they’re safe. For the land of Arden Stone the time for healing has come. As the final executions are celebrated the Senate knows no victory for as is the nature of power, they shall always want more. Alarik is keeper to a terrible secret, one which could destroy him and the fragile peace....

The Bloody Unicorn

Nitz Taescrill, a violent-tempered deposed pixie empress, looks to gain revenge on her sister, Empress Janai, by hiring the elusive assassin the Pale Rat of Schetzera to kill her. But she needs coin and information first, rarities in the world of Splatter-Elf. Together she joins with shapeshifting, gender-bending warlock Wormwheel to...

The Winged Society

Ravens and Talons have been fighting against each other for a long time. Both were parts of The Winged Society, but the similarity ends at that. Empress, a rebellious white winged Talon, destroys her clan's war efforts for reasons only she could understand. War isn't the solution, she believes and as much as she wants peace, doing it...

The Ladysmiths

Shennafi wants more than anything to become the greatest Ladysmith of all time and make her father proud of her. But a sorcerer curses her, forcing her to give him the secret to her family's power. While Shennafi struggles to regain access to her magic and gain enough power to defeat the sorcerer and redeem herself, a greater...


Imagine if you could look like anyone- what would you do with that? Jade Johnson is sixteen, sick of school and generally hating life. Unable to shake the ‘ugly’ tag given to her the first day of high school, she watches as her beautiful cousin Taylor climbs the ranks of popular while she plummets to the depths of nobody. Thank god...