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Hello out there! This book is for people like you, out there in the world full of hate. Where no one is kind and everyone wants to break you down. It’s rough isn’t it. Trust me when I say that you are worth everything. Whether you are a child or adult or senior you are worth a life. You were made for a reason and as much as you think you are not worth a penny you have a reason to live. And I am going to help you discover that reason. Whether it takes you 1 day or 30 you will soon realize how amazing you are and will soon understand why you were born. We all have a purpose and how do you know your is not the most important. You have to try it at least.

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Day 1

 Hey person! That’s right, I DO NOT know you! But you do! You know you and you know right and wrong! You know what you have done wrong in life and you sure as heck remember exactly what you did right in life. Time to start from scratch. Say it with me now. You shall repeat these words every day until they are no longer just words yet truths that you can share among others. Truths that are not so hard to believe anymore because you have said them so many times they stop becoming just words and are a token. A token of forgiveness. Repeat after me. “I am me. I am ME! Whether I like it or not I am ME! I will not change right away, it will take time. But I swear that I will try, I will work hard, I will forgive others and fix bonds. But most of all I will forgive myself. MYSELF! I forgive MYSELF TODAY! I will never go back once I have started! Because from now on, I have been renewed, I am human, and I make mistakes, but I forgive MYSELF!” If you have said those words I need you to repeat them every day for the rest of the month. Promise me you will. Because you are strong and I trust in you. I believe you will forgive yourself and I believe you will change for the better.

All that glitters is not gold


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Day 2

 You started at nothing. Whether you chose to be kind or rude, you made a decision. And whether you like that decision or not it has been made. And it is up to you to make it right. Friendships are amazing and throughout life we lose quite a few. The beginning of your journey all starts with a little kindness. Call everyone you know right now. I mean it RIGHT NOW and tell them that you are sorry for everything you have ever done. I don’t care if you don’t like them but a healthy life style all begins with forgiveness. You can never be in a good mind state if you are mad at people. Once you finish calling everyone call your mother. Whether she birthed you or adopted you, she made you who you are. Call her NOW! RIGHT NOW! And tell her you love her, call your siblings and friends, I don’t care if you are still mad but are you really going to hold a grudge and ruin your mind set. 

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive our hate, only love can do that.

-Martin Luther King  Jr.

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