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Let me explain

 I'm Ellie and I have a best friend named Geo. I like him, he dosent know that and he dosent like me. Even though he treats me like a girlfriend we're just best friends with no benifits. We hug, we hold hands, he calls me princess, I call him babe. But if anyone ever mentions anything about us dating he says we're just best friends. Everytime he hugs me I get this feeling, I don't know how to explain it. It feels like he will never let anything hurt me again. The feeling I have is like I will always be safe and happy. He says I love you to me but ik it's just in a friend way but I like him in the other way. I'm young, I'm really not sure what love is so I don't know if I love him in the boyfriend way. Maybe I'll find out? 

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