4 Factors


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Chapter 1

"The average human body contains enough potassium to discharge one toy cannon, while the phosphorus can make up to two-thousand-two-hundred match heads. It has enough carbon to make nine hundred pencils. Fat to make seven bars of soap or seventy-five candles.”

His finger pointed to the ceiling that was shrouded in darkness. “Iron, which is only point-one percent of the body, can make a seven-and-a-half centimeter nail. Or the equivalent to around three inches. Water makes up seventy percent of your body. That's enough to fill a ten-gallon tank. People even have enough sulfur to kill all the fleas on an average dog.”

The scientist was completely cracked. His gaze glittered with childlike passion, but looked past me. I was nothing more than a lab rat to him.

“So, you see,” He continued with a barest hint of a smile. “Many believe that the world is running out of resources. That is only because they choose not to see the potential within themselves.”

“You’re sick!” I barked.

Terror and disgust writhed inside my gut. The restraints cut into my wrists.    

No one knew that Combine Industries was a factory to rip apart living, breathing people. That they took what the human body produced to create their products.

Even now with the sense of doom broiling inside, I was glad I never tried their soap.

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Allen Davies

Hooked me Can see impending horror even and eco thriler/disaster???????????


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