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The digital kitchen scale can help because it lets you have the correct measurements or weights when you're preparing your foods. Using this method in order to smoke with rather than “eye-balling” method makes cooking a joy rather than a task. Many people are unacquainted with the digital or electronic scale. They are used to seeing the analog type. There is a difference as the digital is oftentimes easier & more precise to use for foods.

My husband and I are actually focusing on newer and more effective food and diet plan that require careful calculation of serving sizes and weights. We got fed up with guessing and ultimately gave into purchasing a food scale that will simplify things for many people. We couldn't be happier until now with this product from Etekcity. It is small, looks beautiful, simple to clean, which is accurate to use measurements. And, even my hubby can use it! We love you can quickly alter from grams to ounces, etc. as well as the "tare" function is quite, handy. And to end it, the cost was greater than right. We would probably pay more for something such as this that's made our kitchen life and meal planning much simpler.

Who doesn't like the idea of your stainless steel kitchen scale that accompanies it's own custom bowl, right? Nice package definitely. But I wasn't really sure concerning this when I opened the package and heard something rattling from the scale. Uh-oh. But upon further tinkering, I opened battery door to set the 2 AAA cells in and saw there's a separate little box in the compartment that is certainly wired although not fixed into place if you shake the size, that is where the rattle derives from. Not an issue and does not affect anything in a very bad way.

Next surprise came when I switched it on and heard strangely beeping and watched the display effortlessly sorts of things taking place as the size auto calibrated itself. Impressive if you ask me, for certain. Who would think to build in the thermometer plus a timer which has a scale? Well them did. I use this model to combine spices for my beef jerky batches and still have found it to be very convenient without needing to hunt up a bowl. Good size and measures right down to 1 gram accuracy for this etekcity scale. Perfect for my spice mixing needs. I like everything about the size. It's more of your weight computer than a scale. Sample for fair review.

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