The Biggest Publishing Houses in Australia


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The Biggest Publishing Houses in Australia

Getting the best publisher is a dream come true to any writer. When starting off, you can have fears of rejection or not knowing the right publishing company. For a first time writer, it can be nerve-wracking wondering how to get published. Especially since renowned companies seem unreachable and considering them comes with the risk of rejection. However, the better part is that in the Australian book industry, there are book publishers who are willing to read manuscripts from first-time writers as they are with seasoned writers.

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If in search for the best publisher for your book, we have gathered five Australian publishers you can choose from. Also, to writers who wish to perfect their writing, you can get help from Edusson Australia among other reliable editing websites that provides tutoring services as well as essay and homework help. Thus, as a student juggling between class works and writing a book, you don’t have to worry anymore wondering where to get help with my homework.   

Here are the 5 best Publishing Houses in Australia

1. Pan Macmillan Australia

Established in 1904, Pan Macmillan is a publishing giant that publishes a wide range of high-quality, award-winning and best-selling titles. The company publishes under Macquarie Dictionary, Plum, Picador and Pan Publishers.  

Every first Monday of the month, the company accepts unsolicited submissions which they have dubbed Manuscript Monday. Thus even if you are an upcoming writer, they will guide you through the publishing process.

Pan Macmillan offices are in Melbourne and Sydney, and they cover a broad range of genre including biographies, military history, history, science, non-fiction, true crime, young adults and children fictions, lifestyle, etc. Check out their website for more information.

2. Stringybark Stories

This is among the latest publishing company that gives upcoming writers the opportunity to get published in Australia. After noticing a lack of anthologies and short stories in the Australian market, David Vernon decided to launch Stringybark stories. Every year, the company usually hosts various themed competitions to help writers who are struggling to get published.

3. Scribe Publications

This is an award-winning publisher with offices both in New York and London. Every year the company publishes 30 titles in the US, 60 in the UK, and 65 in Australia. Scribe was established in 1976 by Henry Robinson. Every year between 1st January up to 31st March and on 1st July up to 30th September, the company accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Therefore, whenever you are looking to organize your thoughts into a book or article, or need any publishing assistance or any homework help, submit your manuscript on their online site, and the professionals will review it and get back to you within a short time. Also, ensure you have adhered to their guidelines when submitting since the company only review submissions that have observed their guidelines.   

The main topics they publish are serious fictions as well as important themes. Writers who need their work published and they are not presented by an agent need to have been published in magazines and journals. 

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4. Melbourne University Publishing

This is an AU first university press located in Melbourne. It publishes the best non-fiction and country critical writing. For your manuscript to be considered, before submitting, you need to peruse through their imprints to understand their submission guidelines. They have different imprints such as MUP Academics that publishes a literary journal and peer appraised academic articles as well as Miegunyah Press that publishes illustrated history and photography books. 

5. Text Publishing

This is another company you need to consider if you are a first time writer. The company welcomes opportunities to explore new genres and territories. All of their books are designed with care, meaning if you want gorgeous covers and beautiful layouts; you need to strike a deal with Text. For three consecutive years (from 2012 to 2014), the company has won the Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIA). It's a small independent publishing company that prints a wide range of non-fiction and fiction writings.

Final Words

Note that before you send a manuscript to your preferred publisher, you need to do your research and know the type of work they accept. They can reject your work due to procedural slipups such as not knowing the genre or the word limit they prefer.


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