He lacked fatherly love from a young age


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Chapter 1

The father is a tough guy. When he was 15 years old, his grandfather died, leaving him and his grandmother orphans. Although he took the grandfather's job and went to work as a worker in the factory, his family's big things and small things fell on his thin shoulders. He became silent and his face was always cold, but he was very capable. He started from the most basic workshop and stepped up as the factory manager. Later he was transferred to the Economic and Trade Bureau as the deputy director you can try this out | explanation | you could check here | look at here | continue reading this . His impressions are always cold and almost inhuman.

I don't know how he is in the officialdom and in the unit, but he is cold to me like I am not his biological son, especially after he became the factory manager. The shelf is so big that I seem to be his subordinate. He lacked fatherly love from a young age, because his grandfather died, but he still lived well, but did not let me feel the warmth of fatherly love.

In the middle school of junior high school, I compared it with my classmates. I wanted to buy a watch and let my mother ask him for money. He didn’t say a word. I am very angry. Those days I turned to the mall and found the cheapest watch, as long as 35 yuan. I think, don't want his money, I can still buy it. On the weekend, I went to the garbage dump outside the factory wall. On the way to school, I always bowed and kicked, even if I kicked an iron screw from the soil, or a broken plastic sheet, I also picked it up. When I was too much, I went to the acquisition station to sell it. A piece of two pieces, a few corners and a few cents, enough for a semester, only enough to pay for a piece of money.

Putting on the new watch, I deliberately showed off, the demonstration seemed to slap the sleeves high, and the mother asked in surprise. "Where are you coming from?" I didn't answer, but I peeked at my father's expression. I thought about it. If he dares to interrogate me and suspect that my money is unclear, I will immediately confide in my hard work like a volcanic eruption and accuse him of not giving my father a love. But he just glanced at my wrist and didn't scream again. I suddenly felt like a deflated ball.

Is it true that those who are officials have such virtues? I am his only child. Many of my classmates are not official, and they love them. What happened to me? If you don’t love me, you have to care about me. He is not afraid to force me into a thief.

However, compared with what happened later, it was simply a small witch, which made me appreciate his indifference.

In the winter of the year before the college entrance examination, I studied hard in my own house all night, and the fire was very prosperous. As a result, I was poisoned by gas every night. When I woke up, it was the next morning, lying in a hospital bed. The mother was frightened. Seeing that I woke up and cried, I would have finished if I was not a father at night. My father had problems with insomnia. He couldn't sleep and couldn't sleep. He always felt that my house was moving abnormally. I asked my mother to look at it and found that I was curling up in the bed. I had a suffocating breath in my mouth and I knew that I was in the gas. I looked up at my father with fear and found that he was facing me at the door of the ward and could not see how his expression was. I heard that I woke up. He asked his mother to take care of me and went to work.

The gratitude in my heart instantly turned into resentment. Oh, let me die, how can I have such a cold-blooded father?

In the second year, I was admitted to the university. Other students were sent to the provincial capital by their parents, and I, a student who has never been to a distant place. It is a lonely person who gets on the train. Looking at the twin farewell eyes on the platform, my eyes are wet because of my loneliness. Since then, I have vowed to study hard, find a good job in the future, and don't go back to the home without family, even if it is a holiday, don't go back. Throughout the university, I have been working hard to drop out of school, and I have tasted the bitterness of the world. Because my father gave me the money, I only have to pay tuition and maintain a simple living expenses. Even if I buy extracurricular books, I have to earn money by myself.

In the first summer vacation, I really didn't go home. Ten days later. My father came to the provincial capital to meet, and by the way, I went to see the school. Then we went out to eat and asked for two dishes. He also wanted a bottle of liquor. I asked: "Have you been drinking?" He glanced and said, "Oh, for a few years." Then we had a boring head to eat Lai, a boring head to drink. What surprised me the most was that he actually took the ass and left after eating, and the meal was paid by me.

After graduating, the students are looking for a way to distribute. Like the ordinary colleges and universities in my school, where can I go back, I can only go back to that small county. But everyone said that I have no problem, my father is the director, I will definitely find a good unit for me. I think so too. I don't want to go to the business. I just want to go to the office.

I think, even if I don't tell him, such a big event, he will take the initiative to give Zhang Luo. However, the final result, he did not ask at all, I was divided into a semi-dead material company by the Labor Bureau, less than a year, the fate of the laid-off came to me.

My resentment against my father has deepened. I think he must have mental illness because he has suffered since he was a child. He lost his father's love from an early age, so I want to taste it. Certainly yes. Fortunately, I have never relied on him since I was a child. At this time, I can't even ask him. I can't let him see my jokes.

Soon, I rented a facade facing the street to sell electrical appliances, earned some money a year later, and re-sold a larger facade to expand to sell motorcycles. Although the business is hard, the better it is. During this period, I only remember that he had been there twice. Every time, like a leader inspection, he turned his hand and walked a few laps. He didn't praise me, just said: "Is this no better than drinking tea in the office as a small cadre?" This is the only thing I have heard since I was born, and I am sure of my words. Is that the feeling of being called father love? But, after so many years, my feelings are really too little.

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