Select your perfect wedding invitation to cherished your marriage


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Select your perfect wedding invitation to cherished your marriage

Weddings are unique in nature. The fact about Indian weddings is that each place has its own unique customs, rituals and norms. Needless to say all aspects of the wedding also differs from one another depending on the place of origin.

Take a look at the collection of wedding cards online and you will know what is in vogue for youngsters

Packet wedding cards : The latest wedding cards in vogue are the one’s that do not come with an envelope. Rather these cards come with a covering packet in which the card can be inserted. It kind of adds a funkiness to the card.

Floral Hues : Gone are the wedding cards that used to be made out of velvet in rich jewel tones like maroon and gold. Today’s generation wants to have fun at their wedding. Needless to say, they want wedding cards that are made of pastel and floral hues so that the card looks fresh and different.

Cards with Unique gifts: It has been an age old custom of inviting people for the wedding with gifts along with the invitation. The new age of youngsters do not believe in going with the old thought process of gifting mithai’s and utensils. The new breed wants the same to be different. So, they prefer off beat gifts like air purifying plants , cupcakes, small ganesh idols and so on.

Here are a few features that makes us one of the pioneers amongst our peer group and a hit amidst the youngsters

Religious specifications:  We understand and appreciate the fact that every single wedding has certain religious aspects to abide by. Like a Hindu wedding card will have a Lord Ganesh on it, a Gujarat wedding card will have a Lord Krishna, a Punjabi wedding card will have some Anand Karaj symbols and so on. India is a diverse country and we completely understand the fact that that the wedding invites will also be unique and diverse in this sense. Our team of designers actually try and comprehend the various kinds of religious customs and their implications before translating them on the cards. This way the cards turn out really appropriate as per the rituals.

Online cards: A lot of couples do not believe in paper wedding invites as they want to do their bit for Mother Nature.  We also, actually go ahead and make enticing online wedding cards that are engaging and fresh to look at. These online wedding cards can actually be shared with one another on email and can be stored for a lifetime.

Last but not the least we offer courier service of wedding invites all across the globe. So, no matter where you are located you can simply browse through our website and zero onto the perfect wedding invite for yourself.

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