On The Road To Us


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Chapter 2

About an hour later all of us were in a circle on the floor playing board games. We were waiting for Bridget and Ashlyn to come back with the pizzas we had ordered because we were all starving. Garrett decided he would wait out the rain and then walk back to his hotel, which the girls objected to, since they could easily drive him there. Myself is not included mainly because I cannot drive. I've never wanted to learn, I was always just so terrified of it. But besides me being terrified of driving, and the girls finally talking Garrett into letting us take him back to his hotel, he had still decided he would wait out the rain. So while we were waiting board games happened. We were playing Life and for some reason everyone thought it was hilarious to keep sueing me. "You guysssss! Stop it. I'm running out of moneyy!" I complained handing Garrett the $100,000 he had sued me for. The three of them laughed. "That's the point. Thank you." Garrett said taking the money from me. I stuck my tongue out at him, making him chuckle as Melody spun the wheel thing. 3. She got a freaking three. "Are you freaking kidding me!" I exclaimed as she held her hand out waiting for me to give her money. The three of them cracked up while I counted out my money. I had just enough. "Here. Take it and leave me alone!" I said grinning because I was too happy to be upset about it. Rainie spun. She got a ten. Phew, I was really scared she was going to sue me again. I couldn't afford that again. The rest of the game ended pretty quickly, Melody winning by a landslide. "Jeez Louise. That was the worst game of Life I have ever played in my life" I said. I of course came in last since they stole my money from me. "I wonder what's taking Ash and Bridge so long, they've been gone forever." Rainie said flopping herself down on the couch. Melody and Garrett doing the same in the chairs. "Oh, don't worry about it guys, I'll clean up the game." I said putting everything back in the box. As I stood up with it a giant clap of thunder shook the house and I dropped the box. Of course it opened and pieces went everywhere. I put my hands in my face laughing at myself. I knelt down and starting to pick up pieces when I touched someone else's hand and I looked up to see Garrett chuckling to himself, while looking right at me and then he turned back to the pieces. "Are you scared of thunder?" He asked after a moment. I shook my head and continued to pick up and place the money in their correct places in the holder. "Not usually, but that was loud and unexpected. It caught me off guard." I protested. I could feel Mel and Rainie staring at us as we cleaned up the game and then as we put everything back in the box our hands touched again. I blushed and found myself staring into his eyes, him staring right back at mine when the front door flew open and Bridget and Ashlyn came in soaking wet holding pizzas and 2 liters. Garrett and I broke eye contact and the four of us look over at Bridget and Ashlyn. "Did you get lost? Jeezle Pete's, I'm starving!!" Rainie complained. Ashlyn came over and set the pizzas in the middle of the floor before sitting down, Bridget doing the same with the 2 liters. I stood up with the game clutching it tightly so I wouldn't drop it again. "I guess I'll put this away and get some plates and cups?" I asked. Everyone nodded. I left the room, I felt everyone's eyes follow me too like they couldn't wait to say something about me. But I knew them, we don't talk behind each others backs like that. I ran down the stairs to the basement to put the game back on it's shelf. When I stepped off the step I gasped. I just stepped in a whole crap ton of water. The basement was flooding again. I shimmied over to the game shelve shoved the game back on the shelf and ran back to the stairs. Here's where my brain stops working. I tried to run up the stairs, but once I got three steps up I slipped banging my knees against the lower steps and grabbing hold of a higher one to keep myself from slipping all the way down. I groaned and pulled myself to my feet slowly and walked the rest of the way up. Back upstairs I peeled off my socks and tossed them by the door then went into the kitchen to get plates and cups. As soon as I walked back into the living room everyone looked up at me. "Are you alright?" Ashlyn asked. I nodded and rubbed my arm a little. 

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine, just slipped on the stairs because my feet were wet." I explained sitting down on the floor with the cups and plates. I handed one out to everyone and they all grabbed their shares. I grabbed some as well and sat back. "So, while I'm slipping on the stairs and collecting plates, what were you guys doing?" I asked looking at each of them, and then taking a bite of my pizza. None of them looked at me. "You guys?" I pushed. "Garrett wants to ask you something!!" Rainie yelled. I raise my eyebrows at Garrett who suddenly looked uncomfortable. "Oh yeah? And what might you have to ask me, Garrett?" I asked teasingly. He glared up at Rainie, then looked at me softly. "If you..uh..if you might wanna go out sometime?" He said. I felt my mouth drop open and I was at a loss for words. The girls were all grinning at us and Garrett was giving me that, 'please say yes so I don't look like an idiot' look but all I could do was gape. Garrett Jackson just asked me to go out with him. I shook my head clearing my mind. "Yes, that would be wonderful. But let's stick to something like a movie, no quests to find stolen swords, that's more of a second date kind of thing." I said attempting to answer his question and make a joke at the same time. It worked because he laughed, and so I laughed and then the others laughed, and then we all died. The End. Just kidding, but we did crack up. "Deal." He said holding out his hand. I shook it and then we all went back to eating. When we were finished Mel and Rainie threw away the garbage while Bridget decided it was time for some music. She clicked on the radio and of course there was a Garrett Jackson song playing. I jumped to my feet, totally forgetting I was sitting next to Garrett Jackson. "Oh my gosh! I love this song!!" I exclaimed singing along. Rainie was the second one to start singing. I grabbed her hand and spun her around, her doing the same to me as soon as she could, all the while still singing to each other. The other girls joined in and when the song ended Garrett clapped. "Wow. You guys that was amazing." He said. The girls and I exchanged glances and blushed. "Thank you, we've always wanted to be performers but so far we've only made it a 10,000 subscribers on youtube." Rainie said laying upside down on the chair. Garrett raised an eyebrow and looked every single one of us in the eye, I could've sworn his gaze lingered on me a second longer. "10,000? That's a lot." Garrett said. The girls shrugged their shoulders. "Eh, not really. It's nothing compared to how many fans you have." Melody said sprawling herself out on the floor. Garrett seemed to think about that for a moment. Then he looked up at us again. "I might be able to help with that. You girls are really talented. What's your channel? I can share a few videos and see if that helps you get closer to your dreams." He said. The girls and I just stared at him. "You...you can't be serious. You would do that for us?" Rainie asked. And let me just tell you right now, it was rare to see Rainie speechless. Garrett smirked and nodded his head. "Of course, what are friends for?" he said pulling out his phone. I glanced around at the girls and I knew it could only have been luck that I ran into Garrett. 





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Chapter 1

There are good days and there are bad days. Today is one of the good ones. If you have ever run into someone on the street and immediately knew who they were but didn't freak out like every other girl would have and became best friends with them then welcome to my world. It was just a normal rainy Wednesday afternoon and I was rushing down the street towards my house to get out of the rain when I ran smack into Garrett Jackson. Okay, really I just stepped on a rock and fell, but I fell into him so that's kind of the same thing, right? He jumped up and held out a hand to me. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. "I am so sorry. There was a rock and I slipped, I really am sorry." I blurted out and that's when I realized who he was. He laughed at me and did that thing where they look you up and down to check you out. I blushed and felt self conscious. "Well, if uh.if you're alright I'll just be going then." I said turning and starting to walk off. 
"Wait! Would you mind if I came with you wherever you are going. Some girls stole my car and I can't walk all the way back to the hotel." He asked pleadingly. I sighed and nodded. "I guess, come along." And that is how our friendship started. Garrett Jackson is an entertainer. Performer. Singer. Whatever, to me they're all the same. However, I loved Garrett Jackson and his music. I just was better at holding my tongue unlike most girls. He had messy dirty blonde hair that I wanted to mess up even more just for the fun of it, he had blue eyes, bluer than I've ever seen. He wasn't very tall which was nice because, I'm pretty darn short. I don't know why that matters but it does to me. Anyways, we didn't say a word to each other until we got to my house, which I shared with my best friends Melody, Rainie, Bridget and Ashlyn. I unlocked the door and let Garrett in before me. As I closed the door I yelled: "ASH! I'm home!" in seconds she was in the room. "Oh my Goodness, You are never going to believe who is her-Oh." She was excited and then she saw Garrett and she was at a loss for words. "I ran into him. Literally. And someone stole his car and he asked if he could come with me and so yeah. Ashlyn, meet Garrett Jackson, Garrett Jackson meet one of my best friends, Ashlyn" I said explaining and then introducing. Ashlyn gave a small wave, Garrett giving his signature grin. "Please, just call me Garrett, oh and by the way." He turned to me. "I never caught your name."

"Oh, I'm Kayley."
"Really, Really. Why?" 
"No reason. I just thought that was funny." 
"You're going to think I'm an idiot"

I laughed and hit his arm, surprising all three of us. Gosh, Kayley pull yourself together, this is still Garrett Jackson in front of you. "Just tell me!!" "Fine. The movie, Quest For Camelot." He said. It me a moment but then I got it and I blushed. Quest For Camelot is like my all time favorite movie. It's about a young girl named Kayley who goes on a journey to bring Excalibur back to King Arthur after it was stolen. Kayley meets Garrett and his silver winged falcon, Aiden, in a place called the forbidden forest and along the way Garrett and Kayley fall in love and in the end Arthur knights them. Wow..worst synopsis giver ever. "Oh my gosh. I love that movie!" I exclaimed. Garrett was still smirking. "Me too." Ashlyn made a weird squealing sound I looked up at her to see her staring at her phone. "What happened?" I asked. Ashlyn answered her text message. "Rainie just texted me about him, she's freaking out saying that we have to hunt him down." "What did you say?" "I said, 'Rainie, calm your tits. It you want to find him you have to be cool about it' and also because if she goes to look for him she's never going to find him because she's just going to go to wherever the big groups are." "Wow. Okay, I'm going to go change. These wet clothes are ridiculous. My brother might have left some clothes that might fit you if you want me to look." I said to Garrett. He nodded and I excused myself telling Ashlyn to make Garrett feel comfortable. I ran upstairs to my bedroom. As soon as I closed the door, I leaned against it and had my fangirl moment before changing into some dry clothes and searching through the duffel bag my brother had forgotten last time he stayed with us. I grabbed whatever looked clean and ran down the stairs almost running right into Rainie, Melody and Bridget who had just walked through the door. "Whoa, Kayley. What's the rush?" Melody asked. I didn't answer for a moment to catch my breath. "It's kind of a long story, and I need you, especially you," I say pointing at Rainie," to be cool." Rainie held up her hands in defense and I walked into the living room where Ash and Garrett were sitting on the couch talking about something until we walked in and then they looked up. Rainie stifled a scream and the others gasped. Rainie grabbed my arm. "Kayley. Garrett Jackson is in our house." She said. I laughed and tossed the clothes at Garrett hitting him in the face, making me laugh harder. "I know. Now let go of me. That hurts." She let go and I rubbed my arm. Garrett stood up and I pointed down the hall knowing he was going to ask for the bathroom to change. As soon as the door closed I was flung onto the couch with Rainie on top of me. "How in the world did you find him?!?" She yelled. "Oh my Goodness, Rainie. I slipped and fell into him. He needed a place to think and asked if he could come with me so he did and now here we are. Now would you please get off of me?" I said. Rainie though for a moment and then shook her head. "No, you're comfortable." She said. I laughed and pushed her, she climbed off just as Garrett came back in my brother's clothes. "Is that better?" I asked. He nodded. "Quite." "So, is there anything we can do to help you get situated wherever you need to be?" Bridget asked speaking up for the first time. Garrett leaned against the arm of the couch and the arm gave in and made him fall right on top of me. "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry. I can..I can..I can uh..I can fix that." He said. I blushed and laughed awkwardly. "It's okay, it was already broken, but can you get off of me because this is getting kind of awkward." I said trying to not to look deep into his beautiful blue eyes. He seemed to realize where exactly he had landed and rolled off of me right onto the floor landing on his knees, in a kneeling position facing me. "Oh my gosh you guys, this is like a Disney Movie when the prince is about the princess. Aww kiss her!" Rainie exclaimed. I sat up and swung my legs off of the couch, careful not to hit Garrett in the face again, that would not be a pretty picture. "Uh no thanks." I said. Garrett looked offended and he put a hand over his heart. "What? You don't want to kiss me?" 
"I didn't say that." After I realized what I said my face turned red. The girls were all laughing silently with their expressions, while Garrett full on cracked up. I pulled my knees up to my chest and buried my face. "Leave me alone." I said my voice muffled. I felt someone sit down next to me and raised my head to see who it was. It was Garrett and he was looking at me with a big smile. "I like you. You're funny. All of you" He said. 
"Well, we like you too, Some of us maybe a little bit more than the others." Melody said winking at me. I glared at her. I could practically feel the awkwardness start growing. "Well, I guess I should probably get going. It's not very fair of me to take up your whole afternoon." Garrett said a moment later. 
"Awe, do you have to go?" Rainie asked. Garrett ran a hand through his hair and looked up at Rainie through his eyelashes. "Are you sure, because I feel like I'm intruding." Garrett said.
"Oh, you're not intruding, it's just going to take a second to get over the fact that you're Garrett Jackson and you're sitting in our living room." 
"Right. Well in that case." Garrett said leaning back on the couch slowly in case it would give out like the arm had before. I giggled. I couldn't help it. "Oh, come on, the couch doesn't bite. I swear." I said. Garrett gave me a funny look and crossed his arms. "Ha. Ha." He said smiling at me. I smiled back and that's when I knew He was going to be one of my closest friends. He was just so easy going and hilarious, he didn't mind my crazy friends, by crazy I mean Rainie, and he had amazing talent. I mean what else could you want in a boy? Cause that's all I need.


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Chapter 3

A couple weeks had passed since we met Garrett. But true to his word he shared a few of our videos and within days our subscribers went from 10,000 to 14,000. The numbers kept climbing. I hadn't really realized anything different going on until the day people started recognizing us on the streets. Me and the girls had taken a million pictures, signed about a thousand things. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but still it was crazy. We'd also been getting fanmail. FANMAIL. On this particular day I was laying in bed scrolling through my facebook feed when Rainie burst into the room yelling my name, the others right behind her. "KAYLEY! KAYLEY! KAYLEY!!" Rainie was yelling. I glanced up and saw she was waving a letter in the air. I pushed my computer aside and sat up. "What is it?? Is it my acceptance letter?" I asked. I'd been awaiting the college acceptance letter for weeks now. Rainie shook her head and grinned at me. "Nope, it's something even better!" She exclaimed as Ashlyn finally snatched the letter from Rainie's flailing hands and handing it to me. I glanced at each of my friends. They were all smiling at me, none like Rainie but still. "What is it?" I asked. Bridget sat next to me and winked. "You have to open it and find out." She said. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention the letter. I assumed it was just another letter from a fan expressing how much they loved the way I wore my hair, or how much they loved my voice. Stuff like that. But boy was I wrong. I opened the envelope and pulled out the paper. It was a small simple piece of lined paper cut in a square. Written in black ink, was very nice handwriting that said,

Remember that time you ran into me on the street and you and your friends let me hang with you all day? When you left the room they told me to ask you out on a date..and you know you said yes, well surprise! I think it's time for that. It's been a few weeks, and this is going to sound so damn cheesy but, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. Oh my goodness, see? CHEESY! Also, I know this note seems like a more cliche way to plan a date but I thought that if I tried to do it over the phone I'd sound like even more of an idiot. I'm rambling. ANYWAYS, dinner? This Saturday, six o'clock. I'll pick you up then. 
P.S. Wear something comfortableish
Yours Truly,

I found myself grinning as much as Rainie. I held the note close to my chest and looked up at the girls. "I'm going on a date with Garrett Jackson. Is this real life?" I asked. 
"Yeah it's real life! I'm so happy for you girl!" Melody answered sitting on the bed, opposite the side Bridget had claimed. I leaned into her and she wrapped her arms around me. "When are you supposed to go on your date?" Ashlyn asked. 
"Um, Saturday at six." 
"That's in three hours!!" Ashlyn exclaimed. I sat up, pulling myself away from Melody's embrace. Just like that, the five of us were in teenage girl mode. We'd known each since forever. I'd first met Ashlyn at a Caitlyn Moran concert. Both our parents had somehow gotten tickets to the sold out show and they dragged us along. The two of us bonded then. From there on out we did all kinds of things together. It wasn't until we started high school that we met the others. You know in the classic, 'oh, you sit next to her.' or 'you're going to be lab partners for the whole year.' It wasn't until we realized that we all wanted to sing did we sort of form our unbreakable bond. We'd been friends since we'd met in high school and then after graduating, we bought our house. 
So, now whenever one of the five of us had a date or anything special happening we felt like teenagers again. "What are you going to wear?" Melody demanded. I shrugged my shoulders. 
"He said something comfortableish so-" 
"He did not say comfortableish." 
"He did too!" I said handing Mel the note. 
"Oh my god. He did say comfortablish."She said a moment later. Rainie giggled and we glanced at her. "Don't hate on comfortablish, it's a good word." 
"Rainie, it isn't a word." Ashlyn said. Rainie began to argue on how if you say something out loud then it's a word, Melody joining in but totally siding with Ash. I sat there watching back and forth from the three of them listening to them bicker when Bridget poked my arm and gestured for me to follow her. We snuck out of the room without being noticed by the others. I looped my arm through Bridget's and let her lead me wherever she was taking me. Turns out she was dragging me to her closet. "Bridge, what are you doing?" I asked as she stood me right outside her walk-in closet and disappeared behind some clothes. "Giving you something I was saving for a special occasion but I think you could use it now." She called. I rolled my eyes at her, even though she couldn't see me, and sat on her bed, crossing my arms. "You really don't have to do this. I could've just found somethi-" I cut myself short as Bridget emerged holding a stack of clothes. Bridget handed them to me and I found myself holding a pair of high waisted shorts, a floral crop top and some white gym shoes and a pair of Bridget's favorite sunglasses.


"No. Stop. Don't say anything just go put it on, okay?" She said, turning to her jewelry box atop her dresser. Why she needed a dresser when she had the only walk-in closet, I have no idea. But still I found myself getting to my feet and going in the bathroom to change my clothes.When I came back into her room she was no longer alone. Melody, Ashlyn and Rainie had joined her. I walked back in and they all turned to face me. I had pulled my long brown curls up into a messy ponytail and set the sunglasses atop my head since obviously I didn't need to wear them indoors. The crop top and shorts fit perfectly, they were uniquely me with a hint of Bridget. The shoes were a tad big, but I was used to that. "Don't you look dashing!" Melody exclaimed. I smiled at my friends. Bridget came over and handed me a pair of earrings, which I began to put in as she clasped a necklace around my neck. 
"Bridget, how long were you planning on keeping your inner fashionista secret?" Rainie asked. Bridget shrugged her shoulders and tucked my bra strap back under the sleeve of the shirt. "I don't know, I can't show it on myself, it just never works out. But on others, well." Bridget gestured to me and they all admired the outfit. I felt a bit left out so I walked over to the mirror and looked at my reflection. "Wow, Bridget. I'm impressed." I said. Bridget gave me a warm smile. She'd never admit it to me or to anyone else but I could tell she was relieved that it looked good. 
"So what are you gonna do while you wait for your prince charming?" Ashlyn asked. 
"Actually, I think it's knight in shining armor, get it..cause the movie..? Yeah? Yeah? No? Okay." Rainie said before I had the chance to speak. I laughed at her attempt of a joke, it was pretty funny if you knew Quest for Camelot. 
"I'm going to go read my book on the couch and there's nothing you weirdos can do to stop me!" I said rushing out of Bridget's bedroom and towards mine to grab my book, before they even realized what was happening.

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