The Pain


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Chapter 1

 I don't know why, but it's been there my whole life. Just a sudden pain, either of when you break a bone or when you get shot. 

It hurts like hell. 

I've told everyone about it but they don't know why either. They said I shouldn't be in pain so much, especially for a girl my age. 

Yet, it hurts & confuses me. What did I do to feel all this pain? 

I got my regretful answer on a summer's afternoon. 

Just the last thing that I saw before my vision faded, a man in a yellow jacket, wearing a white mask, standing at the front door. 

Last thing I heard was: "Not good enough". 

But it didn't faze me up until now. 

For the past 4 months I & my family have been locked in some secret science lab, they know I feel pain of others. But the rest of my family can't, but they kept experimenting anyway. 

"Don't you touch her, Rachel! Please, leave her alone..."

The cries of my mother, my little brother. The rageful screams of my sister & father. 

They took me away because they didn't want me to end up like them, end up as miserable & fuelled by bloodthirst. 

Well, this is what they call those creatures. The miserable & bloodthirsty ones, I think it was something along the lines of 'Creepypasta'? 

Why did they think that I wanted to be like that? Who's pain am I feeling? 

What have I done wrong? 

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Chapter 2

 I don't know how I got here, strapped to a table in a cold, dark room. 

A man came in earlier, but I didn't have the strength to open my eyes then. I feel like I have just battled a sky tower full of police forces. 

Maybe I have? 

No, I don't remember any of that, I don't remember anything at all! 

It's not unusual for me to forget things or just not remember something that happened. My mind is usually flooded with pain or moved onto something else. 

Anyways, I manage to stir & look around at the sound of footsteps. 

Light, feminine, footsteps. 

I wiggle around to see my visitor as I hear the door to this room open. 

"Be quiet,"

A male voice warns, I can feel him standing at the door, watching me & someone else. 

"I'll only be a minute!" 

A younger, female voice snaps at the first. There's heavier footsteps as the man shifts his feet & closes the door in a slightly angered manner. 

The light footsteps approach me, I have no idea who this is or what they wanted. I just hoped & prayed to anyone watching over me; that this person wouldn't put me through more pain. 

"Wow.. You don't look too good.." 

The girl finally walked over beside me & I could see her face. It was a creamy-peachy white like mine. Her hair black as a raven's feather. 

She looked just fine! 

But then our eyes met, her eyes... They weren't human, abnormal! 

They weren't scary however, they were beautiful. 

"My name's Violet, by the way.."

I could tell, her eyes were that of the colour violet, I wonder if she was born that way... Or if she was just wearing contacts, but her pupils were dark, so I guess she's born a freak just like me.

"Oh, um you're probably wondering a lot by now... Uh, don't worry, once you've healed up, I promise that EJ will take care of everything with the big boss!" 

Violet winked at me, I found strength to shape my face to look at her confused. Violet only sighed as she started away from me as we heard a slight tap on the door. 

"It's ok, we're gonna fix you."

I strained to muster enough energy to call Violet back & beg her to never leave. 

Something about her made me feel safe, Violet seemed too high-spirited to be in a place like this. 

What did she mean about 'fixing' me? 

Violet, what will happen to me? Are you sure that this 'EJ' will take good care of me? 

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