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Loyalty is a series of Novelettes about paranormal romance. I write as I am able, I write for myself, but if other's enjoy my work great. I love to have people give constructive criticism, it helps me be a better writer, I do not tolerate people who tend to be rude though. If you enjoy my work, let me  know. Add me, follow me, give me opinions and ideas to help me be a better writer. Writing is a passion, and as an Italian woman I am very passionate. So enjoy!! *Warning* as a wish to a friend the first book is without sex. If you are looking for sex, you will find it in other writing I do.

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Chapter 1


Part 1


                For several weeks he had been following her. Standing guard for her. More importantly he was observing her.  If others had known they would have called it stalking. Maybe it was a more correct word for that was what he was doing. Stalking his prey, more importantly stalking who would be his mate.


                But no one knew.


                No one paid him any attention.


                Who would be bothered?


                More importantly the question should be why would they?


                Most often times he simply would appear near her as nothing more then what many considered a large dog. Husky the people who saw him often said and his acute hearing would catch the word and he would have a moment of unreasonable rippling anger. An anger that like always would simply vanished as quickly as it came. Unexplained.


                But those who said it were not his prize, only she was his focus. Their words meant very little to him, jumbled mumblings mostly but from time to time he understood some simple words.  He knew the words, from that simple part of him that he longed to be kept buried as deeply as he could. That part, of his soul, that seemed to creep out just a bit. It was creeping out, a little more often, as of late. That part of him that battled for control to be near her, as much as he battled it back.


                He focused only on her, her scent alone, her very sound, her everything. For he had known, without a doubt from the first moment, that she was his everything. He had at first been touched by her kindness.  The first time he had seen her she had lit a spark deep within him. A spark he did not want anything to do with, yet nor could he deny the pull from it.  A spark that fueled a fire he thought long dead within his battered beating heart.


                He remembered it clearly the first time he saw her.


                The summer sun had beat down on him. The woods where he roamed were not really new to him thought not his normal hunting ground but he felt safe within them. He was alone, much as he always was as of late. It was the way he liked it. His packed searched for him he knew, worry for their leader urging them on to search him out and find him. From time to time they would meet up, frolic and hunt together like in the days before but something had always drawn him back to these woods. Something always caused him to without warning leave his pack, his home, his security to seek for something he had not known at the time.


                His instinct was all he trusted and that instinct kept him there even when he longed for his own kind. He longed for the security of his brothers and sisters of the pack. If he could, he would wonder at why the pack was so loyal to him, always seeking him, always re welcoming him back into their mist. They never once even thought of challenging his rule. But the pack knew why he left them so often to seek solace in his own way. They knew it was his way of protecting them. They were not so far gone in their own blackness that the lost their true nature. Their leader, their biggest concern, was lost within that blackness and some feared he would never return to them whole again.


                Each time he met with his pack mates they rejoiced, the welcomed him back as was natural. For them there could be no other leader. His death would be the only bond that would break that hold and though many of what was left of his pack thought that he may never return to led properly never once did any of them ever think of taking his place. Somewhere in their hearts, in the brightness of hope they waited.


                But he didn’t wonder for long. It wasn’t in his animal nature and he was more animal then anything as the long days stretched ahead of him. It was so simple living daily alone without the thought or worry of another. Yet he longed.


                He had been drinking from the creek when his acute hearing caught the first sounds of her soft crying. Curious he followed the sound of the heart wrenching weeping until he saw her. She sat in the dirt surrounded by flowers her head resting on her arms which were folded over her legs drawn up to her chest.  He sat for the longest time watching her cry out her pain and sorrow.


                Yet it was the small black kitten that drew his attention to her true nature. He watched as she tenderly picked up the stray cat and held it softly in her hands rubbing her tear stained wet face against the matted dirty fur. Even in all her grief that washed from her in waves she was able to reach out and comfort another. He watched intently as her sobs slowed down and finally quit all together. Her soft voice soothingly speaking to the kitten she held cradled so softly in her hands. The kitten was meowing softly, hunger and pain washed from it as deeply as the grief had washed from the woman. Where hers was deep within her soul, the kitten he noticed was more of loneliness and fear. He watched as she rose cradled the kitten to her chest and walked slowly towards her house. Never once did she push the dirty mangy kitten aside instead she carried it as if it was a treasure. He felt her emotions wash from her, her simple acceptance for the stray. Hope and a fleeting thought of pure love.  The door closed behind her and she was lost to his sight.


                He stayed there as if rooted in the same spot for several hours. Time meant nothing to him. He stretched his lean body out resting his large head on his paws. His eyes never left the door.  He waited, watching the door where she had disappeared into. So sure that she would come back.      


               The sun begun it’s decent to fall towards the horizon though plenty of sunlight was left in the day. Then suddenly he heard the door open and she came back outside. The kitten, now content and fed, followed her. She sat on the grass a book in her hand a bottle of water by her. The kitten came bouncing around her.


                Annoying little fur ball, he thought to himself, but never once did the woman appear angered. Instead she radiated amusement gently tumbling the kitten around on the ground until the kitten became tired and crawled contently into her lap to go to sleep. He felt the stress ease from replaced by an inner peace he could only long for now as she picked up the book and begun to read. She stayed out in the yard for a few hours, reading contently in the sunshine as it washed down upon her warming her both inside and out. Lost in dreams and the fantasy of her book he realized for the moment she was a slice of heaven.


                He made it a habit to be near her house in the woods to watch her in her daily routine. He sat for hours watching her tend the garden, or read on the lawn. He even watched as she would approach the woods and walk for a time to the stream. He would watch at night from the safety of the woods until her house was dark and only then would he slink off to a place all his own to find rest in his own slumber.


                The first time he had approached her a few weeks later she had been startled. She had been walking in the woods behind her house, lost in thoughts far away. There in her path suddenly appeared the wolf. Though from a distance and shadows of the woods she could not make out what he truly was. Quickly he disappeared from the trail bounding up the slight incline to the left. She had then walked to where he had stood in the pathway and stared down at the prints he had left. A light brown stone with a single splash of white lay in the path where his paw print was and she reached down and picked it up. Feeling the warmth she rolling it between her fingers she smiled softly before she tucked the stone into her jeans pocket.


                He had watched her from the brush. Joy leaped through him like wild fire. She had accepted his small gift. He watched as she walked away back towards her house and he went back to where the stone had been. He could still smell her scent strongly and he rolled in the dirt letting it seep into his fur and into his very soul. Leaping happily he bound towards her house and the edge of the woods where he could again watch over her.


                As he begun to come around venturing closer to the house she had begun to leave scrapes of food out for him, bones mostly. She never tried to feed him by hand, never tried to touch him and he respected the healthy amount of fear that she had. He thrived on that fear but thrived more on how she overcame that fear in her compassion. She never looked at him with anger or pity. She simply accepted him. She simply loved him for his majestic beauty. Days turned into weeks and each night turned into magic for him as she would come out as twilight set. The beauty of the sunset lavished over her. She would look out for him, see him at the edge of her woods and she would come out. Setting out her offering for him and then backing away. She would watch him approach slowly. Her soft voice would encourage him to come get his treat. Most of the time she would watch him until he had grabbed his treat and dashed back into the safety of the woods. Other times she would simply set out the treat, smile at him give a few words of encouragement and turn to go back into the house.


                Now he sat outside her yard watching her through her large bay window, she was curled up on the chair with a blanket over her, a fire roaring in the background casting a glow. The light behind her shined giving her a haloed looks and he licked his chops. She was reading a book and for a moment he longed to go to her but he knew she would not accept him, not yet. Without hardly realizing it his longing took voice and a low long howl escaped his throat.


                She looked up and set her book aside. Pushing the blanket away she stood and he watched her graceful walk. She moved from out of his sight and for a moment he begun to get nervous a slight whimper came from him as he rested his paw against the gate of her yard. Surely he had not frightened her. He waited looking into the window from afar wanting her to come back into view. Tonight for unknown reasons his soul ached for her more than normal. He longed for that which he knew could not obtainable. Just watching her was enough though to give a brief relief to his tormented spirit.


                It would be easy to get into her yard but he was not invited and if anything he was polite, a trait left over from a life long ago. She came to the door then and opened it and for a moment as always when he first saw her, his heart stopped beating and he held his breath. But like a ray of sun shine she smiled and patted her leg for him to come to her. With that simple gesture of invitation like a flash he was at the bottom of her steps looking up at her adoringly. If she could only read his eyes she would see the love that he felt for her. Yet she was human and she was unable to tell by his manner the unconditional love he felt. After so many weeks of dashing away he was close enough now to almost touch her, to have her almost touch him. The excitement gave way in a shudder through his body and a soft whimper sound escaped him. His head slung low he looked up at her nervously waiting for her acceptance or her rejection.


                It was then that the skies opened up, a haul storm of hard pellets lashed his body and rolled off his fur, lightening split the sky and a loud clap of thunder rolled rocking the very ground they stood on. Startled they both looked around, turning their faces towards the heavens then looking at each other. Without hesitation she was holding the door open for him. She waited, a brief moment, looking at him. Deep within her eyes a look so inviting that he didn’t pause. With a bound he leaped up the stairs and he took off by her like a shot as another loud clap of thunder rolled through the heavens.


                He stood near the door looking around, his haunting eyes resting on so much human stuff. How he longed for the human life. To be with her he would endure it. The blue lace on the curtains matched the blue lace on the long low table that rested under the window. An array of candles set on the table though none were lite. A small vase of flowers sat in the middle of the table. A blanket of soft blue was laying crumbled on the couch where she had tossed it aside when she went to get him.


                Another bolt of lightning rent the skies and he let out a soft howl.


                "Wolf" she said and he looked at her all the sudden his eyes glowing.         She knew, she understood. His spirits soared with joy.


                "You’re a wolf huh big fella, you’re not no husky" she laughed and backed up slightly. Her scent of fear raised and for a moment he drank it in. No he had to stop himself it would be too easy to drink in the intoxicating scent of fear and then he could lose control as a drunk man could lose control if he had too much of the spirits. She watched him her hand on the door handle as if she would open the door and run but she stood still watching him. She was waiting for him to make some sort of move to show his intent.


                Slowly he laid down his head lowered his paws out stretched.  He turned nearly onto his back exposing his belly for her. Would she understand his submissive gesture? Would she realize the humiliation it cost him to lay like this for her just to ease that fear from her?


                "Well if you were going to eat me by now I think you would have" she laughed a soft nervous laugh but he sensed a new confidence in her. He knew that even though she was scared she would let him stay. "I hope you went to the bathroom or are at least potty trained" she said laughing sure though he did not understand her words.


                Her words nothing more then garble to him for he only knew a few human words in his present state but her tone was soft and light almost teasing. He lifted his head and panted giving her what she could only think of as a wolf like smile.


                Walking back towards the couch she sat back down. "Well come on by the fire where it's warm. I won't bite if you won't bite" she said and laughed. The sound was surer and the scent of fear had resided. He got up and wagging his bushy tail wondered into the living room and laid by the foot of the couch. She covered herself back up and picked up the book. Again turning to her interest she was soon lost in her book world. Soft sighs would blow from her mouth at times or he would sense an excitement in her as she read. Slowly he crept forward. Now even with her he raises his head and gently lays it on the blanket. He finds the blanket very soft to the touch. She smiles down at him and for a moment he feels himself rise as she bears her teeth. Did he pick wrong?


                Then he remembered somewhere in the back of his mind. "Smile" what human's do when they are happy and he remembered also some bear their teeth not in a sign of aggression but as a sign of acceptance. He eased again outside but inside he was tense as ever so slowly she reached out and rested her hand on top of his head.


                Her touch was like velvet and he knew he had found his mate worthy. She looked down at him and he saw the pain in her eyes and could smell again her scent. The same scent one that had drawn him to her to begin with. Wetness fell upon his head as she stroked his fur slowly, softly.


                Her scent now was that which he remembered from before, sorrow, longing, and misery. All words he knew. There was something about her, strong within her spirit but needing so very needing in her soul that it drew her even closer to him. Slowly, softly he licked her hand giving her as he could the compassion he offered.


                She took a deep breath and he realized the change in her. The sorrow still strong and yet a sudden wall around her emotions was holding back her scent. She pushed the blanket back and pushed past him and walked off. He started once to follow her but changed his mind somehow he knew she needed her space. He sat there his head on the couch smelling her, breathing in deeply of her and marveling at the pure joy that at that moment leapt through his heart once again.


                He had no idea how long he sat like that with his head on the blanket. Time has no meaning to him any longer but he could tell it had been awhile and she still had not come back. Somewhere in his mind he begun to worry and wonder.  The lamp glowed lightly down on him. The curtains still open. He stood up and paddled back towards where she had walked. Following her glorious scent he found her lying across her bed fully clothed still clutching a pillow to her breasts sleeping soundly. Exhaustion swirled from her in waves having cried herself to sleep.


                Stalking, he watched her sleep.


          Stalking he matched his breathing to hers.


                Stalking he breathed her scent in holding it closely to his heart.     Stalking he pictured her where she belonged within his world. The world where he knew he could keep her safe. The world where her pain would disappear and his love would replace the pain and sorrow she felt.


                Stalking he pictured their pups. A family he longed for. Comfort to her in her hours of sorrow.


                Stalking slowly he raised and moved towards the bed never losing her from his sight.


                Stalking he thought to himself, sleep.. Heal… and soon your life will begin a new and I will make sure each day is filled with love and laughter and joy. I will take the sadness and the darkness and I will chase it away and together we will heal and be happy.


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