Colder than Ice

Born on the winter solstice and cursed with a power beyond her control, Aster Stormsilver is forced into a betrothal with Kai Dragonlight, the prince of the realm. As their relationship progresses, she discovers secrets about him, and secrets about their births, that should have remained hidden until the end of time.

The Girl No One Remembers

Everybody thinks they've seen a ghost at least once, right? Well, how many of the living can say that they have been one? Kaitlind Lawrence is a girl who lives in the shadows, though it's not by choice. She was just a little too late. So she hid herself away, and was eventually forgotten. But when someone sees her, and pulls her into...

A Song of Freedom

Harmony and Melody Wolfe, cousins and convicts. These two were born in space almost 100 years after a nuclear war soaked the planet in radiation. Harmony has been used as a human science experiment her entire life, due to a deal her parents made in the hopes of keeping her twin brother, a deal the government of the Ark went back on....


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Rain Drops

A single moment in time can change everything. For Mia and Luke, that moment happens in the middle of the night. It is a moment precipitated by mistakes and bad decisions...and nothing will ever be the same.


In which Michael hangs out with Skylar and intimidates Luke, and they may or may not have been "friends with bens" since they were twelve. In which Calum lies to his parents to chill in Michael's penthouse, because it's not like he's always been desperately in love with Skylar, he just definitely is, and she's always been too willing...

Choose Me

Luke Hemmings had been my celebrity crush for the longest time. My sister and I joked that I'd marry him and she'd marry one of his best friends, Ashton Irwin. What I never expected was to have both of them fall in love with me and have to choose which boy I was more in love with. And with either one I picked, two of us would have a...

Bellamy Blake | Hacker

Maeve Keller has lived on the Ark from the day she was born. She and thousands of other people tried keeping the human population going, hoping that one day they would return to earth; which had been destroyed by a nuclear war a hundred years ago. When the oxygen system on the Ark tends to fail, the council sends down all one-hundred...