In Absolute Peril

In a semi-futuristic world, much like the one ours is becoming, a group of six best friends from all around the world must meet together in America and figure out why each of them are mysteriously gaining magical powers. Together the six of them go on a journey of a lifetime to discover the dark secrets of the past and the horrors...

Now That I Found You

“Reagan,” Professor Jameson said setting down his folder on the desk in front of hers as she packed up her belongings. Reagan looked up and then looked away quickly, going back to packing. “I know, I need to work on-” “Reagan.” “Yes?” She asked, stopping and looking up. Professor Jameson sounded very serious. “I need to ask you a...

The Castle of Dreams

Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Peter Pan and The Boy who cried wolf, five stories you've known your whole life, but what happens when those stories come together? Rebecca, Baylee, Casey, Peyton, Wiley, and Beckett were just your normal teenagers until they all wake up in strange places that aren't their...


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