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Chapter 1

Seeing that the two babyes are getting closer and closer to school, Tingting is anxious like an ant in a hot pot. The street visits four neighbors, and the relatives and friends borrowed it all over, but the tuition fees of the two brothers are still a lot worse.

Tingting looked at the father who was sitting on the threshold and holding the inferior smoke, and looked at the mother who was sighing with tears in the corner. She choked and said, "Parents, I heard that Hua Ge just came back from work in the city, I went to seek He, see if he can lend some money to us. my explanation | click this site | More Help | these details | his explanation | Tingting nodded helplessly, he knows that there is no contact between the family and the Huazi family. In order to force the tuition fee, he can only hold the dead horse as a living horse doctor. However, he only understands that this hope is so embarrassing.

It was getting darker. At this time, Tingting came back from the outside with breathlessness. She smiled and looked at her parents’ eyes. She said, Mom and Dad, there is no white running. Hua Ge said that he did not have extra money to lend. We, but their boss is donating money to poor students in the mountains. He looks at my family's economic evidence and is willing to help us to apply with his boss. There is only one place in each village. I said it to my brother. This place is reserved for my brother. He is better than me. I will go out with my brother to earn money tomorrow, so the burden on the family will not be alleviated. When you are finished, don't walk into the house and leave a dumbfounded parent.

Tingting, who is alone, works very hard and is very sensible. No matter how busy the work is, I will remember to call home to greet my parents when I am free. "Parents, your body is okay. I am very good at eating and drinking here, you don't have to miss me."

"Tingting, it doesn't matter how much money you earn, but you must take care of your body."

"Well. My brother is very relieved to learn. If you are short of money at home, don't even support me."

When she heard that "everything is good" on the phone, she felt that all her efforts were worth it. It is such a trivial discourse, accompanied by her every spring and autumn, she knows that the parents want only the voice of the daughter, this feeling is as warm as she never left her parents.

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, seven years have passed, and my younger brother has been admitted to a key university. The mother happily told this good news to Tingting, who is working in the city: "Ting, your brother finally has no heavy responsibility, and he is admitted to Peking University. Come back! Let’s have a good reunion to celebrate, Mom has not been in the past seven years. See you, miss you.

"Really? My brother is awesome! Tingting listened to the voice of the mother who cheered the phone, and the heart followed with a little warmth. Thinking of his brother's series of tuition and tuition and fees, he could not help but look down. After two seconds, he said: Mom, I can't go back now. The factory is in the peak season. I will add more classes, earn more money, and go home later, ok?

"You, this child, have forgotten to give birth to your home in a few years. You are not coming back for such a big happy event at home. What is the use of earning so much money?

"Mom, you misunderstood what I meant, I... I didn't wait for Tingting to explain, I heard the voice of the phone." Obviously the mother was angry, and the seven-year-old family had the crack for the first time. .

On the day the younger brother went to school, the people who came to Daoxi were in a constant stream. A fellow from Tingting to work with Tingting said to the younger brother of Tingting: "You will be able to learn from your sister in the future. Don't learn from your sister. I have a little money to start a business. I don't want to borrow it. She seems to be afraid that I am still not. It looks like. "Yes, yes. "Several girls who came back agreed." Several times, she went to the streets to go shopping, buy some cosmetics, clothes, and she did not go. "Every time she works overtime, she is rushing to do it. She has the highest prize in the whole workshop."

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