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 The breeze was a cold flush upon me. It was snowing and I still had to walk. It snowed a lot in London but I never enjoyed it. It reminded me of being stranded, stuck at home. Reminded me of anxiety but I didn't really know what that was, well I wasn't sure. 

I hated the idea of walking by myself in a cold day. My uniform skirt was twisted and wet from brushing upon the bushes before. My legs were red and blotchy, not to mention the shaving scars from the other night and how one side of my left leg was hairy. Shaving's a bitch. I could feel  the cold air against my teeth. I hate that feeling. The pain was horrible but fimalar as I couldn't eat an ice cream without it. 

I hated taking the tube to school, my father never dropped me off at school even though he probably could. I had terrible time management so I alway ended up missing the correct tube. Even the second one was a struggle. Well not a struggle I never caught it either. I was always late  and I was just glad I got to school before I was ten minutes late. Today was like that. The text tube was at twenty past eight. Giving half an hour till school. Half an hour ride. 

The waiting seats felt like a freezer I could barely sit it without my thighs sticking to the seats. My skirt was short, shorter then most people's I suppose. I hated wearing skirts and I hated wearing uniforms. I hated going to a girls school and I hated it all to be honest. I wasn't bad at school I just didn't enjoy it at all.

The tube finally came, a few minutes late though. As I went to stand up I relaise I couldn't. Oh my god. My legs are stuck to the seat. How is that even possible. No, they can't be. I furiously shuffle my legs but no use. The tubes about to leave and I'm stuck to the seat. I glanced around, no one was there. I could have died I a hole. I wish I had. I pulled my legs as hard as I could but it must have made me look like a idiot. I noticed the tube worker trying to signal me to get on. I shake my head at him and try to smile. He points at my shoelace giving a smile probably thinking he's helping me. I look at him. What type of person wouldn't do their lace up when someone's pointed it out. I try lifting my knee but it terribly obvious I'm stuck. Before I even bother reaching for my laces I hear a shreck of laughter. Not just from him from half the people on the tube.

"The girls stuck to the seat, someone get some water." He shrecks of laughter like a real idiot. Everyone's looking at me. About three tube workers come over to me. They're all laughing at me. They're life's have nothing interesting so they can barely handle it. 

"Love are you okay?" said one the women, she's giggling but trying you seem comsidarate. "I'm just going to pour a bit of water under your thighs and you should be ready to go!" She giggled, obviously made her day or week or month. She opened her, dog chewed, water bottle and carelessly poured all over my skirt and shoes. She continued exchanging laughs with the other lady and didn't realise I was soaking wet. 

"Can you sweetie?" She asked expecting she managed to actually free me. I try moving my legs but really it's not use. I look up at her.

"Oh, I'll try again" she said. She was getting many looks from unpleasant people on the tube who didn't seem to happy being late because a stupid school girl managed to get stuck to a seat. How did I even get stuck to the seat? I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed. I've never in all my 14 years of living been so embarrassed. The lady quickly poured all of the water left in the bottle under my thigh. She wasn't laughing now as so many people were yelling at her to leave me. Though she didn't, suprisingly like the other two tube workers. For the longest two minutes of my life shuffle my legs and pull as hard as I can and finally I fall of the seat. 

"Oh thank god" the lady said, "thought I was gonna have to call someone!" 

"Sorry thanks" I mumble. I can't even look at her. She smiles and points me on tube. Slowly I walk on it. I don't dare sit down or look anyone in the eye. There all staring at me. I'm all wet, my thighs hurt and oh I can only Imagiene how red my face is. 

That's only part of chapter one, comment if you want me to do more! Sorry about any typos!

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